Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


18. Untitled

Its been almost two weeks since that singing fest. Good news no new battles. Bad news still no sign of the mermaids. Which we were blind if another battle erupted. I sent water fay to search their kingdom they've been gone nearly seven days among them was Unta. Jazon often caught me pacing the living room late at night keeping water close to me, meditating Jazon was worried. I haven't really left the tent. I was worried about Natalia the one who fell in love with my Uncle Koato. Finally word came when I least expected it. I was in the middle of mucking ThunderStrikes stall when a scrawny messenger elf came up to me, of course I was covered in sweat and poop but who cares well maybe he did but didn't have the guts to say anything.

"Any word...uh I don't know your name there's so many of you."

"My-My name is Trevor miss. Serena."

"Okay Trevor. Any news?" I said leaning down like a kindergarten teacher,

"I'm not six I'm six hundred and two. And yes the one called Unta arrived a short while ago she said she must meet with you its urgent."

"Thank you. Her location?"

"Your tent."

"Thanks Trevor," I fought the urge to ruffle his hair and hit the shower. I redressed in my semi-casual dress, it was purple and had gold vines and roses running up the side I remained bare foot and placed my tiara on my head, I changed my hair to black and my eyes a tawny gold color. I was ready. I hoped nothing bad had happened I disappeared through the floor and landed on the couch. I crossed my legs at the ankles and waited for Unta to make her appearance. I didn't have to wait long she flew into the living room and sat on the bean bag chair. Flushed she caught her breath.

"Trevor said you were already here, did you go visit V?"

"I haven't seen him in seven freaking days Ser."

"I'm sorry. Well how are they? Are they there. Are they dead?"

"No their not there in body. But their spirits are freaking everywhere. Only one body which was alive was there. The oracle." 

"What about Natalia? She was close to my Uncle I just want to know if she's okay or dead."

"I didn't find her body or spirit. I'm sorry Ser." I took the news like I thought I would with Natalia gone, Koato was truly dead. I cried that's all I knew with facing death.

"Do you want me to get Jazon?" I nodded and she left and Jazon appeared at my side. She let herself out but not before giving me an apologetic hug and kiss on the cheek. After she was gone I collapsed into Jazon's arms.

"Natalia didn't make it. She's dead Jaz."

"You don't know that for sure. Maybe she's in hiding and we don't know who stole the Mermaid's bodies. Only we and a few good witches know mermaids sleep outside their bodies that's how they give prophecies."

"I know. Maybe someone's protecting them. The Oracle was the only one with body and spirit."

"Maybe whoever did it was afraid to touch her."

"Maybe." I cried some more and fell asleep on his chest.

When I woke up Jazon was combing his fingers through my hair, it was relaxing and he was humming 'She will me Loved' into 'You'll be in My Heart'. I couldn't help but smile a little my two favorite songs that explained our love. I hugged him and squeezed him so hard I went through him and solidified in the middle of his heart and twenty fifth vertebra. We both laughed but it felt really weird so I quickly fazed out of him and apologized

"Why are you apologizing? It was funny and the fact that no blood was lost is amazing don't apologize Serena."

"Okay I'd hug you but I might go through you again my emotions are out of wack so my powers are too. I have no idea how I even got my hair like this or this perfect."

"Serena your always perfect to me." Was he sweet talking me? Or flirting?

"Jaz are you flirting with me?"

"Is it working?"

"Depends on what your aiming for."

"Oh I was trying to make you smile. Is it working." I burst out laughing at the expression on his face it was a cross between the Joker and the clown from Zombie Land.

"Yes its working" I leaned down and kissed him."I'm going for a walk. Wanna come?"

"Sure I'll come for a walk, a simple innocent walk." He copied me!

"Really now your a copy-cat?"

"Sorry I forgot that your 'innocent walk' almost killed me and your mother."

"Please don't mention my mother,"

"Okay I'm sorry. I love you."

"I love you too," I started walking towards the lake. But then I remembered what my mother's ghost told me. "We have to move the camp. Somewhere where there's a lake, and caves and a clearing with plenty of room, and trees. Your dad said you can teleport places, since your also a reaper of souls. Could you go scouting?"

"Yep anything for you baby."

"Thanks babe." He popped out of view and I assembled what was left of the camp after the last battle. I was surprised at how few were left. But then remembered some were still searching for the Taken and the mermaids. I magically ampilified my voice so everyone could hear me and told them;

"WE ARE MOVING CAMP EVERYONE. IT'S TOO DANGEROUS HERE FOR US NOW. WE LEAVE AS SOON AS JAZON RETURNS WITH OUR NEW LOCATION. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND THIS DECISION IS FINAL. CARRY ON." I hopped down from my make shift podium and returned to my tent but Unta pounced and we walked arm in arm she had a Cheshsire cat grin on her face.

"What's up?"

"We found the bodies,"

"Of the mermaids?"

"Jazon just returned, they were in the Amazon. In this fresh water lake with caves and plenty of room and trees everywhere. So all we have to do is tell the spirits where their bodies are,"

"Okay any sign of Natalia?"

"She's the only mermaid who can teleport both her body and spirit at once...she's already there."

"Great I'll make the announcement tomorrow, Good night Unta."

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