I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


20. chapter 20

Nathan threw himself into the chair and pressed his face into his hands to stop himself from crying. He didn't understand why no one would tell him what was wrong. How was Sophie? Usually that meant that something was wrong didn't it? 
A chubby nurse waddled out of the room that Sophie was in and Nathan sprung out of his seat hastily.
"Nurse! How is she? How's Sophie?" The nurse almost fainted in surprise. 
"Oh, uhm, do you want to sit down?" She said. Worry crept over his face as he sat down. There was definitely something wrong here.
"Is it bad? Is something wrong?" He spat - eyes watery. The nurse smiled sitting beside him. Nathan didn't understand. His wife-to-be was sat in a hospital room possible seriously injured and the nurse was smiling. She turned to him.
"She's completely fine sir, - few bruised ribs and cuts from where she fell - but other than that, she's incredibly lucky from what was described of the accident. 
Nathan immediately felt a wave of relief creep over himself and he rubbed his face with his hands - then pushing his hair back to quiff it. 
"Oh." he breathed. "Thankyou." The nurse placed her hand on his knee and stood up - smiling - and then wondered away.
"Wait, can i see her?" he shouted after her. The nurse span round. 
"not yet, the doctor is checking her, he'll tell you when you can."
He leant backwards into the chair and stared at the opposite wall. He was so glad that she was okay. He pulled out his phone - looking at the time - they were all supposed to be catching a flight in half an hour.
"Oh, fuck." He said. But without another thought he stood up and walked to the end of the corridor to where there was window overlooking the car park. He checked his signal and dialled Max's number - it was the first one on his 'received calls' list. 

Max's POV
I mentally decided wether i should have a beer now or drink something softer now and then have the beer later. I then contemplated asking Jay - but i knew his answer straight away. And i always like Jay's way of thinking. So i opted for the beer now. I waited untill Tom and Kelsey had finished playing Pool (he was trying to teach her hwo to play properly) - offering some words of advice and then went for the beer. 
Just as i got up out the sofa seat my phone blasted out my ringtone from in my back pocket. Well i thought it was but it must have fell out and slid down the side of the chair cushion.
I looked at the caller - it was Nathan. 'Ah they must be boarding now.' I thought. I asnwered.
"Hello, my lil' Nath. How are you dear boy?" I asked. Jay and Siva looked up at me from their seats at the bar when i said Nathan's name. I placed the phone on my shoulder and leant my ear on it so i could grab the beer. 
"Uhm, not so good actually mate." He replied - with that tone is his voice. My immediate thought was - was it his voice again? 
"Why? What's up? Filled your case up too much again?" I joked, reaching a bottle of pear cider and taking the phone back up in my hand so i didn't drop it.
"Yes, i have. again." he joked. I laughed, putting the bottle down infront of Jay who opened it for me. 
"What's up then Nath?" I asked - concerned this time. Well, i tried to be.
"Well, it's just, i don't think we'll be able to get there tonight." 
"What do you mean - have you lost your passport or something?" I asked, taking a sip of my drink and taking a seat on the opposite side of the bar to the others. i noticed they were staring at me now. 
"No, i'm at the hospital, probably gonna be here for a while now." I didn't understand, what was going on? I put down the bottle and rubbed my invisible goatie.
"The hospital? Why? What's happened? Are you okay?" An edge of worry in my voice. He coughed on the other end of the line.
"I'm fine, don't worry, it's the girls. They were involved in accident or something. I think they are okay, but they won't let me see Sophie yet. I doubt we'll make the flights tonight though." Accident?
"An accident? What kind?" I asked. I looked up at Jay and Siva - They both stared back at me. I felt uncomfortable so i stood up and walked away from the others, weaving my way around the pool table and out the back. I was aware that the doors were open so i stepped onto the garden.
"Hit by a car - the nurse said Sophie's fine, just bruised and cut. I'm not too sure how Rachael is yet, busted her side as she fell i think - i'll go and check on her when i've seen Sophie. But i've only just got here and we are due to fly in half an hour. I doubt we'll be able to catch them. I'm so sorry." He sounded so genuinely upset - i felt sorry for the poor lad, had such a rough ride these past few months. 
"Hey, it's okay Nathan, don't worry, i'm sure we can re-arrange. Don't worry about it. Let me know if you find out anything more - Are you okay?" I asked glancing back into the house - Jay and Siva watched me nervously. I dismissed it and kicked at the grass.
"Yeah, i think so. Well, i will be in a bit." he replied. 
"Don't worry about it Nathan, seriously. Just make sure you ring me as soon as you know anything okay?" I walked slowly back up to the house.
"Yes, i will - will you let Jay know about Rach? Tell him not too worry though - she's fine." 
"Ofcourse i will! Don't worry, tell them we're thinking of them - See you soon." 
"Thanks Max, see ya." Nathan hung up and i walked back over to the bar. 
"Who was that?" Kelsey asked.
"Probably his new bird!" Tom joked. I laughed sarcastically. 
"No, it was Nathan. They ar'nt coming tonight -he's at the hospital with the girls." I said, concluding it all in one sentence. All of a sudden, four confused faces were looking right at me.
"What's happened?" Jay asked - obviously concerned. 
"Said, they were in accident - hit by a car or something." Jay's eyes widened. "He said Rachael was fine - bit bruised and grazed. He said he's call me as soon as he knows more. They won't let him see Sophie yet. He didn't say much more." I took a big sip of my drink again and leat forwards on the bar. Jay stood up and patted his pockets for his phone. Then he pulled it out his back pocket.
"What do you mean, she's in hospital?" He said, as he scrolled on hin phone.
"Nathan said, not to worry Jay." I assured him.
Tom and Kelsey returned to playing pool - but i could hear them talking about it. Siva looked at me - i gave him that look. He understood. We both looked at Jay as he tried someones number - guessed it was Rachael's. When there was no answer, he dialled a different one, or could have been the same. He then mumbled something rubbing his forhead - not saying a word. He then stood up taking his beer and walking outside - putting the phone up to his ear as he did so. I took another sip and watched as he walked over to the seats outside.
"They'll be fine - they always are." Siva said, watching Jay aswell. He was such a mysterious guy Jay was.



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