dont tell

a mysterious secret hidden behind the perfect smile

Hey im Jamie, im not exactly the one to introduce myself but i decided that i should make friends again. I'm different in plenty of ways; first my hair and eyes changed colour it went from black to white and brown to blue, second I have a secret that only one person knows about.... that person just happens to be the famous Niall Horan from One Direction.....


17. ben

Jamie's/Amber's P.O.V


The sheets rustle and I open one eye to see someone getting in my bed... and another and another and another. Soon all the boys were laying beside me and they could hardly fit.

'ugh, stop squeezing me doughnut. I love you... why do you look so good.. mmmmm sprinkles, yes please' Niall said moving closer to me and further from the others.

I can hear Louie giggling at Niall an Harry was still shuffling to get comfortable. I was laying in the middle with harry on my left and Louis after him, Niall was on my right and Zayn was smushed against him with Liam behind him. A snore drifted from Zayn's lips and I knew he wasn't getting up any time soon.

'Harry?' I whisper, trying to make conversation with one boy and hoping the rest wouldn't hear

'yea babes' he said in his deep husky voice dripping with sleep and I could tell he was drifting in and out of sleep, I slightly turn to look at him and I see those emerald green eyes everyone loves so much

'why are you guys here?' my eyes were watering. I never thought someone would care about me this much, I also didn't think I was some sort of freak. But things change

'we're here because you need us. You should be grateful, we cancelled a concert for you' he wipes the tears from my cheek and lays his arm across me giving me a reassuring squeeze

'Holey crap Jamie!' someone yells from the door, I lay on my side and prop my head up enough to see me brother standing at the door, rugged hair and in his favourite jeans.

All he could see was the amount of boys in my bed, not who they were 'calm down Ben, they're just friends' he walks over to me and sees Niall's hands still holding me close to him

'yea, they look like just friends' he said angrily as he turned to walk out Harry spoke up

'Hey! We're here because you weren’t. We are her knew brothers alright? We took your place because you don't care enough about her.' he shot daggers at Ben with his usually flirtatious eyes 'You got fired for crappy behaviour and letting her get hurt' Harry was scaring me his voice was so deep and frustrated

'Harry calm down' I touch his arm and it tenses under me.

Ben was standing there, eyes wide and in shock. 'Tha-- that’s Harry from One direction' he practically collapsed into the chair next to my bed

Harry was still shooting daggers when Lou said 'Hazza lay down, your in my way' tugging at Harry's arm

'and that's Lou—Louis from One direction' he was now stumbling over his words and rubbing his temples 'how many pop stars do you have in that bed Jamie?' his eyes were still wide but getting wider, if that's possible, when Zayn turned over to face him 'holey crap Jamie' he repeated

'like I said. They're my friends' Niall takes his time opening his eyes and leaning up to kiss me. Perfect timing Niall I think to myself.

'morning Amber' he said looking into my eyes 'oh I mean Jamie.... I guess your back' he looked disappointed that I had changed back to normal

'he's more then a friend' I blush to my brother

'why did he call you Amber?' he shot daggers at Niall

'Ben, you've been here 5 minutes, you don't get to criticise my friends and...' what do I call Niall? He was more than a friend but definitely not a boyfriend. But before I could say the rest Niall turns to Harry and asks

'are we meeting the family?' he looks like a lost puppy

'yea, it's just the jackass brother though' Harry flips his curls to get them out of his eyes and lays back down

Niall turns to Ben and almost chokes 'Ben?!' how does Niall know Ben?

'Niall! What are you doing here mate?' Ben tries to look casual but I could tell he was majorly fangirling

'wow' was all he got out

'Ben can you leave now?' I ask

'mum asked me to come, she's in hospital as well' he looks pained

'how? What's wrong?' I stumble over the boys and neither Liam or Zayn wake up and I'm glad, I don't want any more trouble with these boys

'she--- she's really sick, they don't know what it is. They don't even know if she'll make it. She's been saying your name... calling you her little angel' he sighs and steps back 'she's really loosing it Jamie' he runs a hand through his hair like he usually does when he's stressed ' I don't know what I can do' I walk over to him and hug him

'It's going to be okay Ben. Everything is going to be alright' a tear falls from my eye and falls onto his shirt. He pulls me closer to him and kisses the top of my head 'It's okay' I whisper, I didn't know who I was trying to convince me or him.

I feel arms elope me and Ben and I can smell all of the boys surrounding us. Lou calls 'group hug!' I laugh once and pull my shocked brother to me 'I think I should go see mum' Ben says pulling away

'I'll come' I pull on my green and black jacket and grab Ben's hand, we haven't held hands since kindergarten, but he still pulls me out the door while the boys follow swiftly behind.

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