I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


2. chapter 2

Sophie's POV
"I love you." I said, as Nathan locked the door and checked no one was peeking - when i say 'no one' i mean Jay.
Nathan advanced slowly, menacingly.
“What are you doing?” I asked. An edge of hysteria crept into my voice that Nathan found quite satisfying.
He leaned forward, putting his face right up to mine. He took a breath and slowly exhaled. I tried to kiss him but he grabbed me with one hand on either side of my face. Then, he leaned forward a little closer, letting his lips brush against those of his victim.
Nathan smiled. His lips parted slightly, and made contact with mine.
I resisted at first, but quickly surrendered. Whether i responded through instinct, or whether i knew there was no getting out of this one - i didn't know but i kissed him back anyway.
Nathan's POV
Soph's mouth tasted of the strawberry flavour sweets she had been eating. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, but it was over all too soon when a bit of coughing forced her to stop. I took a step back and looked at Sophie. The younger girl's expression was a mixture of shock, bewilderment and happiness.
I then took a moment to examine my handiwork, then leaned forward again, toward Sophie's ear this time.
"I love you too."
Sophie's POV
I could feel my pulse quickening as he approached. This was too much to handle. I'm sure i could have dropped dead at any minute.
He placed his hand on the side of my face and pressed his lips firmly to mine catching my lips between his teeth. After a few minutes - or hours - or days, he pulled away slightly giving me chance to talk.
"I think the others are outside" I breathed. Nathan smirked then pressed his lips back to mine, opening his mouth, deepening the kiss. Electricity shot through my body as our tongues met. That's when he pulled me towards him, forcefully pressing his body into mine.
I was about to pull away when he moved his strong grip to the upper of my arm. I tensed momentarily before his mouth was back on mine. The kiss was a lot less-fuelled than the previous one. It was sweet and slow causing my pulse to quicken once again. Nathan parted my lips, slipping his tongue inside my mouth.
"Then they'll love waiting for us then." Nathan whispered into my mouth, as his kiss trailed down my neck. To be honest i didn't care what he did. 
I rested my hand on his chest; his own heartbeat pounding beneath the thin material of his shirt. I raised my shaking free hand to his face and i brought my other hand behind his neck, drawing his face back to mine. He responded with a quiet giggle and smirk as he added more pressure onto my lips.
I pressed my thumb onto his cheek, rolling over the stubble he had adopted since being on tour - Max had broke his razor, they told me. He turned his head to the side leaning his face into my hand. His eyes connected with mine in a way that made my heart flutter. Then he smirked, revealing his beautiful teeth - (Which he had had whitened recently). I smiled back at him - how could i not? - before he pulled me into a cuddle. I couldn't remember the last time i'd hugged him like this.
"Fucking hell - how long are they gonna be?" I choked as we snook upstairs. Rachael giggled as we approached the top step. Then i remembered that the top step creaked. I tried to whisper in some form a 'watch out' warning but i was too late.
She stood on the step with her full weight and the floorboard underneath creaked loudly. I mentally heard her swear as she froze and i froze and everything in the apartment froze. We waited anxiously for Nathan or Sophie to open their room door which was right opposite the top of the stairs - but nobody did.
At the same time we both exhaled and finished the ascend of the stairs - i took one massive step over the top step so we didn't do that again. She was about to say something when i shhed her putting my hand over her mouth. I listened contently throught the door. Silence. Nathan laughing. Silence. Then my hand suddenly felt wet. I looked at Rachael and removed my hand from her face. I then looked at her cheeky expression. The little fucker had licked my hand. I raised my brows and pretended to look angry. She silently laughed and then we both jumped when there was a bang from inside the room.
"Fuck." I laughed, grabbing her hand and pulling us into the small storage room beside Nathans room. We stood army like against the wall for a few seconds before i peeked my head around to see if anyone had noticed us. Grinning i examined the stairway. No one was there. 
"It's all clear." I whispered as i relaxed a little. Rachael broke out into a quiet fit of laughter and slid down the wall into a sitting position. I watched her contently before sitting down myself.
"What the hell did we just do?" She whispered. 
"SHHHH!" I motioned. Once again i placed my ear against the partition wall. I could hear the two of them talking - but couldn't make out what they were saying - it was just mumbled speech. 
"Your such an idiot you are." she whispered again, kicking the door so it would shut but failing as it wouldnt shut fully. I looked around the room - there wasnt room to swing a cat in here - not that i would. All our suitcases and boxes full of fan-art-gift-things were in here. It used to be the single room that Max stayed in when we started out. He only had a single bed in here, there was nothing else he could fit in. But it came in handy as a storage place for out treasured items. 
We both sat listening to what Nathan and Sophie were saying for around 10 minutes - giggling and imitating them.
"Oh, Nathan i love you." Rachael outspoke quietly impersonating them. 
"I love you too Sophie baby." I replied grabbing her and pulling her closer. She pounced on me and grabbed my face. Payback i suppose. Then she smiled cheekily - examining my face. 
"You need to shave." She said placing her forhead against mine gently - i stared into her eyes harshly. 
"You love it." I replied kissing her.
Nathan's POV
I walked through the stage door and climbed the steps up onto the stage. I was a little later than the others because i got up late and had to do my vocal warm-ups. Truth was, i had something wrong with my throat and i knew but didnt tell anyone. It was getting raspy and my throat was getting sore. I'd seen a specialist and he'd told me i'd eventually have to have an operation on my vocal chords. I felt sick. He told me if it goes wrong then i may never sing again. Anyway, i climbed the steps and took a swig of the water bottle at side stage. The boys had already started singing Chasing the Sun without me. I dismissed it and walked so i could see them onstage - i'd go on at the next song.
