dont tell

a mysterious secret hidden behind the perfect smile

Hey im Jamie, im not exactly the one to introduce myself but i decided that i should make friends again. I'm different in plenty of ways; first my hair and eyes changed colour it went from black to white and brown to blue, second I have a secret that only one person knows about.... that person just happens to be the famous Niall Horan from One Direction.....


11. mitchel?

“Niall I can’t believe you still have my number after you got famous I assumed you wouldn’t talk to me” I say hoping he would just hang up  

“How could I forget my bestie?” bestie? WTF he left me  

“Umm… this isn’t really a good time Niall” I say wanting him to go away because if Stan found out I was talking to someone let alone a boy ide be dead  

“Should I call back later?” he asks  

“I don’t think you should call back at all, I have to go now” and I hung up; I knew that him being famous wasn’t expecting someone to hang up on him. Seconds after I sat back on the couch Stan walks in  

“hey babe I’m sorry I just love you so much” he said hugging me, he pulled away and kissed me but it wasn’t passionate like it normally was it was forced but on my part “is something wrong?” he asked obviously feeling the difference  

“No I’m fine” I say and I smile at him   He starts to run his hands all over me cupping my breast as he goes I shift uncomfortably and he starts to pull down my shorts “babe no not today” I say  

“Yes today I’m feeling it” he laughs and stops being romantic forcing my top off and pulling my panties down. Just as he undoes my bra I hear the door  

“Babe I’ll get it” I say hooking up my bra and pulling my clothes on  

“Fine but I’ll be waiting for you here” he says unhooking my ankle. When I open the door I see Niall Horan he looks just like he did years ago and he gasps  

Niall’s P.O.V

We got there and I hoped she still lived here from when she moved the first time as I knock on the door I held my breath, when she opened the door I gasped so loud that if Harry hadn’t turned up the stereo so loud he would of heard it  

“Hey are you okay?” I ask her  

“You shouldn’t be here” she says smoothing down her hair, why is she acting like this?  

“I wanted to see if you were okay” I say with a concerned voice  

“I’m fine” was all she said before she tried to slam the door on my face “can you move your foot” she said with anger in her voice but her eyes betrayed her and as I looked deeper into the I saw she was just afraid  

“Come with me?” I say, I think that’s what she needs to get away from here  

“I can’t I need to be here” she says basically pleading so I grab her hand and pull her towards the car, she pulls back but stays quiet.    

Harry comes over and asks “Niall what are you doing lad?”  

“we need to get her out of here” I stop and look him in the eyes “I’m serious” he must of notice that she was special to me because he grabbed her other hand and helped me get her into the car  

Jamie’s P.O.V

When we got home I told dad that I have a friend over he said he didn’t mind but she would have to sleep in my room because we were getting the guest room renovated I didn’t mind mine was big enough and I didn’t use my bed anyways “so this is my room” I say opening the door and her jaw dropped, I mean it was dropped the whole way through the house but this made it go to a whole new level  

“Whoa” was all she said before she ran around screaming “this is amazayn”  

“Amazayn?” I ask confused  

“A one direction thing” she stated before she returned jumping on my bed  

“So do you like one direction?” I ask trying to make conversation  

“Yeah their amazayn” she says laying down facing me  

“I’m guessing you like Zayn?”  

“Yea he is sooo hot” I laughed soo hard at this I started crying

“OMG, omg. Stop. Stop it” I say calming down “dude your 12 you do not know the definition of hot”  

“Yes I do its Zayn” she says trying to make a joke and all I can do is literally ROFL (Roll on Floor Laughing) soon she joins me  

“Well guess who I met at work just before I came to your store?”  

She screamed before I could tell her it was one direction, well I guess she already knew, “ARE YOU TELLING ME ONE DIRECTION WENT TO YOUR WORK, YOU GOT TO SEE THEM LIVE?”  

“yea and I got to serve them, their right when they say Harry’s the flirt…” abain she cuts me off  


“yea that’s about right” when I think about that I remember Niall’s sweet smile and the way his voice was so smooth  

“OMGG I HAVE TO TWEET THIS” she said, no, yelled as she got out her phone  

“I’ll be back soon” I say as I walk into the bathroom shutting and locking the bathroom doors I start to cry “why, why did you do that to me. Why did you have to take me Mitchel. WHYYY” I scream but when I realise what I said I stood up and started the shower, I walked in the hot water stinging my skin but I let it, I was still fully clothed all I did was crouch there and rocked myself. I must of fallen asleep because I woke in the hospital “what happened?” I asked anyone who would listen  

My dad turned around and said in a very concerned voice “you locked yourself in the bathroom and fell asleep in the shower. We tried to get you out by knocking and yelling because you had been in there for quite a while but you didn’t answer, we got worried and called an ambulance because we don’t have a key and we thought you were hurt. When they opened the door you were under boiling water, you only have 1st degree burns but if you were in there any longer It could have been a lot worse”

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