I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


24. chapter 24

Once we managed to get inside - (The security had arrested someone inside or something) we were lead over to the check in area. I'd just handed in my passport and ticket when hear some shrieking.
"Omg. omg is that Nathan?" I span round and saw a group of girls and guys stood in the boarding area looking at me. I smiled and then turned back round and watched Sophie hand over her passport and ticket. 
"They know how to find you!" The lady behind the desk said typing all the details in to the computer and the stamping the ticket and handing them back. I laughed.
"I know - it was the inspiration for 'I Found You'. I said which she chuckled at. Rachael handed her stuff the lady after Sophie and once we had all checked in we pulled our cases to the luggage area - i couldn't help but notice the group of fans follow us - at a distance though.
"You should go and see them." Rachael said, as they edged forward. I lifted my case onto the weigher and luckily it was just under the allowed weight. I breathed a sigh of relief and proceeded to help with the girls. Sophie's case suprisingly succeeded the weigh in too. After ensuring none of us had to empty our cases we lifted them onto the luggage belt and i then did exactly what Rachael had suggested.
"Heya guys, how are you?" I asked walking up to them - Sophie and Rachael stood at a distance. 
"Oh my goodness i can't believe i'm actually meeting you!" A tall, skinny, dark purple haired girl said. She was actually shaking.
"Come here." I said hugging her, she hugged me back and then we took a picture. There were a couple of guys there also. One of them - blonde haired, tall, skinny, wearing glasses - stood beside the girl that was shaking. I shook his hand.
"Nice to meet you." I said. 
"Get a picture Angus." The girl said. Angus, as i now knew him, looked at her gone out. I nodded.
"Go on then." I said, stepping next to him and doing my usual 'peace' sign. The girl took the picture and then handed me a piece of paper with a couple of Twitter tags scribbled on it - i put it with the rest of them and carried on with the pictures and greetings. There was no screaming though.
"Do you think we could have a picture with Sophie?" One of them said. I looked at her - no one had ever asked ofr a photo with her. It made me smile.
"I'm sure she will." I replied turning to the girls, who were awkwardly stood waiting for me. I gestured for them to come over. "They want a photo with you." I said, looking back at the girl. Sophie smiled - slightly embarrased.
"Sure." She said. So as i continued to take pictures and sign for the other six that were there - Sophie followed suit. 
"Could i take one with Rachael?" A girl asked after i had taken a picture with her. I looked over to where Rachael was stood - she was just smiling and taking the pictures for Sophie. I thought that it was really nice of the girl so i nodded. She was obviously a fan to know who Rach was.
The girl wandered over to Rach and asked for a picture. She looked shocked that anyone had asked her for a photo. But she nodded and took a photo with a couple of the girls.
After around 10 minutes our boarding was called and we had to go so i dismissed myself and walked to Sophie and Rachael who were talking to the Purple haired girl and Angus.
"We should go now." I said politely.
"Yeah, give me a call sometime!" Sophie said hugging the girl.
"Yeah, or i'll call you a bellend for the rest of yur life." Rachael added giving Angus and the girl a hug also.
"I will do, nice seeing you!" the girl said pushing her hair out of her face. 
After we had all said goodbye a couple of the girls shouted 'Tell the boys we love them." I turned round.
"Will do!" I shouted back before rushing off to the boarding queue. "Do you know them?" I said, curious as to know why they gave them their number.
"Yeah, we used to go to school together!" Rachael said. "She was one of my best friends till she ditched me for her boyfriend!" She joked. Well i think she did.
"Ohhh!" i said as we left the building and headed towards the plane. I grabbed Sophie's hand and smiled at her.

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