dont tell

a mysterious secret hidden behind the perfect smile

Hey im Jamie, im not exactly the one to introduce myself but i decided that i should make friends again. I'm different in plenty of ways; first my hair and eyes changed colour it went from black to white and brown to blue, second I have a secret that only one person knows about.... that person just happens to be the famous Niall Horan from One Direction.....


3. the house

We drive for about half an hour before we arrive in the friendly suburban neighborhood called ‘Ramona’ consisting of beautiful houses one of them belonging to my father as a holiday house (I must admit his holiday house is much better than my mother’s crummy old shack) in my fathers holiday house there is 3 levels.

the basement for my father as his ‘man cave’.

the ground floor consists of the kitchen, the lounge room, the downstairs toilet, a guest room, the family room with an adjoining games room.

the second level consist of 2 bedrooms (tessa’s and another guest room), a suit for father and step-mum and a separate bathroom.

The top floor is my room with an adjoining bathroom complete with a Jacuzzi and a sauna plus to top it all off a glass roof so I could see the night sky (I love it). The only reason I got top floor was because he was afraid I would tell child support about the pool with no fence.

and my favorite part of the whole house is the SPIRAL STAIRCASE.

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