I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


17. chapter 17

Rachael's POV
I scanned the ground... for Sophie's ring. I couldn't see it. Nathan would flip if he found out she had lost it already. 
Then i heard Sophie say something. But it was more like a scream so i span round and saw Sophie. 
She had been hit by a car - my heart stopped as i watched her slim self fly over the top of the car - i knew she was flexible but it didn't look nice. I must have let out a scream of her name but my ears were silent - everything slowed down. I watched - but within one more second as the car swerved away from oncoming traffic - i ran out myself into the road. 
Stupid really.
"Sophie!" I shouted, watching as other people ran towards her aswell. This wasn't happening. we were flying out to see the boys tonight. 
But, things were about to get alot worse. I ran forward - but was stopped when something hit me in the side. The impact was enought to throw me backwards onto the curb -to start with i thought someone had maybe pushed me back out of the way but then my body began to feel numb and when i tried to move pain shot through my body. I let out a little moan and heard the rustling of people's feet as i made an effort to push myself up off the ground - i unsuccessfully just rolled over and grabbed my hip in pain.
"Hey, hey, stay still! I'm calling an ambulance!" some guy yelled from the side of me. I opened my eyes a little. An official looking business man was stood a metre away examing the whole scene. "RICHARD. CALL A FUCKING AMBULANCE YOU TWAT!" the guy yelled again - i layed back flat so i could see who the hell was beside me. Some pre-adult college reject had knelt beside me and was fustling around with a mobile.
"She just ran out!" A woman kept crying out. I looked over, wincing with pain. She was sat in her car on the phone. 
"Fucks sake." I said out loud looking at this dude next to me. He looked at me.
"Stay still." He said. I then remembered Sophie... and the ring.
"Sophie?" I replied trying to sit up.
"No, stay still." He panicked looking around. 
"How's Sophie?" I asked more prominent this time. 
"Who?" He asked, then must have noticed who i was on about. "I think she's okay, they're taking her to hospital i think." I tried to move again - but everything was just numb from the impact. I then remembered the ring.
"Did she get the ring?" The guy looked at me once again - he had no idea what to do. "She lost her engagement ring - go and see if you can find it." I ordered reaching for my phone that was on the ground beside me - it was cracked and wouldnt turn on. Great.
I heard the boy tell someone to go and look for the ring, but i couldn't see if they were or not.
Everything was a mess. I mean, i knew i didn't want to go dress shopping but i didn't mean get out of it this way. 
Then i shuffled a littl bit and my hip seemed to make a cracking noise - i yelled out in pain. Something wasn't right. I kept on swearing at this lad who was trying to comfort me but had no idea what comforting meant. 
"Look, they'll be here-" he assured me. And then i heard the sirens getting louder.
"About fucking time!" I yelled grabbing his hand and gripping it.

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