I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


15. chapter 15

Jay's POV
I cracked open another beer and put on the next YouTube video. We'd been down in this cellar for around an hour now - and we'd both drunk loads of beer - i've never met anyone who can match me and my drinking but Rach seemed to be doing pretty fine. I thought i was untill i tried to stand up but lost my balance and fell back down.
"We should probably go back upstairs now." Rachael said, dowing her bottle of Apple Cider and then trying to stand up herself. Turns out she'd had enough too and she fell over her heels - right on top of me. "Hai." She said staring at me as she layed on my body - squashing me. I pinched her sides. "Nooooo!" She giggled rolling off me and laying on the floor laughing to herself. I frowned at her.
"You iz weird gal!" I said. I heard a bang from outside and realised that someone was coming down into the cellar. I inwardly swore, threw my phone into my pocket, grabbed Rach and pulled her behind some of the beer barrels - with great difficulty as trying to do this when you're plastered isn't the easiest thing.
"What are you doing?" She said, still laughing, i fell on top of her and pressed my finger against her lips to shut her up. She seemed to think that this was some sort of joke. I listened carefully as the footsteps got louder. The door opened. Rachael was still giggling. There was only one way to shut her up when she was drunk- A kiss?! 
I silently held the girl down with a kiss - the taste of Alcohol prominent (Just how i liked it!)  - It must have worked because my multi-tasking skills meant that i could hear stuff amongst other things  I listened contently as the footsteps appeared to walk over to an area near us - then stop. A few seconds later the sound of someone lifting a box and glass tinkling and the footsteps got quieter. I still held in there with the kiss for a little longer before pulling apart and staring in the direction of the descending noise. They had gone. 
"Come on sexy." I said climbing up to my best standing position and helping Rachael to her feet also. "I think we should go upstairs nah." I slurred - propping myself up against the boxes - but luck wasn't on my side for long and the boxes collapsed causeing me to stumble back. Rachael seemed to find this hilarious, so i quickly regained my balance and pulled her into a headlock. 
"Heeeey, watch the hair!" She yelled.
"Should've thought about that." I joked letting her go and heading toward the door. Rachael imitated me and then pushed me through the doorway. I tripped up the stairs.
"Oh, haha." I laughed sarcastically before - once again - standing up and trying my best at a seductive treck up the few steps.
"Never do that again!" She remarked. I turned round carefully and looked at her as she stood at the bottom of the stairs examining me. I did my best Elvis impression - i don't know why. She ran up the stairs successfully and we snook out the door - minding the guards. As we stumbled past, i nodded to them, smiling. They appeared to notice and that's when they turned round and looked at the door to the cellar. Rachael had left the door open slightly. Both guards looked back at us and talked through the radio's. I knew why. 
We quickly found Nathan and Sophie - there weren't as many people in here anymore - it was still packed but not as much. They seemed suprised to see us both alive and awake. So we told them that we were leaving and they seemed to get the message. 
Upon approaching the front doors - me being slightly paranoid now - i noticed the two rather buff guys on the door speaking through their radio's too. I looked down at the ground and wandered unsuspiciously past them - We made it outside in one piece. 
"Oh my goodness." Rachael said turning round to me. But there was no time as i heard a deep, low rumble.
"HEY, YOU! STOP!" Rachael grinned at me - i knew what this meant. I tried my best to run in a straight line - suprisingly i managed pretty well and we outran the guards only stopping when we reached a bench around the corner. But we made sure that they had stopped chasing us before we sat down and died.

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