I looked around for my microphone that was usually in the mic' box. but the box was empty. That was strange. Then i heard them bring the song to an end and fans screaming. Backstage crew whizzed around me some of them giving me funny looks.This was all pretty strange. I watched the boys half heartedly as i kept looking for my mic.
"That was amazing guys!" Max said.
"Whos ready for the next song then?" Siva asked. The crowd screamed. Still i couldnt see my mic anywhere.
"But first-" Jay said - mysteriously. "We'd like to introduce our new member." I froze. 'New member? Since when did this happen.' i looked up and saw it. All four of my brothers. Max, Siva, Jay and Tom. But Jay had his arm around someone. There was my microphone. Why was he holding my microphone. My heart stopped beating for a while. I could feel nothing. My body had stopped completely. 
"This is Eoghan. He's our new Nathan."
"He's even better than Nathan was guys!" Max interjected.
I felt one single tear fall from my eyes. My fists clenched. I suddenly felt very sweaty. But i couldn't move.
They'd replaced me. They'd REPLACED me. 
"What. The. Fuck." I said to myself. But that wasn't the end of it.
"Why has Nathan left?" Max said, noticing one of the fans on front row shouting it. He laughed. "You want to know the truth? He lied to us. He didn't tell us that he had something wrong with his vocal chords. We knew something was wrong but then one day - we found out. From someone else. He didn't turn up to one of our most important shows of our career so far - which was far too embarrassing for us to perform at. Then we found out that he may never sing again. Now, we don't mind that - but he didn't tell us. he lied to us. He's let us down." 
I tried to move. They started to laugh. Then the fans started to laugh. There was this loud echo of laughter in the arena. It burnt at my ears. My eyes started watering. My skin started to itch. But i couldn't move still. I wanted to run. I wanted to hide. But at the same time, i wanted to confront them. i wanted to apologise - to tell them why - to tell them how scared i was - how worried about my career and the fact that their career hung in my hands. But i still couldn't move. Everyone was pointing at me. I grabbed my ears and yelled out. I just wanted to yell. Show i was still here.
"Nathan.... NATHAN WAKE UP." I felt someone shaking me. "Nathan." this time i opened my eyes, but then i shut them immediately because the room seemed way too bright. 
"What..." I mumbled covering ym eyes with my hands.
"You were sleep talking." I removed my hands and focused my sight on the girl sat beside me on the bed. I shot upright suddenly - remembering the dream. It was just a dream. 
"What time is it?" I groaned, flopping back down again. 
"Half six." Sophie replied cheerfully. I inwardly groaned again before she ripped the covers off me. I wrapped my arms around my naked chest as the colder temperature hit my skin. "Cmon, lets go and see if Jay and Rach have survived the night - i think they may already be up - i heard voices downstairs earlier." I dug my face into the pillow. "CMON." She said forcefully. I loved it when she spoke like that. I smiled to myself. She slapped me.
"Fine, fine." I replied peeling myself from the bed.
I grabbed her hand as we walked downstairs. There were voices coming from the kitchen.
"Morning." Sophie shouted. To our surprise upon entering the kitchen there was no sign of Rachael or Jay. Instead Max, Siva and Naresha sat around the table drinking tea reading a newspaper that was laid open on the table. 
"Hey guys, come and have a read at this - its about One Direction." The three of them laughed. 
"Where's Jay and Rach?" I asked, curiously leaning against the doorframe as Sophie peered at the newspaper too.
"Dunno. We got here around an hour ago." Siva said. "Tom and Kels shoud be here later on." He continued. I furrowed my brows in thought. Where the hell were they.
"Have you checked upstairs?" Max said. Thinking about it, we hadn't. And we know what they are like for spying on us. I shook my head and decided to look. "Hang on." Max said, downing his tea and following me. 
"Me too." Sophie said.
I climbed the stairs as quietly as i could avoiding the top step. I immediately saw that the door to the spare storage room that used to be Max's old room was open slightly. We always kept that door closed. I pointed to the room and smiled. 
Max took out his phone - presumably to take a photo if we find them. I took hold of Sophie's hand again and used the other to gently push the door open. It must have looked so funny. We stood in a line and watched the doorway like secret spies in a film or something. I pushed the door and as we suspected on the other side were our suspects. 
Jay layed shirtless on the floor with Rach beside him, resting her head on his chest. His arm supporting her. However they had managed to find the blanket off the hidden bed to lay on. I couldn't help but let out a laugh. They looked so uncomfortable yet comfortable at the same time. They must have been waiting for us for hours. This room wasn't big enough to swing a cat in let alone sleep in. I looked around the room at the boxes of stuff we had collected over the years. Max snapped me out of my daydream by taking a picture of the two - his camera clicking as he did so. We all quietly laughed again. We jumped back a little when Jay breathed deeply and then exhaled, shifting himself a little. 
"They look so cute." Sophie said. Max chuckled and then backed up to the stairs again.
"Wait till the others see this." He replied with a sly sort of smile. I immeidately knew that he would be sharing this on twitter and with the rest of the boys. 
I took one final look and then gently pulled the door to again, leaving it open a little bit so they didn't suspect we had found them. As soon as we made it downstairs we all cracked up. Max showed Siva and Naresha the picture and we all chorused in laughter. 
"We just spied on a spy." Sophie joked. I high fived her, pouring a mug of tea for myself.


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