just a girl

an assassin? yes mia is an unknown assassin but what happens when she gives birth to a devil of a child??


4. escape

We head home but she makes an unexpected turn we head to the beach I look at her she has a devilish look in her eyes were at the dock but she keeps driving I’m about to ask her what she’s doing but she jumps from the car, I try to move but my arm gets caught on the seatbelt and when I move it pulls and puts me in agenizing pain the car hits the water in an explosion like a fat kid doing a bomb into the pool I feel a massive jerk in the seat belt as I try to escape I see mother staring at me from the dock then she turns and walks away I forgot where I was and screamed letting out half my breath. I wined down the window and struggled with the seat belt finally I get it undone just in time to, my breath is almost out I swim out trying to keep my cast still I can’t move and I don’t know why I look down at my foot its caught on a piece of coral I guess I talked to fast I might not make it again I pass out.


I wake up in a strange tropical house with a man looking over.

“Would you like to tell me your story over a cup of tea?”

“Well I don’t know I’m not sure you would believe me” I said sitting up

“It’s ok I’m not going to hurt you here to prove it have my knife but don’t kill me alright” he hands me his knife with his arm (I say arm because he didn’t have hands just two fingers on his arms

“Oh, you noticed my hands hey? Yea the natives call me nomains, it means no hands in French.”

“Would you still like that cup of tea?” he said

“Um yes please” I don’t know what to do I’ve never meet a nice person before

He walks into the room holding two oddly shaped mugs.
“Thank you”

“Sorry about the mugs they were made by my niece, kia”

As he hands me a picture of a little girl with braces and short brown hair.

“She’s beautiful”

“Yea that was before the cancer” he says in a sad tone

“Oh I’m so sorry, is she still alive”

“Still alive? Why she’s getting much better”

“Nice to hear”

“Oh yes but we are here to talk about you”

As I tell him about my story he seems very interested.

“So what do you think” I say to him

“Well it’s very interesting”

“Yes well I must be off I have to find a way home”

“Also I believe that your families are assassins” as he lead me to the front door I hold out the knife but just says “you’re going to need that never let go of it” and gives me an open mouth smile.

I start to say something but he slammed the door on my face.

I didn’t know where to go so I wondered if I could do something other than kill I went to the atm and hit it in just the right spot and made it spit out hundreds I was amazed.

I made my way to the airport and got on a plane and was trying to control it but that baby was too loud I just lost control and  I kick the baggage compartment and it  fell and killed the baby I was only meant to knock it out but it didn’t work I KILLED A BABY how inhumane is that I get up and go sit in the toilet while the staff sort it out I can still hear the mother screaming when I enter the toilet I sit there almost the entire flight I hear people yelling at me saying “get out you mutt” when the seatbelt sign goes on I get out people are yelling children have wet pants. staff tell me I have to give 5 dollars to everyone that wet there pants or was waiting for me to get out so I get out 3 hundred and ask for change she says “no”And gives it out. 

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