just a girl

an assassin? yes mia is an unknown assassin but what happens when she gives birth to a devil of a child??


7. living

A few years in Europe and already killed one servant I’ve almost killed Lucus but he’s learned how to stop it, we live in a lovely white house it looks amazing to me and we have no children but I am a nanny working for a very nice family they have 3 children peter – the eldest; hes 15, lucy – middle child; shes 5 and alli – youngest; shes 3 their parents work as models so they are barley home and I get paid about £500 every HOUR!!! from my bad parent experience I know how to be a good person and that’s how we have been able to live here, at first we were living in an apartment that wasn’t exactly the best one out there but it needed to be cheap because I didn’t want to use any of my tricks I’m not all killing spree.

One day I was walking around Europe and saw two people that looked exactly like my mother and father I look closer IT IS MOTHER AND FATHER, my mother and father are in Europe I need to get away I need to get out of here. They spot me I run they follow they are faster (since the last time mother might have been planning this so she probably trained for it) mother grabs me with the same grip I felt 7 years ago I slip out of her grip and she grabs my shirt but rips it and run the rest of the way home whitch is like half way across town Lucas finds me and says “shh slow down talk to me, why are you running. And why do you have a hole in the side of your shirt?”

I answer almost out of breath “my... Mother… is…..following… me” he looked confused I pull him along “we have to go!!!! NOW” he follows me and we get on our boat. We sail away heading for the secret island we bought.

We look behind us my mother follows in a rented boat she’s swerving I finally relies she’s drunk ‘still’ she starts heading for another boat and they have a head on collision 7 people were killed and this time I know it wasn’t me I start crying “my father did nothing wrong he was kind to me”

Lucas hugs me and says “shhhhhh Its ok he’s in a better place now”

I cry into his shirt trying to calm myself down but I give in I cry out in pain, he rocks me slowly. I must of fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes im lying in bed bathed and in my pajamas, it was dark, not just lights out dark it was unusually dark.

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