dont tell

a mysterious secret hidden behind the perfect smile

Hey im Jamie, im not exactly the one to introduce myself but i decided that i should make friends again. I'm different in plenty of ways; first my hair and eyes changed colour it went from black to white and brown to blue, second I have a secret that only one person knows about.... that person just happens to be the famous Niall Horan from One Direction.....


13. Amber

Start flashback  

5th period went so fast that day when I walked out of the class room I saw Mitchel casually walking over to me and I saw most of the girls turn to look at him, he was the second hottest in the school and I am glad to have him as I wasn’t the most popular in the class but I was laid back and he liked that about me, I run up to him and jump at him saying “bbbaaaaaaaabbbbbbbyyyyyyy” as he spins me.  

“how are you this fine day?, you didn’t answer me at lunch” he pouted curving his lip down, he even looked hot like this  

“I'm good, how are you?” I say acting posh  

“couldn't be better, would you like me to walk you home this evening?” he says holding out his hand for me to take  

“hmm yes, thank you love” I say grabbing his hand and giggling. We run most of the way home trying to race but he wins every time, when we finally see the house he picks me up (bridal style) and runs home, we barge in the door and my mum and dad look like Im a robber before they crack up laughing. I wonder what they are laughing at so I look up to look at Mitch and see him pull his amazing funny face, I burst out laughing, he looks down at me and throws me over his shoulder yelling  

“did you just laugh at me little Missy?” probably saying it with a smirk on his face  

“put me down!!” I yell back at him now that we are In my room  

“okay” he says smacking me down on my comfy bed

“but as long as you give me kissies”  

“hmm that’s a tough one” I say turning my head but he grabs my head and forces down on me kissing me roughly I bite his lip saying into his mouth “no, stop. MITCHEL STOP please” almost crying now I was pleading with him while he tied me up asking him to stop “please Mitchel I love you, please stop” I ask that was the only time he hesitated before he continued unzipping his pants when he put a gag in my mouth I screamed……….  

I was awake for the whole thing, ALL of it, before he went downstairs. He walked right in front of my mother after raping me, and grabbed the bleach he came back up and poured it down my throat making me choke and gag “no, no, stop” was all I gurgled before he was out the door.  

Then the light’s when black  

End flashback  

'when can I get out of here?' I ask turning to Finley

'the doctor said you will have to stay here for at least a week, just to cool you down' she reached for my hand but pulled back when she looked at it


'how bad do I look?' I chuckle and wince as the pain shoots through my face 'ugh, my face hurts'

Finley runs to the bathroom and grabs a mirror, she hands it to me and I brace myself for shock 'holey crap!' I exclaim 'how can you guys look at me I'm hideous' I throw the mirror down onto the bedside table

'oh and I tweeted Harry and told him you got hurt' she smiles awkwardly at me 'he said Niall's on his way'

'Guggenheim, do you guys really hate me that much?' I wipe my hand across my face and instantly regret it 'owwww!!' I yell

'you really shouldn't do that' I hear an unbelievably sexy voice say

'no!!' I yell and bury myself under the covers, I ignore the pain as I try to make myself wake from this horrible dream

'Jamie, you really don't have to be worried' he said and I could hear him approaching

'yes I do' I say, my voice muffled from the rough cotton fabric as it grazes across my sensitive skin.

He pulls back the covers and lifts my head until I'm looking into his clear blue eyes 'no you don't' he says hugging me to him and I couldn't feel any pain at all

'Jamie?, Jamie are you okay' I hear the panic in Finley's voice. Niall pulls away and hands me the mirror.

I gasp at the sight of myself, my skin was glowing white, as was my hair and my eyes were a shimmering blue 'I'm sorry' I say getting up and walking into the bathroom. Niall follows and shimmies into the bathroom with me

'I was wondering why I had called you Amber, your from my dreams Amber, your the reason I'm alive today' he smiled and leaned in to kiss me

'ugh, so cliche' I walk away from him and turn on the water to the shower

'you can be so difficult sometimes baby' I hear a husky voice whisper in my ear and I instantly curl up into a ball and shimmy into a corner

'go away, GO AWAY MITCHEL' I yell and someone brushes a hand up my thigh 'please, leave me alone'

'Someone get in here' I hear a voice yell before my body goes into shock and I sink into the darkness once again


'Omg, Jamie are you there?' I hear Finley yell into my ear

'go away Finley!' I yell at her

'wake up' she says shaking me

'noooo' I turn and find myself wrapped in my bedsheets instead of those rough ones back at the hospital 'huh?, how did we get back home?' I look around and see a half asleep boy on my couch.

My eyes go straight to Finley and she giggles 'I told you he was hot'

Zayn sits his head up and looks to me 'wow you really did change' he smirked and went back to sleeping.

Changed? What does he mean?, I try to get up but my head spins and Finley slips her hand into mine 'Finley can you he--'

'sure I can help' she winks at Zayn and helps me get up and into the bathroom. There was still water everywhere and I didn't have a door any more, thanks to the fire brigade, but I still screamed when I saw what I looked like in my impossibly large mirror.

Niall rushes in and pulls me into his arms 'It's okay, are you okay?' he rests his chin on my head and I feel safe

'um.. yea I'm fine, you know, because turning into this is completely NORMAL' I yell at him. I know he was just trying to help but I really couldn't give in so easily

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