I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


14. chapter 14

Jay's POV
I held onto Rach's hand as i knew she would back out if she knew what i had found.
"Jay, you are going to get us into so much trouble. I know it." She shouted over the loud music. I smiled to myself and secretly managed to divert us around the guards and then i leant against the wall beside the door. Rachael stood and looked at me confused. I grinned noticing the guards now watching us slightly. "What?" She said as i half stared at her and the guards. Still holding her hand i tugged her closer and watched as her expression changed from worry to confusion. I looked to the security again - dammit, they were watching us now. 
With little other choice i pulled Rachael close and went in for a quick kiss. She wasn't expecting it but still responded and my plan worked as the two security nodded at each other and moved away to sort out two suspicious looking guys near the bar. 
"Cmon, quick." I whispered, sliding the door open and ushering Rach inside. 
"What the hell." She said, looking at me confused. I grinned. "This is one hell of a place to dump a body Jay." She joked - well i think she did. She walked down the stairs like Rihanna and then stopped once again at the bottom door. 
"Go on." I said. She rolled her eyes and opened the door. 
"Trust you to find the beer Jay." She remarked. I felt inner satisfaction as i shut the door behind me. 
"Accidently found myself in here." I joked, wrapping my arms around her.

Sophie's POV
'Thankyou." The girl said after she had taken the photo. I smiled at her.
"It's okay" I said, turning back to Rach but she wasn't there. 'I see' i said to myself standing awkwardly by myself.
Then a couple of lads came over to me - making me nervous. "Hey beaut, dance with me." the first one said holding out a hand. I looked at him disgustingly and watched as he whispered to hisa companion, who then stepped uncomfortably close. Then like a superhero, Nathan emerged next to me - bottle of water in his hand - his other hand snaked around my waist. He noticed the boys trying to mess with me.
"Problem boys?" he said looking down on them quite menacingly. As if he were their father. The two lads shook their heads and scarpered away from us. I immediately relaxed and linked my hand with Nath.

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