I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


12. chapter 12

Nathan's POV
"It's okay babe... i'll be right here when you wake up." Sophie squeezed my hand. I was having the operation on my vocal chords today - it was the big day. The one that was was dealing with my future - and the rest of the guys. I'd managed to tell Sophie that i basically had to have this operation or i'm over - and i'd told her that if she didn't want to be with me because i wouldn't be in the band then i'd understand but she just literally laughed in my face and said that i was a twat for even thinking that she is only with me because i'm Nathan Sykes. It made me smile - made me realise that i really did love this girl. 
I smiled at her and sqeezed her hand back. 
"Thankyou." I whispered as they began to wheel my bed out of the side room and down the corridors to the theatre. It was decision time i suppose. 
"I love you." I heard her whisper back - with a hint of upset in her voice. I sqeezed my eyes shut and made sure i didn't cry - but no one did really understand how upsetting this whole ordeal was for me -they all seemed to understand the concept of it but i could tell they just didn't know what i was going through. But it would soon be over. Hopefully.
Sophie's POV
I walked out the side room - slipping his iPhone and wallet into my satchel. He'd told me to keep them safe for him - so i would. I glanced down the corridor and watched through the doors as they took him away from me. I felt so sad for him - singing was his life and it hurt to see him so upset.
I glanced down at the time - 10.41am. Rachael said she would meet me in reception at 10.30am. She was taking me to lunch to take my mind off things and talk. To be honest i needed a good talk.
I looked at my phone and noticed she had text me saying she was waiting in reception. So i closed the room doors and hurried off down the corridors trying to find my way to where she was waiting for me - but with so many corridors and doors and entrances and exits it was proving difficult. 
When i finally found my way to the reception area i noticed Rachael waiting with Jay near the reception desk. When they saw me -they both sympathetically smiled ahd walked over to greet me.
"Come here Soph." She pulled me into a hug - i let one tear out and she told me to stop crying. I wasn't going to cry. 
"He'll be alright -he's a toughy our Nath' is" Jay said, giving me a cuddle after Rach had let go. It wasn't a Nathan hug but it was alright for now. 
"I know." I said, letting him go and walking with them to the entrance.
"Right, sure you'll be alright?"Jay said.
"Yes, ofcourse we will." Jay planted a goodbye kiss on Rach and then walked out the doors backwards.
"Well, give me a call if you want anything and as soon as you get any news -call me or one of the guys!" We waved him good bye and headed towards the cafe - it was only then that i realised how hungry i was -i hadn't eaten since 4pm the day before. I was starving.
Rachael's POV
I held my tears back as Sophie poured her heart out to me over a muffin;
"Do you know what he told me?" She said, wiping her eyes -smudging her make-up. Ishook my head - urging her to go on. "He said 'if you don't want to be with me if i have to leave the band then i understand - i only wish to see you happy Sophie.' I mean,how could he even think i'm only with him because he's Nathan Sykes? I thought he knew me a little better than that." I watched as she took a mesely bite from her muffin and the leant on her arm.
"Hey, now where's the Sophie i know? You'd normally be right up there with the doctors asking for information on him - not dwelling on what he thought about you -he clearly loves you enough to care what you think - we've been sat here forty-five minutes talking about him - which i don't mind but i really think we should go and ask for some information now." I pointed out. I could tell that she had wanted to say what she had for a long time now. 
"I can't." She stuttered -before tears fell onto the table.
"What? Why not?" I asked curiously stroking her arm to comfort her. She shook her head,
"What if they found something else - i don't want to know because i'm scared for him Rach. I'm just as scared as he is - but i'm trying to be strong for Nath's sake." 
"Well, let's go and find out then - i'll ask if you like." Sophie looked at me.
"Would you?" I nodded at her and then she smiled a little. "Thankyou." she replied.
"Come on - we'll go together." I gestured my arm and she linked it. 
It took ages for us to find the ward Nathan's room was on and then we had to wait five minutes as there was someone on the phone who wouldn't go unlessthey found out information on a patient for them. But eventually i spotted one of the nurses involved.
"Uhm hey, yeah,i was just,uhm, wondering if you had any new on Nathan Sykes?" I asked sheepishly as she looked at me.
"Can i ask who you are?" She said, like she thought i was some randomer asking. 
"Yes, i'm just asking on behalf of Sophie - she's his girlfriend but she's a bit upset right now so i said i'd ask for her." The nurse - a young pretty blonde - smiled at me. 
"Oh right, okay. Well i'll just go and ask the doctor for you." She said disappearing down the corridor and through some 'restricted access' doors. I'm guessing they were the doors to the theatre's.
Max's POV
I looked at the display boards as we walked down the hospital corridors - there was one that showed all the governors of the hospital and stuff - but i couldn't help and notice that one of the people on there looked exactly like Mrs. Doubtfire. I laughed to myself and followed the other guys and Big Kev. We were coming to visit Nathan now he had come round after his operation. They had had to rush him in for the operation as it was important so he literally was taken in the morning after the doctors had told him he needed it - we cancelled our TV performances and now that he had come round properlly we had been able to come and visit him. As far as i was aware Sophie had been here since he was rushed in.
"He's just in there." The nurse pointed the roomand we all thanked her. 
Upon entering the room we saw Nathan sat on his bed dressed in a pair of shorts and his fav' tee shirt. Sophie was chilling on the chair beside him doing something on Nathan's ipad. They both looked up at us when we all clambered into the room. 
"Heyabuddy how'sit going." I said going to his bed side and man-band-mate hugging him - the other guys doing the same. I couldn't help but notice a smile spread across lil' Nath's face. 
"Thanks for coming guys!" He replied -his voice coarse and obviously sore but he didn't seem to mind. 
"Well, how else are you gonna catch up on gossip?!" Sive said plonking himself down in one of the bright orange hospital chairs.
"Why, whats happened now?" Nathan said - but he's mastered his sarcasm so i couldnt tell if it was sarcastic.
"Well, to start with shit went down with our great friend Louis Tomlinson again" Jay started;
""Aye, but he started it this time!" Tom interjected. Nathan facepalmed and then looked to me. I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed my own chair. 
"Yes, he did start it -but you shouldn't of retaliated Tom - it seriously needs to stop." Kev said giving a dissaproving sarcastic glance out the window. Tom imitated him which earned a slap. 
It was at that moment when Sophie stood up smiling at us.
"I'm gonna go for a walk, leave you guys to it for a while." She said, with a hint of desperation. To be quite honest she did look pale. Nathan grabbed her hand.
"It's okay, don't leave on my account -" Jay said with a cheesy grin. Sophie laughed before hugging Nath goodbye and heading out the door shutting it gently - the complete opposite of how we had done it.
"Right, well fill me in then." Nathan said sitting up on the bed. Big Kev rushed to get the comfy seat beside the bed - which unfortunately Jay had also ran to get - but was unsuccessful as he found himself thrown on the floor by Kev. 
"I'm suprised you can even fit in that chair Kev with that belly!" Tom joked.
"Oh,ha ha ha." Kev replied sarcastically squeezing himself into the seat.

