I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


23. chapter 23

Nathan's POV
I folded another one of my shirts into my case for the second time in 3 days - the hospital had discharged Sophie finally and we were allowed to fly, so that was it we were off to LA.
"Have you got everything?" Sophie said walking out the bathroom. I smiled at her.
"Think so." She glanced into my case and then walked straight through into the landing.
"Rach?" She yelled - there was no reply. I zipped my case up and pulled it off the bed - it wasn't as heavy as i thought. Finally - i thought.
I pulled it onto the top of the landing and watched as Sophie came out of the spare room.
"Is she in there?" I asked. Sophie shook her head. "Maybe she's downstairs." I pointed out looking at the time. 5 minutes till the taxi was here. "Right, cmon - help me with my case." I asked, handing Sophie the lighter end.
Once we had made it downstairs i glanced into the living room and saw Rachael sat curled up on the sofa with her iPad - headphones in. I stood the case near the door and walked in. 
"Hey Rach, you ready?" I asked - but she obviously couldn't hear me. I leant on the sofa and she noticed i was there. Taking one headphone out she looked at me. "I said, are you ready Taxi will be here any minute now." She smiled.
"Shit - i'll just get my case." She said jumping up off the sofa. Sophie then returned with her pink suitcase and put it next to mine. It looked massive next to my red one. Then there was a knock at the door - i rushed to opene it and a couple of security guys were stood waiting to lead us to the cab.
"There here Rach." Sophie shouted.
"coming." She replied pulling her black travel suitcase- which again was smaller than Sophie's. IT bounced down the stairs as she pulled it down and she dashed into the room to grab her iPad. "Right, ready." she breathed. 
So we made the dash out the building to the cab - Paps were all waiting for us - but only a few , say four or five. You never know what they are going to be like so i just smiled at them and led the way between security to the taxi. 
"I'll take those for you sir." The driver said, taking our suitcases and throwing them into the boot. We all climbed in the back and one of the security guys tagged into the front. 
"Heathrow airport?" The driver said to the security guy - he nodded forcefully and the taxi driver drove forward just missing some camera men.

It took around 10 minutes to get to the airport and as soon as we got there - i could see some fans had found out we were flying today. They're so clever like that. As soon as we pulled up, a couple of girls screamed waiting for me to get out. THe security guy, jumped out first ushering the girls to step back a little bit and give us some space. Bless him.
"Nathan!" A girl cried as i got out and helped Sophie get out. Sophie then helped Rachael out and I went over to the girl that was crying. She saw me coming and covered her face.
"Heya guys how are you?" i asked smiling at them - the girl that was crying removed her hands and asked me to sign the book she was holding - i took hold of the sharpie and signed my name for her - the girls were really polite and i talked for a few minutes as they gave me their twitter tags on paper that they had scribbled down - taking pictures with them aswell. "thanks girls" i said, politely as i put them into my pocket and told them i had to go - i expected them to be upset about it but they all just wished us a good trip and we were able to get into the airport itself safely and quickly. 
It's fans like this that i wish we had more of sometimes.

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