just a girl

an assassin? yes mia is an unknown assassin but what happens when she gives birth to a devil of a child??


9. family

The next morning I woke up feeling sick then suddenly I run to the toilet and throw up and then I notice something different my stomach has gotten bigger now you can tell I’m pregnant

“But it’s only a couple of days old” I say to myself when Lucus comes in.

“Mia are you ok…. SHIT how did that happened”

“I don’t know” I say in a worried tone

“Mia we have to go to doctors”

“No we can’t they will send me back to mother”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because I can’t control my anger anymore”

“What do you mean?”

“Watch” I stand near our dog as it barks my foot goes straight to its mouth and I snap its jaw

He looks and sees, nevel, our dog lying on the floor dead.

“Ok so what do we do?” Lucus says confused

“I don’t know, I’ll keep it quiet for a few days and if it starts hurting I’ll get an abortion”

“Ok, but while me and Marcus were talking last night he said “you’ll need me here for the birth”

“How would he know?” I ask

“There’s something about my family I also didn’t tell you about”

“What Lucus?”

He stays quiet for a little while.

“WHAT, tell me if it’s important”

“Fine” he gives in “my family isn’t exactly normal”

“How not normal?”

“Well mainly just me and my brother”

“Ok sit down and tell me everything”

“It’s quite a long story”

“I don’t care”

“Ok so first there were my parents Luke and Jayne as soon as Jayne was born my dad thought he doesn’t care what he has to does he will marry her. problem was they were brother and sister at that time Luke was 3. Soon after Luke started saying I love you to my mother she would always say “well you shouldn’t I’m your little sister every big brother hates their little sister.” But he did love her, every night he would kiss her forehead and tuck her in. when he was 15 he started going into her room at night and they would talk about their days every night she would talk about boys every night he would say “none of those boys deserve you.” And on his 16th birthday he took Jayne into his room and told her how he felt he said “Jayne I know I shouldn’t say this but I love you, I love you more than brother and sister I love you the way mum and dad do, I love you the way an adult loves the other sex, so I have to ask …….. will you run away with me?”

She hesitated “Luke….. This is so soon I’ll have to think about it” and she left. That night he did the usual and went to Jayne’s room but Jayne was sleeping he went over to her bedside and kissed her but not on the usual forehead he kissed her warm gentle red lips and said “Jayne you may never love me but I will always love you no matter what” as he was leaving he heard a faint “I love you so much Luke if only we could be together” but as he turned around he noticed she was still asleep she secretly loved him too so the next morning her confronted her and asked“do you love me?”

She shyly looked down and replied “yes ……., but you can’t tell mother or father”

“And why would I tell them”

she shrugged “I don’t know”

“Jayne I love you too and I still want to marry you” so they ran away that night he had been planning this for his whole life, all his pay went straight to buying a cabin in the woods, plus the money from his birthday means they had enough money for the whole year they left a note saying

Dear mother and father


Me and Jayne have ran away together don’t worry about us we will be alright.


Love from your children Jayne and Luke


after they ran away Jayne got pregnant with Marcus the thing is while she was pregnant with Marcus she kept having visions, like ones from the future, after Marcus they stopped and when mother was going to get hurt Markus was always there to stop it she didn’t know how until he told her she was going to have a car crash she wondered how he would know and decided to ignore him. a couple of weeks later she fell pregnant with me and the birth was really early so doctors said there might be some problems with me so after about 3 months I started to walk and talk I was growing way too fast by one I was a genius by four I was learning about stuff you would learn in university then mother started hearing things she knew straight away her children were different


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