dont tell

a mysterious secret hidden behind the perfect smile

Hey im Jamie, im not exactly the one to introduce myself but i decided that i should make friends again. I'm different in plenty of ways; first my hair and eyes changed colour it went from black to white and brown to blue, second I have a secret that only one person knows about.... that person just happens to be the famous Niall Horan from One Direction.....


10. why Stan??

Ali’s P.O.V   when Stan left I felt dead and I missed him after crying on the couch where he chained me, I heard the phone ring I quickly got up minding the brace on my ankle connecting me to the couch and got the home phone that only he has the number to, him and Niall Horan but I’ve been here since the last time we spoke and I’ve never gotten a call from him and even though Stan beats me and keeps me chained up he still loves me and I love him.

“H…hello Stan is that you, please I’m soo sorry for whatever I, did take me back IM SOO SORRYYYYY” I answer crying as I do so  

“Whoa Ali calm it sis, it’s me Niall, do you remember me?” what was Niall doing calling me?

“N…Niall?” I ask confused I think I mumbled  

“Yea hunni, it’s me I wanted to know if you wanted to come around?” come around I’d be happy to go to my dad’s without almost dying

Flash back


“Stan!?! I’m going to my dad’s I’ll be back later, okay?” there was no answer so I decided I would talk to him after, there was no real reason ever since my family moved to London they seemed to drift apart now dad had moved out and was living in a flat with my sister, Natalie, while mum stayed in her pent house, as I walked out the door I grabbed my purse.

I knocked on the door and my dad answered the door as soon as he saw me his face lighted up “Ali I’m so glad you’re here we’ve missed you so much” he said as he hugged me “come in, come in” I walked in to see it still nice and neat mainly because he didn’t have much to keep in order

“Thanks dad I missed you to, where’s Nat?” I asked, as soon as I did she came running out of the kitchen and jumped on me I lifted her up and threw her in the air before catching her and saying “wow you’re getting heavier how old are you now?”

“I’m turning 5 next month” she said in her cute little accent, we all had accents but Natalie’s was the strongest

“Wow you’ll soon be going to kindergarten are you exited?”

“yes, I am Ani” she said Ani because she can’t exactly pronounce my name properly the smile on her face was so beautiful I wish I was half as beautiful as her she will definitely be a heart breaker “Anyways lets go into the living room I’d offer you a cup of tea but we are barely getting by already” dad said

“It’s okay, oh dad I forgot here” I say giving him the check mum gave me for the house but I have enough already

“Oh hunni, no I can’t take this, how much is it for” he joked

“Dad don’t worry about it, it for $150,000” I say

“OMG HUNNY I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH” He said hugging me

“You need it more than me” I smile at him

“Thank you now we can get some actual food for Nat” he said “talking about Nat it’s time for bed”

“Awww but daddy I’m not tired” she said as she yawns

“Come on baby I’ll put you to bed” I say walking to her and picking her up

“Fine but only cause I lub you” she says smiling I smile back to her and put her down in her “big girl bed” kissing her forehead

“night baby girl I love you” I see her smile for a second before her eyes drift shut and her breath becomes long and even.

I walk out to see Stan holding a knife to my dad’s throat “hey babe, how are you?” Stan asks

“What are you doing Stan?” I ask with a hint of laughter in my voice thinking this was all a joke

“well while you were gone I thought about how much I love you and never want you to leave” he said looking into my eyes but when I looked at his eyes I didn’t see love I saw hurt and anger “and then I thought well right now she could be planning to leave me and I never want that to happen…”

“Stan I would never leave you” I said interrupting him

“DOn’t speak wHEn I am” he sounded drunk but not on alcohol

“Stan are you okay?” I ask starting to tear up

“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?” he asked

"DO WHAT” I say almost crying now

“HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME??” He said pushing harder on my dad’s throat almost drawing blood

“I didn’t, I came to see Nat” I say barely audible

“GRAB THAT CHAIR” he yells at me I do as I’m told and grab a chair and place it in the empty lounge room. He sits my dad in it and grabs a rope that he must have brought with him, ties him up; shoving a gag in his mouth he grabs my hair screaming at me. We walk into Natalie’s room and she was already awake crying in the corner of the room “hey there pretty girl are you okay?” Stan asks and she shakes her head ‘no’

“I’m scared” she says in a small voice “why are you holding Ani by the head?”

“It’s because I love her baby girl” he says matching her tone

“Oh okay” she says crawling towards me, I hold out my arms reaching for her as she curls up in them she starts to sleep again. Stand there looking into Stans eyes cradling little Nat and he holds up the knife and stabs her in her throat his eyes never leaving mine. I look down to see the knife still standing up in her throat.


End flashback


I can still remember the way he pulled me out of the house we left my dad there and we put Nat back in her bed that day I knew I loved him I also knew I shouldn’t love him 

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