I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


22. chapter 22

Sophie's POV
I shuffled closer to Nath on the couch. He was so warm  The boys cheered behind us. Max, Tom and Siva were all playing a game of pool - max had just potted two at once.
"YES. GET IN." He shouted waving his cue in the air like a rockstar. Nathan and i turned round to see it. I rolled my eyes and settled back again - we were watching some Jeremy Kyle catchups - don't ask. 
"Mate, why do they always look like scrubbers?" I asked. Nathan chuckled. But it was Tom that answered.
"Give it a couple of years and we'll see Jay on it!" Everyone laughed non-stop for about 5 minutes untill Jay actually wandered in the room examining us all as we stared at him laughing. He gave us an awkward glance.
"No, i see what you mean Tom." Siva said, looking at Jay. We all laughed. Jay stood still and looked at us all.
"What?" He said. None of us said anything -we just laughed. He rolled his eyes, looking at the TV and noticing we were watching Jeremy Kyle. 
"We were just saying give it three years and you'll be on there." Nathan said collectively pointing at the TV. Very professional.
Jay shook his head and headed for the bar - where he'd left some cans half full of beer. HE then span round.
"What do you mean a few years? Give me a week and i'll be on there!" He joked, taking both the can's in one hand and walking back out the living area.

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