dont tell

a mysterious secret hidden behind the perfect smile

Hey im Jamie, im not exactly the one to introduce myself but i decided that i should make friends again. I'm different in plenty of ways; first my hair and eyes changed colour it went from black to white and brown to blue, second I have a secret that only one person knows about.... that person just happens to be the famous Niall Horan from One Direction.....


9. Ali

My first step into the pet store was greeted by animals screeching and growling and any other thing that they might do, my second step was greeted by Finley, a small girl that is 12 (almost exactly 2 years younger than me my birthday is on the 20th of October her’s is on the 19th of October) she has blond hair and is really chubby and I love her for it, running up to me and hugging me I hesitate for a second before I hold her tighter in my arms and close my eyes thinking about how when I was younger mum and dad were still together and mum used to pick me up and spin me around holding me close I would breath in her smell and hoped I would do that to my daughter.      

“Heyy Finley” i said feeling my t-shirt getting wet I notice she was crying on my stomach so I pick her up and make her look at me “What’s wrong baby girl?”    

“It’s papa … … … h..He’s in he m...might have CANCER” the last bit she yelled out because it looked like she was angry    

“Shhh its ok Finley I've got you... who are you staying with?” I ask whispering into her ear trying to calm her thinking that if i whispered she would match my tone    

“I told them that I would stay with my mother”    

“But isn’t your mom dead” I ask    

“Yes but they didn’t ask me that when they let me go” she replied calming down    

As she starts to sob again probably because I brought up her mother’s death, her mother was a very sweet woman but she died because her heart failed whilst she was asleep “it’s okay you can come stay with  me”        

I barely finish before her eyes light up and she smiles from ear to ear, she always thought of me as her big sister or step mom. Grabbing some cat food I hold out my hand and she grabs it we were just about to walk out the door when she said “I’ll just lock up before we go okay?” rather happily im glad I make her feel happy even though her father is dying    

“Okay I’ll wait until you finish” I say in an unsure voice    

While waiting I notice a black jeep pulling into the supermarkets across the road “what’s wrong with me?” I ask mentally shaking myself I feel like im obsessed with them… well mainly Niall. I remember his face as if im looking at a photo of him and those amazing sea blue eyes with green near his iris like they were attracted to it, and I know how that feels. GOD what am I thinking, I am NOT attracted to Niall Horan.      

Niall’s P.O.V         

After we ate we went shopping in Harry’s car but me and Zayn stayed in the car he talked to Perrie and I just sat there looking out the window when I see her again, she looked so worried about something and all I wanted to do was go over there and hold her in my arms making her forget everything that is going on around us, she walks back in and walks out with a small girl holding her hand was this her sister or her daughter or something, no she was to young and responsible to have a daughter I would be surprised if she had even had sex, wait why am i thinking like this im not normally so rude .    

We went back to the house and I went straight to my room, collapsing on my bed, I didn’t feel like seeing anyone, I heard a soft knock on the timber wood of my door, and obviously someone wanted to see me “what?” I ask even to myself I sounded tired and depressed. “Hey are you okay? Ni Ni” I hear Louie ask    

“Yea im fine” I say half heartedly    

“Really you haven’t eaten since the interview” Lou says as he walks to my bed where I am lying face down on my pillow    

“yea I know im just not really in the mood to eat right now” I mumble looking up from my pillow to see Louis’ sorrow filled eyes, when I see them I just let my head fall back down letting out a little sob    

“Hey don’t do that mate” Lou says patting my shoulder and shifting so he’s lying next to me looking up onto the roof at the glow in the dark stickers I put up there. With silent tears I shift so im also looking up thinking about the sky in Ireland, home, and how I used to lay out on my front lawn with ali my, best friend, imagining the story behind each one and how they were born. I haven’t talked to her since the x factor auditions, I hope she still remembers me, or even still talks to me I mean we were always best friends maybe she hates me because I left her.    

“maybe I should try to call ali” I think out loud    

“who’s ali?” lou ask’s    

“I swear ive told you about her” I say not believing myself    

“no I don’t thin..”    

“I guess I should” I say exited cutting him off “I’ll call her now” I jump off my bed to get the home phone    

“hey you gunna tell me bout her or what?” Lou yells as I skip out into the lounge room  

“NEVERRR” I laugh first going to the fridge before I get the phone, when I look into the lounge room I see Lou now jumping on Harry telling him that Mary was his, Liam was watching toy story and Zayn was probably in his room texting Perrie (he does that alot now days), I call her number and after the first ring she picks up    

“h…hello Stan is that you, please im soo sorry for what ever I, did take me back IM SOO SORRYYYYY” she sobs dragging out the ‘y’ she didn’t sound to good    

“woah Ali calm it sis, it’s me Niall, do you remember me?” I ask concern enveloping my voice, to hear that someone would hurt her like that would just be horrible. She was just so nice and beautiful, when I think that Jamie pop’s into my head, she was so nice that day (well not to Harry) and I just shake my head to flick that image of her away.    

“n…Niall?” she mumbles    

“yea hunni, its me I wanted to know if you wanted to come around?”    

“Niall I can’t believe you still have my number after you got famous I assumed you wouldn’t talk to me” she says    

“how could I forget my bestie?” I ask acting cute    

“umm… this isn’t really a good time Niall”    

“should I call back later?” I ask    

“I don’t think you should call back at all” as soon as the words left her mouth I felt the wind get knocked out of me “I have to go now” and the line went dead, maybe I should go to her house when she see’s me she will change her mind.    

So I got my coat and asked Harry if he could drive me to her place “she your princess or what?” he asks    

“no, she was… is my best friend, well I think she is, im not sure” I say really confused    

“oh…. Okay” Harry replies    

Harry’s P.O.V    

Louis was still going on about how Mary was his I really didn’t care I had my eye on someone else. When Niall came up and asked if I could take him to a girls house I said yes for two reasons

1)      I wanted to get away from lou and his obsession (not that I don’t love him, I do very much, but man that guy can be annoying)

2)      Because this girl could be Niall’s GIRLFRIEND!! And I had to meet her just to get an idea of her I asked as we were walking to the door “she your princess or what?”    

“no, she was… is my best friend, well I think she is, im not sure” he replies obviously unsure with what they were to each other    

“oh…. Okay” I say weakly    

The rest of the way was just awkward, Niall just kept looking out the window and sighing, soon we get to the address he gave me and he asks me to wait in the car I look out the front window and turn the radio up, MKTO classic was playing when she opened the door, her cheeks were puffed up from obvious crying, her eyes red and her hair messy but she was still beautiful to me.

I wonder what her name could be?



hey guys im sorry all my chapters are so short im not very good at writing and im sorry i dont update everyday like some of you do i dont go on very often


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