I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


11. chapter 11

Siva's POV
"Where's Nathan?" I asked, sitting down at the table - the girls were on their flight back home now and we were having a celebratory dinner about it - well we weren't but that's what Max called it. 
"Dunno, went out for a drive earlier after Sophie had gone." Max said, plonking himself beside me.  
"Probably having belated second thoughts about being in the band and has actually done a runner with Sophie! " Tom joked overhearing what Max had said. 
"Yeah, that's it now - 1 member down!" I laughed.

Nathan's POV
"Nathan, you do understand what this means don't you?" The doctor said. I fiddled with my fingers - i'd had a sore throat for around a week now - so i'd snook out to see the doctor.
"Yes." I replied, glancing out the window and watching as people walked past - probably worser off than i am. I held back the tears - i was a man. Men don't cry. 
"So, we'll arange another appointment for you some time in the next seven days and we'll see if surgery is needed then - give you time to take it in aswell. I know this is a big thing for you to deal with but at the end of the day if we don't do anything about it now then it most likely will progress and get worse - the sooner we sort this out then the higher chance your voice will repair itself and in time, you'll be able to sing again." 
I listened to every single word - each one peircing my ears and heart a little bit more. 
My voice? Why my voice? Why me? 
I felt sick. So this thing wrong with my vocal chord had progressed.
"Adele's voice is ok now right?" I asked, looking directly at Mr. Spence. He had operated on her and look at her now. He nodded.
"Like i said, Mr. Sykes - it takes time, and time is the only thing that will tell us. Please, just think about it this way - it will either get better or get worse. But either way, we will do our very best to restore your vocal abilities and have you singing at your best again." 
"Thankyou." I said, shaking his hand and taking the folder he had provided me with.

I pressed forward down the empty lane - letting the speed peak 80mph. I then opened the window letting the wind strip my hair backwards. Over the music i was blasting i heard my phone ringing.
"Answer." I said - my phone had vocal commands enabled which was a great help whilsy driving.
"Hello?" I asked, steadying my car to a suitable driving speed.
"Hey Nathan, how are you?" It was my mother. The first thing that popped into my head was - should i tell her first.
"Well, actually i'm not doing too good right now, mum" I heard an audible sigh from her end of the phone and closed the window a little to minimise the background noise for what i was about to tell her.
"What's happened now son?" She asked - in that motherly concerned tone - that one that could stop anyones tears.
"Well, i've just been to see the doctor-" I took a deep breath, gripped the steering wheel a bit tighter and recalled my recent visits with Mr. Spence. She must have sensed that i was upset and troubled because the first thing she did was share her concern and said she would be right over on the next flight - to be with me. I love my mother.
"Have you told anyone else yet?" She asked - I sighed. 
"I'm just on my way home - I'll tell them when i get back." She - once again - detected my restlessness and comforted me.
"They'll understand - i'm sure they will stand right by your side Nathan. Well i hope they do - otherwise i will kick their asses to the curb." I laughed.
"Thanks mum - i love you." We said our goodbyes and once again i turned the music up and drove down the long driveway to our american getaway.

Tom's POV
"AAAAYYYYYY Nathan, nice of you to show up - thought you'd decided to leave the band and run off into the sunset with Sophie - or should i say drive?" I joked as Nathan walked into the room. But my remark didn't quite get the response i was looking for. 
I looked at him. He didn't say anything - just looked right back at me. What had i said? 
I examined his face - he looked awfully pastey - like something was on his mind. 
"Are you alright Nathan?" Max said getting up out of his seat and walking over to him. Nathan shook his head.
"No, not really."
"Spill." Jay said patting the space on the couch beside him. Nathan obeyed and we all took places around him. Jay beside him, Max the other side - which left me on the single seat and Siva still sat at the table. 
"Don't tell me you wanna leave the band." Jay said ruffling the back of Nath's hair.
"No, of course not!" He said - shuffling himself away jokingly. 
"Your pregnant?" Siva asked.
"Yes." Nathan replied, looking at him sarcastically.
"Look, it can't be that bad - we've heard confessions of all sorts since we've been in this band - the worst being when Tom slept with 5 girls in one night. I'm sure we can handle what your about to throw at us Nathan." 
Nathan's POV
I recalled what i had told my mother - just a little more manlier and not too many big fancy medical terms that the boys would just gawk at.
"Jeez mate - got it rough ain't ya?" Max said pushing my arm a little.
"I'm really worried though - it's really scary not knowing your future is certain." I replied - then i realised that it must of sounded really cheesy.
I loved being in the band - i loved travelling - i loved meeting the fans and how they loved us for what we are doing - i loved being able to live with four of my best friends - and now all that was just a step too far in front of me. 
"Well, we will always be here for you - whatever happens Nathan." Jay said sitting up straight and examining my face. I must have looked worried. 
"I don't want to ruin for you guys." I said holding back the man tears again.
"And you won't - as long as you get better. Just remember though, There ain't no The Wanted without Nathan Sykes. You are The Wanted Nathan." Siva always knew what to say. I felt tonnes better now i had told the boys.
"Have you told anyone else?" Tom asked, his face still as shocked as it had been two minutes ago - he was probably still trying to figure out what the word hospitalisation meant. 
I shook my head. "Only my mum - she told me that i should tell you guys first - seen as i am questioning your future's after all." For some reason i didn't feel the need to cry any more - why the hell would i need to cry? I may have shed a tear or two at the time and maybe had a little cry in the car - but it all seemed silly now. I had my best friends all here and i knew they would tease me about it all my life if i did.
"No, i don't wanna worry her - i'll tell her next time i speak to her." I replied quickly. She had been the first person i thought about. Why would she want to go out with a boyband drop-out who can't sing?
"She'll understand too - i'm sure she will." Max said, standing up and patting me on the back. I smiled - i knew she would too, but there was always that doubt. There was also the challenge of telling Management too. They were the ones i knew probably wouldn't understand.
"Right, can we eat? I'm starving?" Jay said cheerfully. Trust him to brighten the mood.


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