Im In Love With A Stranger

18 Year Old Vanessa Has Just Moved To London With Her Best Friend, Kelly. After Work, And Partying, A specific Guy Catches Her Eye, And She catches it all a joke? or will Vanessa finally find love.


13. Dont. Worry. About It.

Vanessa's POV

After leaving Harry's place, i decided to text him. ask him about-Nicole.

To: Harry:)

What Is Nicole to you?


From: Harry:)

My Ex. Why

To: Harry

Because She clearly sees you more then that.


i know i was acting immature, but i needed to know

From: Harry

its not like that, do you not trust me enough when i tell you its nothing!?

oh great now hes mad at ME.

To: Harry

I do. i really do trust you. i just idk! OKay!?


he was turning it on me, hes mad at me now.

From: Harry

whatever. im coming over.

i didn't know what to say.


Harry's POV

Vanessa acted as if i kissed Nicole. its not my fault Nicole is obsessed with me, wont leave me alone, and happens to be my ex.

i didn't ask for this. i love Vanessa. i decided to just go over to Vanessa, get this over with. i have yet to give her a reason to not trust me. i settled down, no more parties, one night stands. nothing all for her!!

I showed up to Vanessa's place. when i got there she lead me upstairs to her room. she asked me to stay the night, i accepted. but im sleeping on the couch.


A/N : I Know Short, But Next Chapter Will Be Better. Keep Reading Ninja Warriors :D

XxXMelanie Out .

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