Im In Love With A Stranger

18 Year Old Vanessa Has Just Moved To London With Her Best Friend, Kelly. After Work, And Partying, A specific Guy Catches Her Eye, And She catches it all a joke? or will Vanessa finally find love.


6. Niall's Princess

Vanessa's POV

I Was Startled From My Phone.

I Had A Text From Niall.

From: CrazyMofo(Niall)

How About I PIck Up Nialler's Princess And Treat Her To Lunch?


I Was His Princess, I Smiled

To: CrazyMofo(Niall):

Sure Hun. Pick Me Up:)


Harry Had Dropped Me Off At Home, He Had Work.

But I Missed Him Already ..

As I Walked The Kitchen I Found A Note.

I Feel Butterflies When Im With You. See You Later, Ill Stay The Night Babe.

Your My Princess Ill Treat You The Right Way. Be Mine . 

XxXHarry:) <3

After Spending Time With Niall, I Went Home And Ordered Pizza.

and Suddenly i Had A Text

From: Harry:)

Hey Babe On My Way. :)


I Blushed Hard core ,

To: Harry:)

Kay Babe , And Yes I Will Be Your Girlfriend.


he came in and handed me flowers and kissed my cheek. i looked at him,, and grabbed his  head and kissed his lips deep and passionate.

"Whoa.....Babe......Next Level...." He said Between Breaths.

I Smiled. 

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