I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


18. chapter 18

"Hello sweetheart can you hear me?" I heard someone whispering, but then i realised they weren't whispering and opened my eyes a bit. I must have passed out. "What's you name darling?" She replied - it was a paramedic. I told her my name and then remembered this whole mess. I think i began to panic. I was so scared right now."It's okay, sweetie, stay still we're just in the back of the ambulance - taking you to hospital, you've been in an accident, can you remember what happened?" She spoke gently - soothing. I stopped panicking and tried to remember what happened. 
I ran out after Sophie. how was she? The ring. Where was it? Did anyone find it? I began to recall everything i remembered - but then everything went blurry and i couldn't remember a thing after that. 
"It's okay Rachael we've just put a neck brace on to make sure that you haven't damaged your neck in any way. Have you got any pain anywhere?" She asked me. 
"Uhm, i fell on my hip - it feels a bit numb - but it doesn't hurt." I said. The paramedic smiled at me putting the oxygen mask back on my face. I felt so stupid - i'd seen this stuff happen on tv before - but i never thought it'd be me. 
"Is there anyone you want us to call?" She asked lifting it back off so i could speak. My immediate thought was my mum, Jay or my dad but then i remembered my phone was trashed. I shook my head but then remembered that i had Nathan's number on a card in my pocket (so i could ring him about later!). 
"Actually - theres a number in my pocket - my phones trashed so if you call Nathan." I said trying to gesture to my pocket but i couldn't move my head.
"Okay then sweetie." She said, and i felt her pull out the little piece of card from my pocket. I closed my eyes. What a mess. 

Nathan's POV
I threw in a couple of my favourite hats and then sat on the case to try and close it. I hope this didn't fail the weigh in at the airport. I seriously did not fancy emptying it out like the last time.
Staring at my completed suitcase - i realised how excited i was at seeing the boys again. It'd been ages since the last. My phone buzzed and i pulled it out my pocket like lightning thinking it was Sophie - but instead there was no name with the number - so i ignored it and put it on the side cabinet. But whoever it was was persistant and sfter they had rang four or five times i decided i should probably answer it. It may have been the boys trying to contact me or something.

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