I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


13. chapter 13

"Have you not found him yet?" Nathan asked curiously.
"No. He'll show up!" I shook my head. 
"Come and dance with us!" Sophie ordered - i could hardly refuse. 
We mingled in with the other club goers and the three of us boogied to a couple of club classics - it was a little awkward though. I was kind of thirdwheeling again. But hey. I'd had a couple of drinks so it didn't matter.
Jay's POV
I closed the door behind me and span round - expecting to see the toilets but instead i found myself at the top of some stairs. Being the curious type- and considering i was way over the alcohol limit - i decided i'd wander down them.
It was fairly dark going down so when i reached the bottom i was wary as if i should go through the next door or not but the smell of Alcohol was prominent and i love beer so i opened the door anyway. Inside were loads of beer barrels and crates of beer. Heaven. 
I'd found myself in the club cellar. Where they keep all the beer. OMG - i had to tell someone. 
So, in my drunkenly state i ran up the stairs and only hesitated when i reached the top door again - i could hear the loud music. I had to check the coast was clear. I did my best ninja move and slowly opened the door. A couple of security guards walked past the door which made me jump back. 
"Okay." I choked, peeking back out again. No one was there. I slipped out and shut the door so nothing looked suspicious. Right, now to find Rachael or somebody. 
However trying to find somebody in a room full of dancing/drunken people is difficult. 
Rachael's POV
Sophie 'whooped' when 'I found you' came on. We both danced together with the people around us. Nathan had just gone to get a drink of water and left us in the thick of it all, Not that we minded - we'd had one too many. Jay had completely vanished aswell. I made note to fiind him soon.
"I found you in my darkest hour!" We both yelled at the top of our voices. A underage girl tapped Sophie on the arm and asked if she could have a picture with her - i wondered how she got in here because even i still got ID'd.
Sophie looked at me - i smiled then nodded and she moved to where there was some space so the girl could take a picture with her. I awkwardly stood there before someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. I span round and saw the culprit. Jay.
"Jay, where the hell have you been?" I snapped - but i could never be angry with him. He grinned at me without saying a word. I tried my best at an angry face but he kept grinning at me. 
"Ja-" He hushed me, before i could finish my rant. I slapped his hand away from my face jokingly.
"Follow me." He said, still grinning. I stayed where i was. He stopped and turned round. 
"So you leave me here, and then re-appear and want me to just follow you somewhere." I said, placing my hands on my waist. Jay rolled his eyes and stepped parallel to myself. 
"Yes." He replied, running his hand through my hair. I raised my brows - he smiled. He knew when i was going to give in. I shook my head.

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