I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


1. chapter 1

Sophie's POV
I waited contently waiting on the sofa as Jay lay dozing beside me. Each time he snored i had to watch out because he had this weird habit of kicking out his leg. 
I inwardly swore and wondered how Rachael put up with it. Purposely refering to Jay as 'it'
"Whynomore beer lovebeergiveme" Jay mumbled something asleep. I tried to work out what he had said but i hear was beer. Then i remembered that Rachael was bringing some beer round. 
Checking my fb messages quickly with the laptop i noticed that they had messaged me saying that they were on their way and that they had just popped to the garage to stock up on beer.
A few moments later they knocked on the door.
Well that's who i thought it was.
"You have a key!" I yelled, knowing Nathan had a key. But i opened it anyway.
"Uhm, OMG, Ahhh, uhm -" Two teens stood nervously at the doorway looking at each other.
"Yes?" I said. One red haired pushed the other dark blue haired skinny girl forward and she coughed.
"We were just wondering if this was where Nathan Sykes lives?" Shit. Fans had found out where he lived on weekends. I quickly replied.
"Uhm, who? I'm sorry i don't think you have the right house." The two girls looked at each other again and then apologised. Shutting the door i watched throught the side window as the wandered down the street and chased after a guy in a blue hoodie - they obviously thought it was Nathan Sykes. 
"Who was that?" Jay choked. 
"Oh no one go back to sleep." I brushed it off and heard as he collapsed back onto the sofa. The lads had just arrived back in the UK from their USA tour 2013. It had been a long day. 
As i glanced back throught the window, i noticed Nathan's 4X4 pull up. 'Finally' I thought.

Nathan's POV
I took one of the bags from Rach' and locked the car. 
"So did you have a good time on the tour?" she asked. Truth be told it was the best time ever, but i didn't wanna tell Sophie that, because the time i had been over there, i had missed her. Fact.
"Yeah, it was great!" I replied cheerfully enough to be convincing. "You watched any of the youtube videos?" Rachael shook her head.
"Spent all my time watching One Direction sorry." I shook my head in dispair. 
"Traitor" I joked.
As i opened the door, i heard Jay snoring. 
"Is he asleep still?" I asked, loud enough in hope of waking him up. But no success.
"Really Jay?" Rachael added laughing. We put all the bags down on the table and took off coats. 
"You seriously don't know how much you've missed." Sophie moaned as she strolled down the stairs.
"What did i do this time?" Rachael joked.
"No, two fans came to the door." I stood still.
"Did Tom put my address on Twitter again? The bastard." Sophie shook her head approaching me. 
"I sent them away, oh, is that beer? I need one of them!" I passed her one and threw two cans to Rachael,
"Pretend i'm not here." she instructed and then pushed Jay's legs off the sofa, and sat down waking him up. He stared around for a few seconds before realising.
"When did you get here?" He said, suprised at seeing his GF sat in front of him. 
"I'm not here, you're dreaming." I clicked on to what she was doing.
"What? Seriously, Nathan when did Rach get here?" I looked to him, his eyes still dazed and sleepy, 
"Rachael? She's hasn't come while im here, why?" Jay looked round suspiciously, i tried not to laugh.
"Are you okay Jay?" Sophie asked. Before we all broke out and Jay realised that we were joking and then pulled Rach onto the floor with him.
I shared a glance with Sophie and continued laying out the cans of beer on the table while they tackled each other on the floor. 
"Seriously" Sophie laughed.
Sophie's POV
After the guys had settled down and we had downed a few cans. We turned ont he TV and watched some Celeb Juice. Jay had put some Khaki shorts on and a white shirt at last. Suppose it more for them to take off in bed. Lul, i have a dirty mind.
I examined Nathans face as he watched the tv. He looked disappointed that we weren't spending the time together - that we had company. Therefore i poked his cheek and kissed him. 
"Ive missed you" I said on his lips. He smiled and hugged me. Then he whispered into my ear.
"Just wait till later"
I smiled and continued to watch the film. But then i heard giggling, and looked towards the other two. They were both squeezed onto the sofa - Jay with his arm round Rach - and they were looking right back at the both of us. 
"What?" I said. They both laughed again.
"Don't let us get in the way guys, we're just here for the beer," Jay said, cheerfully. I knew what they were hinting at. I shook my head. 
They gigled again, and Nath dismissed it.
Nathan's POV
I shuffled deeper into the seat and just as i did so, Jay jumped up off the sofa.
"I'm goin' for a quick cig, be back in a sec -" I remembered the conversation we had had about him Tom and Max ditching them but i somehow knew it wasn't going to happen.
"Hey, your not leaving em here with those two." Rachael exclaimed sarcastically and skipped off after Jay. I got up and hinted that we should go upstairs out of the way now while we had the chance. Sophie took my hand and we ran up the stairs like race horses. 
Rachael's POV
So after persuading Jay to only smoke half his ciggarette i strolled back into the room trying to look cool, but it turned out Nathan and Sophie had disappeared. Probably upstairs to bed. Or whatever. Meanwhile, I sat down and grabbed the remote to change the channel, but before i could do anything JAy slammed into me and we both fell back onto the sofa.
"Fu---" I started gasping for air. Jay placed a finger on my lips.
"Shhhh. Maybe we can hear what they are saying." He glanced towards the ceiling and i knew he meant Sophie and Nathan. I giggled.
"Shhhhh, listen you can hear them!" I laughed again. Mostly because i was being squashed but he was right. "Shut-up!" He said staring at me while listening. 
"Make me" I challenged. he stopped listening and looked at me raising a brow.
"Okay." He said. And without another word he kissed me.

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