just a girl

an assassin? yes mia is an unknown assassin but what happens when she gives birth to a devil of a child??


3. the gift

suddenly my mother walks in “so you finally got it Mia my gift to you” she said. I didn’t know what she was talking about suddenly I realized she was the beginning of all this all the murders and “accidents”. I run but she grabs my arm so tight it cuts off the circulation I fight and scream but she wins and locks me into my room every day after that I suffer screaming and crying so loud one day the neighbors came and gave a complaint so my mother hit me every time I screamed. One day I thought of an elaborate plan to get me out, I went to the door and could hear mother and father fighting I used this to my advantage, I smashed the window it was loud but not as loud as my mother. I got out on the ledge of the building trying not to look down as I was 5 floors high, I went to my neighbors window seeing the old man sitting on his couch having his nap I bang on the window he doesn’t respond then I look at the desk beside him and I notice he isn’t wearing his hearing aid probably because of mother and father. So I smash his window I run to the door knowing he can’t hear me. I stop and listen mother has stopped yelling and she has discovered my escape then she sees me and starts running at me obviously with her old age she wasn’t fast enough, so I ran as far as my legs could take me heading towards the airport. My mother calls the police and the next day they come and get me from the airport I asked them “where are you taking me”

They answer “to your mother I heard you ran away from home”

I scream as they take me home, where my mother is waiting for me I see a sly smile as I enter the room her eyes deep blue that show her futile past I never noticed before, as she stares I walk half way across the room and stop, the police nudge me I keep walking slow with my head down and trying not to scream for help.

The next day mother tell me to get in our old rusted green vw car, I look at her and ask “why?”

“Because I’m taking you to school so you don’t run”

“Then why don’t you leave me at home?”

“WHAT! don’t back chat to me you do as I say or else!!”

“Or else what you’ll tell? Who you gunna tell no one’s gunna believe you”

“No ill just lock you up”

“Where? Huh you can’t put me anywhere”

“Huh you wish, you don’t want to know how experimental me and your father are we’ll just tie you to the bed”

She smiles at me and turns a sharp corner sending me straight into the corner of our old vw I hit my arm on something sharp and scream

Mum tells me “shut the hell up you stupid child it wasn’t that bad.” I look at my arm all I can see is blood before I pass out.

I wake up in the hospital with mum at my side.

“What happened?”

The doctor replied “when your mother bring you in you had a big bit of rusty metal in your arm, I think it might have been a door handle, It looked pretty bad and you will be in a cast for at least 2 weeks it’s not long but you will need to rest it also do not use it for that period of time or you will cause permanent damage”

I look over to mother she’s looking very happy like she is going to burst.


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