I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


21. chapter 21

Rachaels POV
I shuffled over a bit to get comfortable and then closed my eyes. But i couldn't rest for long as i heard the door creak open and one of the nurses entered.
"Hey, Miss McDermott." an Unfamiliar voice said. I sat up and saw a young female trainee nurse holding a clipboard walk to my bedside. I smiled, she then took something out of her pocket. "One of the Paramedics told me to give you this." She handed it to me and then and watched my expression.
I felt relieved but at the same time i must have looked so morbid. 2 hours relatively by yourself in a hospital room takes its toll. 
"Thanks" i replied, smiling at her.
"Are you not gonna out it on? Don't wanna lose it again." She joked. I looked down at it. 
"Oh, no, it's not mine - it's my friends. She lost it."I replied folding my hand around the precious material. The blonde looked confused at me before smiling and then placing the clip board in the patient box at the end of my bed, and then leaving me alone again.
I looked at the ring. I should take it to her. So i managed to get myself off the bed and slipped my arm into one of my crutches for stabilisation. 
I had no idea where she was - or even how she was. So i put my hand - securing the ring - into my pocket and awkwardly made my way out of my room. A couple of the nurses looked over to me and i smiled. I wasn't supposed to leave the room without telling one of them so i walked up to them and asked them if they knew where Sophie was. The only male nurse there typed her name into the computer and then took me to where her room was. 
He opened the door and i slipped in. Sophie was sat up in bed and smiled when she saw me. Her face wore a red cut on her left cheek and her left wrist was bandaged. I looked around. No Nathan.
"Where's Nath?" I asked, heading for the only chair.
"Just gone to get some food. How are you?" She said, watching me.
"Yeah, i'll be alright. What happened to you? What have they said?" I asked glancing at her hand. She did the same.
"Just a few bruised ribs and a sprained wrist. Pretty lucky really." We both laughed. Then i took the ring out of my hand and handed it to her. Her eyes lit up and she took the ring from my hand, smiling. 
"You found it?" She exclaimed putting it back on her finger and then looking at it. I couldn't help but smile. I was about to tell her about what happened when Nathan burst back through the doors with packets of food. He noticed me sat in the seat and grinned.
"Oh, hey." He said almost dropping one of the packets. I smiled and went to get up out the seat but winced when my sore hip caught the arm. "Oh, no, don't move -it's fine!" He threw the packets onto the side cabinet and pulled off his jacket. Sophie looked at him.
"You don't have to stay Nathan, if you want to go you know, i don't mind." Nathan took a step back and glared at Sophie. I smiled. 
"Why would i possibly want to go awya by myself and leave my baby girl all by herself? I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else." he said leaning over the side of the bed rail and kissing Sophie - concluding what he had just said. I looked away awkwardly. 
Oh, how i missed my Jaybird. I really did. But i didn't want him to worry about me - cause i know he would. 
When they had separated Nathan pulled a chair in from the cubicle next door and then sat the opposite side of the bed. He then pulled out his phone.
"Oooh! I rang the guys earlier and told them. Don't worry i told Jay not to worry too much." I stopped biting my nail and stared at him for a while. He had told Jay? 
"you told him?" I asked, slightly shocked. "What did he say?" Nathan shifted his shoulders.
"I spoke to Max - he told Jay not to worry - that you were fine." I smiled between Sophie and Nath.
"Thanks." I whispered. 
Now i knew for sure that he would just be worrying. He worried when i tweeted that i'd fell off my horse the other week - wouldn't stop checking i was OK for hours. But i was thankful that Nathan had done that for me. I looked at the clock up on the wall - we were supposed to have left an hour ago. But i figured we probably weren't leaving tonight so i leant back in my seat and got comfortable. Sophie began telling us some of her terrible grandad jokes -worser than Max's.

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