I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


19. chapter 19

Nathan's POV
I threw in a couple of my favourite hats and then sat on the case to try and close it. I hope this didn't fail the weigh in at the airport. I seriously did not fancy emptying it out like the last time.
Staring at my completed suitcase - i realised how excited i was at seeing the boys again. It'd been ages since the last. My phone buzzed and i pulled it out my pocket like lightning thinking it was Sophie - but instead there was no name with the number - so i ignored it and put it on the side cabinet. But whoever it was was persistant and sfter they had rang four or five times i decided i should probably answer it. It may have been the boys trying to contact me or something.

Rachaels POV
I stood up and the nurse stabilised me and asked if i had any pain with how my hip was. It hurt a little bit. So i told her. She then explained that it looks like i may have dislocated it as i fell on it and it slid back in place but not in the right place. She then went on to say that would mean they would have to re-dislocate it and set it properly. 
"Now, if you just get back up on the bed and i'll fetch the doctor." I looked up.
"Are you doing it now?" I said shocked. I's never experienced anything like this before.
"Well, the longer we leave it , it becomes more difficult." She didn't hang around and as soon as i had hopped back onto the bed she scootled out and dissapeared. I looked around the room. Four plain blue walls. Great.
Around 5 minutes later after i had got comfortable a tall, tanned doctor wearing suit came into the room followed by around 6 or seven nurses. It's like he had his own colony of PA's. I giggled to myself as he sat down in the seat at the side of me. I tried not to panic. He looked so serious.
"So, are we ready to sort this hip out?" He said - his voice made me relax a little. I must have looked terrified because he stood up and told me not to worry. 
"Okay, so as the nurse has explained we are going to resit your hip back in its propper place. You'll have gas which may knock you out for a few seconds - now, you wont be able to feel a thing but you will actually scream when we do it. Okay, so if you can just lay flat for me." The doctor rolled up his sleeves and pulled on some gloves. 
"Oh, hello sir." One of the nurses said. I looked over to the door and saw Nathan walking to my bedside. He looked terrified aswell.
"What's happened?" He said, looking at the grazes on my arms."Where's Sophie?" I was about to tell when the nurse put a mask over my mouth. All i could taste was watermelon. Then my head felt dizzy. I took a deep breathe and grabbed onto Nathan's hand. It wasn't Jay or my mum or my dads - but it'd do. He looked ataken back and i mouthed sorry to him but i just intook another breathe of watermelon gas. I felt the doctors cool hands on my side - i automatically breathed again. This time i did black out - it was like a falling sensation. I fell so deep that i went cold - then i screamed. I didn't mean too - it just happened. 
After i had screamed - i grabbed on tighter to Nathan's hand. This was all happening automatically. I forced my eyes open and stared at the tiled ceiling. I let go of Nathan's hand and placed them over my eyes - the lights were too bright. 
"Well done, Rachael - it's all done now - i'll come back and check on you in a while." It may have been the doctor that said it - i heard his paiger going off and shuffled up the bed, looking at Nathan. 
All the nurses shuffled out after the doctor. 
"I'm so sorry!" I said looking at his hand which had turned red - obviously from my grip. 
"It's okay." He replied, looking at me worriedly. "Seriously what happened?" I then remembered Sophie. 
"Sophie." I whispered, rubbing my side. He looked at me even more worriedly. 
"She was crossing the road - i think she got hit - i'm not sure - i didn't see - i ran after her, but then i fell over or something - i can't remember."I recalled what had heppened - my heart racing. Nathan's face fell. He stared me in the eyes. My eyes full of tears. This was all my fault.
"Where is she? Is she okay?" Worry crept upon his voice.
"I don't know, they won't say." Nathan gave me a sympathetic look and ran out of the room yelling after one of the nurses. I began crying a little. Such a mess.

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