Im In Love With A Stranger

18 Year Old Vanessa Has Just Moved To London With Her Best Friend, Kelly. After Work, And Partying, A specific Guy Catches Her Eye, And She catches it all a joke? or will Vanessa finally find love.


1. Moving To London

Vanessa's POV-

Great! Moving to London. Ugh I'm tired, but Kelly picked our flight to be 5am. 

I got out of bed and got dressed. I was in the middle of doing my make up when Kelly Busts In.

"Goooooooooooood Morning Nessa, Ready for London!?" Kelly said in her perky voice.

I groaned and nodded. We had everything pretty much packed.

(Off to London!)

"Oh My Gosh Nessa,  Imagine all the hotties..." Kelly Had to go on and on...

"Ugh That Nickname" i mumbled. 

"what?" Kelly Said With Concern.

"Nothingggg" I Replied Fast as she went back to ranting.

(Arrive in London)

"Omigosh, Its HEAVEN! Im In LOVE" Kelly Jumped up and down.

"Calm Down, You'll Scare The Neighbors" I Joked.

Which guessing by the pissed off look on kelly's face, she Didn't find that funny. jeessh where's her sense of humor.

When we got to the condo we agreed to share, we stood wide eyed. wow it was GORGEOUS!!

After unpacking, I jumped into bed.

"Night Kelly!!" I yelled while running up stairs.


(The Next Morning)

I decided it was best to find a job. I went out and found a Starbucks looking to hire ]...

"U-Uh Hi, Im Vanessa Taylor. Are you hiring?" i felt awkward.

He Turned Around and smiled those blue eyes shined. "yes we are Love.....Im Niall Horan"

"Oh Um Great! Can I Get A Job?" i blushed once again feeling dumb.

"Of Course!! Your Hired, Im The Boss" He Smiled

"Thank You" I Said Shyly.

"So Your New Here, In London?" He Asked

"Yep!" I Smiled

After work, i started to walk home.

"Vanessa!! Hop in" A familiar voice yelled.

"Niall? Okay."

i hesitated to get in and he noticed, "come on Darling, i wont bite" He chuckled.

he drove me home, and i could feel him glancing at me..

"Thanks, Your Sweet" I Said as i got out.

"See You At work beautiful" he smiled and waved goodbye.   

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