Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.



Everyone in the camp was super excited. We only lost one creature and I'm sorry to announce that it was Alez. I'm super bummed out. Jazon could care less, but really who could blame him? Him and his brothers chased us because they wanted to protect us, but they couldn't explain this to us? I mean seriously. I miss Alez and Koato because Natalia took him back to the bottom of the lake.  Jazon well he was being Jazon.


Since I couldn't talk to Alez anymore I decided to promote Helop to first in command. Jazon still bummed that he wasn't my first but decided it was for the best after what happened to Alez. I still wanted to go home but after what happened to us and after the battle I needed to stay I needed to protect my people so until they were safe, until the witches get it through their thick magical skulls  that they won't win this war I won't go home, I won't sleep, I will protect them and I won't back down.


Okay since Jazon is still mad about me choosing Helop over him for first in command I'm not talking to him maybe he's right, he is a jerk but I love him. I miss my family I know shut up about your friggin family unless your going to explain what it is your missin'. But I don't know how to explain I've lived in Nashville all my life and with my mom since my daddy died. I have no brothers or sisters. Its just me and mom unless Jazon is there or a bunch of friends. God I missed them. I missed my friends like a lot, my best friend who wrote that song for me, Layla Smith she always knew how to make me laugh and to make me feel better. She never liked Jazon but not a lot of people do. She's really talented too. She loves to write and draw, she's not a bad painter either.


My mother is amazing,


Ever since my dad died she's tried to make the best of things. She gave everything I ever wanted and what do I do? I run off with my boyfriend and become the magical creatures princess. I never left a note or made a phone call to explain but I'm sure dad explained some of it, but sometimes I wondered why my father knew and my mother didn't it was like a giant conspiracy that no one could know besides me and daddy. But since he's dead maybe he left a secret not for mama like a last wish letter or a will. I could only wonder though because I couldn't contact her at all no reception or phone booths in a Black Forest. She must be worried sick but again as I said before I could only wonder what she may be feeling she could be jumping for joy or crying her eyes putting missing posters all over the big city.


Unlike everyone else in this camp I  couldn't enjoy this victory party. Everyone asked me to dance but Jazon knew better than that so I was left alone when no one was looking I made my way to my tent well more of a canvas palace to be exact. That's where I stayed for the rest of the week that turned into a month now I'm in a depression I can feel it seeking my very soul I can feel it because this is exactly what happened when daddy died.

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