Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


6. Where's Koato?

When we got back to camp Koato's brother's were looking for him. They asked everyone if they had seen him but everyone hates Koato and said no they had not seen him. Then they asked us and it was so hard to lie to Alez and Helop. Those were the only ones who cared. I finally told him the truth. He didn't yell or scream or try to kill me or Jazon but only well laughed then he cried and laughed some more, I was so shocked by his reaction. I thought he would be sad or at least angry.
Jazon was as shocked by this as I was. We led him to where we dumped him but he was gone then Natalia came and smiled,


"I have him princess. He's safe with me I promise," Its not that I didn't trust her it was that I was worried he'd break the oxygen spell she put on his room and him.


"Okay Natalia I believe you just keep him safe. Does the seer see any battles or evil?"


"Yes Madame Devolian wants me to tell you that an army of witches and werewolves and vampires plan on fighting you in a fortnight."


"Of course we lose our best fighter now?"


"I'll give him back for the battle. I promise on my mother's trench grave."


"Alright I'll see you later Natalia." Since I was the only one who could speak mermish no one knew what I was talking about.


"She has Koato, he's safe. We have to prepare for a battle its in two weeks."


"Okay the mermaids have Koato and they know of a land battle?" spoke up Helop.


"Yes, they have a seer Madame Devolian."


"I've heard of her before, she's predicted a lot of battles that we ended up winning." Spoke Alez


We decided to go back to camp and tell everyone and since the camp is huge we broke into teams and Jazon went to the bender part of camp, I went to multi's part of camp and Helop and Alez went to everything else. It didn't take as long as expected but I really thought to get through two billion magical creatures it would take a whole lot longer than it did. It was now dinner time so I guess it took a while.


The only thing anybody could think about was the upcoming battle. I was really nervous training started tomorrow and I was the general of sorts or I could be Lincoln for the civil war I guess. I think Alez would be my first in command since he's done so much like this. Jazon was jealous but really this was life or death we're talking about! It came down to three days until the battle Jazon was really nervous I could tell he wouldn't stop saying I love you and when I didn't answer right away, he freaked out saying some other guy had stolen my attention away when really it was the battle. I explained this to him but he wouldn't listen when I went over strategies with Alez he accused me of having an affair when we weren't married number one and number 2 I only see Alez as a brother nothing more or less. Finally one day I had enough of this nonsense so I sat him down and told him this;


"Jazon I love you with all my heart. I would fight everything to get to you if someone hurt you I'd hurt them. If you cry I cry. If you die I die. If your mad I'm mad. If your jealous I'm jealous.If you hurt I hurt. So please baby I love you and only you please please stop this its getting in the way of my work I can't win this war if I'm constantly feeling guilty for not saying I love you 24/7."


"I'm so sorry Sirena I should've known your feelings I'm so sorry baby I love you so much."


"I know you do Jazon." I walked out of our tent and went to see how training was doing. Helop and his twin were in charge of this and it seemed to be going well. Everyone was improving their talents or learning hand to hand combat how to use a bow and arrow and of course a gun. Helop didn't like guns but they took down a witch and with a silver bullet a werewolf. I needed wooden bullets for the vampires.

Finally it was the day of the battle the mermaids didn't say what time so we got up extra early and warmed up so we wouldn't be tired the look outs went to the trees and on the dragons. Yes dragons. We only have five in the camp and I got to name them I decided to name them after my favorite singers.

1) Avril Lavigne

2) Adam Levine

3) Blake Shelton

4) Christina Aguilera

5) Bruno Mars

I know funny names for dragons but come on I needed a little piece of home. A couple hours later I heard the signal I told everyone to move out and we did.

The witch army wasn't huge and they were scared. The weres and vamps only added a couple thousand and we were in the billions. So needless to say we won. And we had tasty werewolf soup stuffed with witch dumplings. I know it sounds cannibalistic but its not. Trust me.

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