just a girl

an assassin? yes mia is an unknown assassin but what happens when she gives birth to a devil of a child??


5. him

we land and there are police already there I run I thought this would be easy like on the movies it’s pretty hard to keep away from law officers. I have to give in but suddenly I spot a guy he’s beautiful, pale blond hair, blue eyes and quite tall and something happens my mind goes blank forgetting about the police and just stand there and stare he looks at me feeling the same thing I do he comes over and asks me “where’s lane 3 please”

I look at his eyes he’s on the run to I say “where are you heading and why are you running” he stare at me and walks away I run to get him to him and say “sorry curious um follow me to get to lane 3” I showed him the way and then followed him onto the plane I didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing I just started to walk he saw me and asked me

“What are you doing?”

I answered “oh this is my flight that’s why I showed you” I obviously answered to quick and he started to run I ran after him

He calls out “POLICE”

I yell finally knowing what he was talking about “I’m not the police I’m just a girl”

He finally stops and stares I hear a voice inside my head saying “you pig stay out of my life” I notice his lips didn’t move I’m scared I figure out what he is and yell out

“I’m like you I’m different”

He stops and comes back to me I show him by snapping a dogs neck in one swoop of my hand. he grabs my hand and says I’ve been waiting for a girl like you he smiles we run to the plane and I kill the person next to him and sit down he entwines his fingers with mine we smile at each other and talk about our lives during the flight he tells me about how his parents died in a freak party accident someone dared them to stab themselves so they did they died together. He’s been living a hard life ever since.

We get off and I relies I don’t know his name he answers me suddenly “my name is Lucus” I wonder how he knew, and then I remember.

We go to get some money he pulls out a credit card I say “no I’ll get it” it spits out more hundreds. He looks amazed I smile we go shopping for new disguises he comes out as a classy rich man I come out as almost emo girl he says “I love you in that” I smile.

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