just a girl

an assassin? yes mia is an unknown assassin but what happens when she gives birth to a devil of a child??


8. marcus

 We live all good for a about almost 10 years and on my 31st birthday Lucus asked me to marry him then one of his friends come in, someone with the blackest hair I have ever seen, beautiful blue eyes (which was unusual for a person like that but he made it look good)  and an amazing tan, I welcome him with a hug (because of my happiness) but Lucus pulls me away and that’s when I notice his face looks very similar to lucus’ but even worse was he had a very bad feel to him, when I hugged him my insides went cold and my mind went blank (and not in a good way).

The new guy says “hello brother”

I look at Lucas thinking he can’t be

Lucus says “hello Marcus what are you doing here”

“Well as soon as I heard that you were going to propose to her I thought she might as well know the truth about you and who better to tell it than the one person who caused all of this”

“What do you mean Marcus” I ask him

He answers with a slight laugh and an evil smile

“You see brother if I didn’t put you in phyco treatment you wouldn’t of run and wouldn’t have found dear, sorry what was your name?”

“My name is Mia and Lucus I didn’t know you went to a psychiatric house”

“That’s because I didn’t want to scare you away”

“Well you couldn’t of because I love you”

After passionate kissing that lasted a few minutes Marcus interrupts

“Well Mia you should be thanking me for your pregnancy”

“WHAT???!!!” we both said

“Oh I thought you knew, yea your gunna have a baby”

“But how?, I mean ive been sick a cople of times but I thought it was because….. I don’t know what I thought” I ask still shocked

“Mia go inside”

“Ok are you going to be alright Lucas?”

“Yea I’m fine”

All I could hear after that was a lot of shouting and slamming of doors.

“Lucus are you coming to bed”

“Yea I’ll be there in a sec I’m just worried about Marcus”

“Hey he’s fine come to bed”


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