just a girl

an assassin? yes mia is an unknown assassin but what happens when she gives birth to a devil of a child??


1. school

When I was born it was not the usual birth of baby being born and people going awwwwww no my birth was, my mother had a c section and when I came out I had a head full of short brown hair, my skin pale as snow, eyes green as leaves and lips as red as roses.

My child hood was a difficult time yet year 5 was the worst, my day was wake up, get tease and yelled at by mother and father, go to school and waiting at the school gates were two year 6 boys that would tease me, pull my hair and take my bag and throw it half way across the oval, when I came home mother and father would normally be having sex on the couch, in their room or even sometimes in my bed. A few years later I was in year 8 and the same boys that picked on me back when I was in year 5 would still be waiting at the gate for me except this time they would harass me by saying “hey mia oh where you going I thought we could go behind the toilets if you know what I mean”

“Leave me alone john”

“Oh so today are we putting up a fight well you should probably do as I say”

“And why would I do that john?”

“because if you don’t I’ll have to force you and we don’t want to hit a girl right’

His minions would answer “right john”

I spat at him

“you bitch now that deserves a fucking spanking you dirty slut”

He pulls me by my hair towards the toilets “get on your knees”

I spit at him again.

“So now I have to force you to suck my cock I thought you liked it, I mean you would moan while you suck it right?”

“That’s only because you make me”

“Just do it you wasting both of our time’

I think about what will happen if I miss class to put up a fight the school will send I note home and no matter what I tell mother and father they will just punish me by not feeding me so I decide to do it. I get on my knees crying as I do so.

“there’s a good girl now suck it like you normally do” as I start I get over whelmed with anger it serge’s through me, the deeper his cock goes the more intense the anger then I feel a hand on my ass its Andrews and then it pulls up my blue mini skirt and he starts feeling me, but I’ve had enough the anger takes over and I lose control so I bit down so hard on johns cock it starts to bleed in my mouth he screams an agonizing scream as I release I turn grab Andrews hand twist it backwards and I snap it now both boys are lying on the floor as I walk away I spit on them.

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