Nathan's POV
I wrapped my arm around Sophie's waist and held her close as we weaved our way into the club through the paps and the other clubbers outside the doorway. The security guards on the front door nodded to us and opened the doors which made all the people queuing start yelling at the doormen. 
It had been 2 months since my operation and i'dnow started vocal rehabilitation - so i'd asked Sophie if we could go on a sneeky night out - Jay and Rachael had said they were here but they'd already left before we had even got ready. 
I scanned the room for them but it was full of sweaty drunken people - pretty much Jay all over but i couldn't spot him. Maybe we'd bump into them later. Sophie got right with it and headed for the bar. After we got in a couple of drinks and downed a few shots,i began to feel a lot more relaxed and even found myself on the dancefloor next to my amazingatdancing girlfriend - me? Not so.
"I'm getting another drink." Sophie said into my ear over the loud music - so i followed her to the bar and we sat on the comfy bar seats. The bar was so busy that it took ten minutes for someone to get to us. 
"Nathaaaan!" Someone shouted my name from the other end of the bar. When i didn't respond they repeated my name so i looked to who the voice belonged to.
"Oh there you are!" I replied seeing Rachael sitting on the bar itself. She waved at me and Sophie and then made her way through the crowd to where we were sat. The noise was so loud but i swear i could hear someone else shouting my name. I ignored it and made room for her to sit next to me on the seats seen as i had the double one. 
"Have you seen Jay?" She asked sitting down. I shook my head. 
"Probably having a sleep in the mens!" Sophie joked. We all laughed.
"You look lovely!" Rachael said checking Sophie's outfit - she was wearing a red skin-tight dress with heels and her hair let loose in curls over her shoulders - my beautiful princess. Whereas Rachael was wearing one of Jays plaid shirts and a pair of golden hot-pants - her hair up in a fashion bun. She looked a lot more appropriate for dancing though - lets be honest. 
"We've only been here half an hour and i've already lost him!" Rachael said, before downing her drink and standing up " - I better go and find him!" I smiled at her before she patted me on the back and hopped off into the crowd to find Jay - i mentally wished her good luck.
"Cmon - we need a drink here!" Sophie shouted at the bar staff. One of them looked up at her and wandered over. I caught a glimpse of her and then recognised her - that was the girl who had tried to kiss me - well kissed me - the girl that had hurt mine and Sophie's relationship. 
"Shit." I said. Sophie noticed me and then looked at what i was looking at. The blonde seductively wandering over to our end of the bar - smirking.
"What?" Sophie whispered. I looked at her.
"That's the girl that tried to kiss me - the one in the photo" i said nervously. Sophie laughed - which suprised me and then leant over the bar so that the blonde could hear our order seen as it was way too loud in here - even louder than our concerts.
"Yes." The blonde said, looking at me - i stared her back. 
"Double please." Sophie asked raising her glass and handing it to the girl. The blonde looked a little taken back at the way she just handed it to her. I shook my head when she asked if i was having one. - had to look after myself by not drinking too much.
That's when the blonde winked at me - Sophie noticed and stood closer to me - watching her all the time. Once she had turned round to fill up the glass, Sophie wrapped her arms round my neck and kissed me - smiling, i knew exactly what she was doing. But i didn't care.
"Here." The girl said and i heard her slam the glass on the bar top. I didn't let go of Sophie - instead i reached in my pocket for a couple of pound coins and threw them onto the bar - i didn't want to look at that girl. 
Sophie let go of me and stepped back looking at my expression - she grinned and took the drink. I watched as she smiled at the blonde who looked between us disgustingly before watching us as we followed Rachael's suit and wandered off into the crowd. I couldn't help but feel a little bit of satisfaction burning deep in my stomach. That's why i love my Sophie!
Rachael's POV
I peered between the two females dancing together to see if i could see Jay but instead i caught an eyeful of something i shouldn't. Yeah. So i gave up looking for Jay as it was useless - he'd show up at some point, hopefully.
"Rach!" I heard someone calling my name - but i couldn't see anything except sweaty people and lots of flashing lights. Ah, never mind i thought and just weaved my way through the crowd to where the DJ set was. "Rach!" I heard again. This time i turned round and saw Sophie jogging towards me -Nathan tail trailing her. 
"Hey." I smiled. 
"Have you not found him yet?" Nathan asked curiously.

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