dont tell

a mysterious secret hidden behind the perfect smile

Hey im Jamie, im not exactly the one to introduce myself but i decided that i should make friends again. I'm different in plenty of ways; first my hair and eyes changed colour it went from black to white and brown to blue, second I have a secret that only one person knows about.... that person just happens to be the famous Niall Horan from One Direction.....


16. hes back

Everyone rushes in and I'm pushed away from where her body lays but I try and try to get but the people keep coming... 'Amber, where are you!!' I see a white glow and the people start backing away.

I see her rise as I walk towards her 'Niall, what's going on?' she looks panicked and freaked out

'just stay calm Amber' I try to sooth her but the light gets brighter

'DON'T CALL ME AMBER' the light blinds me and I fall to the floor, everyone else did the same

'I'm sorry' I say weakly before I black out and wake up still in the bathroom.

'Niall? Are you okay?' I hear Jamie ask

'yea, just a bit loose in the head' I tug at my hair a little, like I'm forgetting something...

'I'm so sorry' she reaches out and touches my arm, sending shocks throughout it

'what are you sorry for?' my eyes search for the answer in hers

'you mean you don't remember?' she looks so close to tears and all I want to do is pull her to me but I'm sure I'll get rejected again

'no, not at all. What happened?' I reach out and hold a hand to her head 'do you need to sit sown?'

'no, I should be alright' she was pale, she was already kinda pale but now it's like she was a ghost.

The word left her mouth before her jaw went slack ad she fell to the floor 'Amber!' I pull her up into my arms 'what's wrong? What's wrong Amber?' I look around for help but everyone is passed out 'how the--' I push my arms under her back and legs until I can pick her up without her slipping off.

I walk over to her hospital bed and lay her down in it, her head lolls to the side so it was pointing away from me. I roll her head back and kiss her soft lips 'please get better' I reach for her hand and feel a slight heart beat, although it was racing really fast.


The door flies open and a boy with dark hair and brown eyes 'WHERE IS SHE?' he calls but he sounded dangerous.

I pull the covers up over Ambers head and stand in front of her 'where is who?' I say fake crying

'oh, I'm sorry... What's happened here?' he walks forward and holds out a hand 'my names Mitchel' he sounds nice now but I have already seen how angry he could get.

I break down into body rocking sobs 'MUM'S DIED' I fall into his arms and he holds me, obviously looking over my shoulder trying to see who is under the blanket. I pull him to the door and tell him that he needs to leave and that I “need to be alone with her for a minute”

Slamming the door on his face I turn back to the bathroom and try to wake a couple of doctors 'WAKE UP!' I call into their ears, but no one answered...

I walk back over to Ambers side just in time because she starts moving her arms to push the covers off as I take the blanket off of her head 'are you okay?'

she turns her head away but I pull her chin back to me only to see that she was crying. My instinct kicked in and I instantly hugged her.

She felt warm against my chest, her heart beating in time with mine. I whisper into her ear trying to soften my breath so I don't make her feel uncomfortable. Her tears were silent and all I could do was let them fall onto my shirt.

I could hear her whispering something but I couldn't understand it, she just kept on repeating it over and over.

'are you okay?' by the time her body was still it had been at least an hour. She hadn't replied 'Amber, are you okay?' I tilt her head up and see her eyes closed, she must have fallen asleep here.

I try to tuck her in bed but she refused to let me go so I climb in and lay down next to her. She lays her head on my chest and I pull the covers over us both, her hand snakes around me and pulls me in close.

I kiss the top of her head and whisper goodnight before I fall sleep next to the girl of my dreams, quite literally.



hey guys XD I really hope you liked this chapter, I have been kinda distracted but.... Meh!

I got it done and I should be starting the next one soonish but I'm really tired and all I want to do is watch my anime and go to bed *YAWN *

Night guys!!!

love from Jess (Jenty_blue XD)

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