I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


10. chapter 10

Nathan's POV
I pressed on my stomach as it rumbled silently. I was nervous about talking to Sophie - but i knew it was going to work this time. I moved into my next position beside Siva and looked into the camera. 
"And next we are gonna play Kiss You by One Direction for all you Directioners listening right now. So here we go!" One hearing 'One Direction' Max and Tom all 'oooohhhh'd together and someone ran to turn off the song, but before long it was turned up and i could hear the girls singing along. Typical. They were more in love with stuck up teenage megastars in a boyband than us. 
The boys kept mumbling remarks about 1D between shots untill the song ended and they began playing some Robbie Williams - which saw an untimely quietness from the girls section. I turned round and saw them all sat on the warehouse boxes looking at Kelsey's phone. God knows what for.
"Right, thanks guys that was great - got some good ones!" The photographer said standing up and taking the camera off the tripod. As usual we wandered over to him so we could see the pictures. There were a few funny ones where one of us had pulled a face while the rest of us were being serious - it was like a ritual we had at every photoshoot.
"Thankyou guys - well done." He said before we began wandering off in our own directions - no pun intended. Tom walked straight over to Kelsey - Siva went to the drinks machine - Max dissapeared completely and Jay stood beside me. 
"Don't be a chicken mate." He said but before he could do anything, Rachael had out her hand over his mouth - hugging him. I looked at them.  Will they ever grow up? I thought. 
"EEEEEW! Jay that's disgusting!" She said wiping her hand on his shirt - im guessing he had licked her hand by the expression on his face. 
I chuckled and then turned around - heading straight for Sophie. just do it i said to myself. She saw me walking towards her and stood up - walking towards me. Meet me half-way. 
"Hey." I said, with my little smile. She smiled back - just like she had the first time we had gone out together. I wasn't sure whether to actually hug her but i didn't see why not so i wrapped my arms around her and held her close. To my suprise she hugged me back. Maybe she had forgiven me? I felt like everyone was watching us - but that's probably because they were. 
"I've missed you so much." She said into my chest - at least that's what i thought she had said. I stepped back from her and she was grinning at me.
"I've missed you too." I smiled. I just needed to explain but i could tell from the look in her eyes that she didn't want to know my re-justification about the whole event. 
For a few seconds we just stared at each other - my insides going all jelly-like. The room seemed to fall silent at this moment - but i could see out of the corner of my eye that they were all rushing around - not caring about what we were doing. That second i remembered that this was exactly what it was like the first time round. Except i hadn't quite looked as sophisticated as this.
But last time it had ended with a kiss. 
I bit my bottom lip remembering it - Sophie stepped forward and leant in, placing her hand on the back of my neck. I folded my arm around her back lifting her up a little bit. She wasn't that tall without her heels on! I let my lips brush against hers. I'd been waiting a long time for this. Sophie smiled - so did i. I love you so much i breathed. Her lips parted slightly and made contact with mine. 
There was a wolf-whistle from behind me - most likely from Max or Jay. I held her for a while before letting go - making sure that wasn't just me in my day-dream . But no - that had just happened. My knees felt all weak all of a sudden. 
Max's POV
I came out of the toilet and tucked my shirt back in - when i looked up i saw Sophie and Nathan lip-locked in the middle of the room. I looked at Jay who looked back at me giggling. 
"They don't hang about do they?" I whispered walking over to him. Jay shook his head and wolf-whistled loudly. I laughed and continued to get re-dressed into my 'normal' clothes.
"How did that go Max?" Jane said, holding a camera up to my face. I frowned.
"Terrible.... absolutely terrible - the pictures were terrible. Everything was terrible." I joked - she laughed. That laugh that made anyone laugh at it. 
"What are you doing next?" She asked still laughing. We had interviews all day now.
"Just heading on to some radio stations. You're coming aren't you Jane?" I pulled my shirt off over my head - she moved back a bit to get my body in shot.
"Ofcourse i am Max, ofcourse i am!" She replied. I chuckled to myself and watched as she wandered off to film Tom. I looked at my watch - only 6 hours untill beer time. 
Sophie's POV
The girls wouldnt stop teasing me about Nathan throughout the entire car journey to the radio station. They eventually did when i told them to stop but he was all i could think about right now - i mean, he was all i thought about anyway but still.
"Please guys, can you stop that now?" I asked politely - they both looked at me weirdly and then rolled their eyes - thats when i felt bad. 
"This way please." The crew said leading through into the back room where we wait untill the boys had done. The room was small plain and only had two sofa's with a telly in the corner. I knew this was gonna be boring! 
Nathan's POV
"Nathan, is it true that you've split with Sophie?" Peter - the interview radio man asked. I shook my head even though i knew we were on the radio.
"No, definitely not - we were just sorting things out- taking some time apart but i think we're okay now" I replied thinking back to what had happened that morning. 
"Yeah, they definitely are okay!" Max said. "Should of seen the pair of them this morning at the photo shoot." 
"Okaaay, thankyou Max." Peter interupted knowing what he was about to say. We all laughed together. "Well, we seem to be getting a lot of fans asking questions about girlfriends so lets just clear this up - how many of you have a girlfriend?" Siva, Tom and myself put our hands straight up - but then Jay also put his arm up too. 
"4 of you?" He asked counting the raised hands. "Max what's happening boy." He joked noticing he was the only one who hadn't.
"Well, i'm just keeping a focused eye - waiting for Louis Tomlinson to give me a call and then i can ask him out on a date with me." Max said calmly. My eyes widened at the remark he had just made - while Tom and Siva started laughing. Peter seemed to notice and professionally brushed over it even though you could see he needed to laugh too.
"Jay." he said looking at him with a smirk. "You put your hand up." 
"Yes i did." he said leaning in towards the microphone - we had to share one between five of us. 
"So, you have girlfriend now." He pressed on - he was determined to get an exclusive. 
"Loads of 'em." Jay replied. But he wasn't taking it for an answer.
"Who's the lucky lady then?" We all looked at him and wondered if he was still trying to keep it a secret - but he wasn't. There were a couple of awkward seconds before anyone spoke. "Is it Rachael?" The interviewer *Peter* asked.
"Yes." He replied calmly. I shifted in my seat so i could lean back. I could tell this interview was going to be a long one and Sophie was waiting for me in the family room.
"How long have you been together?" Peter continued staring right at the boy. 
"hmmm." Jay mumbled something to Tom and he smiled. "Dunno - long enough for her to know my Nando's order." I chuckled to myself - Sophie didn't even know mine.
"I see! Did you meet at Nando's then Jay?" Peter typed something on his keyboard before waiting for an answer.
"Well, she's a friend of Sophie's and we've been to Nando's far too many times for her to know my order without asking me. It's actually quite cool!" Jay sat back in his seat - smiling, - it may have just been me - but he looked a little worried. He didn't want the same thing to happen to Rachael that had happened to his previous missus and my Sophie - when we first went public - she got all the hate a girl could ever get from jealous fangirls. And even though you say you ignore it, it's hard to actually not read anything like that.
"It's going okay between you then?"
"Yeah, it's going alright. She's a special girl - bit strange and spontanious like myself. " Jay laughed. "Infact, when we've done here we're all gonna go and have some sexy time somewhere." He continued.
"All of us?" Siva joked. 
"Yeah, all of us!" 
"Together." Max inputted causing us all to break out into laughter - however i had to drink some water because my throat had been killing me all day. I mentally decided i was gonna go see the doctor again at some point soon.


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