dont tell

a mysterious secret hidden behind the perfect smile

Hey im Jamie, im not exactly the one to introduce myself but i decided that i should make friends again. I'm different in plenty of ways; first my hair and eyes changed colour it went from black to white and brown to blue, second I have a secret that only one person knows about.... that person just happens to be the famous Niall Horan from One Direction.....


15. the angel

when I get to the room I see her and she looked horrible, her skin was red as fire and she was in tears 'uugggghhhhh, do you guys really hate me that much?' I see her yell from the window. She rubbed her face and instantly ran in to make sure she was okay 'owwww!!' she yells and closes her eyes, so she wouldn't be able to see me... I needed to use this to my advantage if I want to get in her good books

'you really shouldn't do that' I say in a groggy voice, damn I blew it already. I mentally face palm myself before she yells no and pushes her sensitive skin under the stiff sheets.

I walk closer feeling her pain and sharing her feelings 'Jamie, you really don't have to be worried' I whisper to her, I don't even know if she herd me I just really needed to say that

'yes I do' her voice was weak but I could hear the sorrow from it.

I reach out and take the top of the covers into my hand slowly lifting it to see the most perfect girl I have ever seen, even if she was burnt I don't care, aas long as I'm with her I'm complete I turn her chin up 'no you don't' I hug her to me and all that was going through my head at that moment was the dream I have been having....

---- reoccurring dream-------

'I had to do it, he made me do it' Amber yells at me in her angelic white clothes. Her wings hung from her back, suspended as if there was no gravity, white as doves with shimmering baby blue tips.

'who made you do it?' I ask, my voice sounding hoarse and drunken compared to hers

'him' she points to the ground and an image appeared. There was a teen in jail, banging on the cell bars and singing a song that I knew well.....

'you have gone and so effortlessly

You have won

you can go ahead, tell them

Tell them all I know now

Shout it from the roof tops

Write it on the sky line

All we had is gone now, just because I killed you.....' he had invented a whole new meaning to the term 'dirty rat'

'MAKE IT STOP. PLEASE HELP US!!' Amber yelled at me

'I can try, I will try. I don't care if I have to kill him.. you will be alright' I go to hug her but she falls through my arms screaming, saying she didn't want to go back there...

That's when I wake up sweating and panting

----end dream------

'Jamie?, Jamie are you okay' her sister says pulling a weird face as Jamie turns into the girl from my dreams... her dark hair turns white blond at the roots and grows outwards until the blond is covering her normal hair colour and it continues to grow until it reaches the bottom of her back, her burnt red skin turned pale white but it was glowing beauty from what I could see.

Her eyes were the most interesting because they weren't just a pale blue but they had dark fringes at the edge, like the darkness could still take over at any point in time. I pick up the mirror that is on the bedside table and pass it to Amber.. Jamie... whoever she is now.

She gasps and says 'I'm sorry before she tries to leave me but I follow, now that she knows herself I will follow her into battle any day

'I was wondering why I called you Amber, your from my dreams Amber, your the reason I'm alive today' I light up and go in for my chance but I get rejected when she says

'ugh, so cliché' she turns the water on for a shower but before she can get in she shivers and drops to the floor, curling up into a ball she starts singing 'How To Save a Life' by The Fray 'go away' she yells at no one in particular so I start to back away 'GO AWAY MITCHEL' the edges of her eyes are going darker and lighter as if they don't know what to do 'please leave me alone' she shivers again and I yell for help..

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