Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


20. Toes

I got used to the fact that I had to follow Natalie around because she was still getting used to the fact of having legs instead of a tail. Many times I've caught her starring out into the water's abyss, searching for her former friends. I felt sorry for her really. If I would've known what color the Oracle's soul was supposed to be I would've stopped her from welcoming the human's soul so gladly. I blamed myself and Natalie blamed herself for being so stupid.

Jazon and Koato helped her as well, they taught her how to walk and do basic human things, but I had to teach how to use the bathroom. Jazon and Koato were in charge of battle training. All humans in the camp had a special talent. I knew that Natalie was a mermaid before hand but she did have a talent even then. She could tele-port both her body and soul to different places like Jazon. I was in charge of helping her bring out her talent. Natalie was regretting her decision everyday to receive the orb of blue. She gets frustrated each time she fails and it makes me feel bad because if I had known I could've stopped her. One day I had enough of her tantrums and held her by the shoulders.

"Natalie you need to stop it. You will never succeed if you don't stop getting so frustrated with yourself."

"I bet you never had this much problems Queen."

"Stop it Natalie I'm trying to help you!"

"So what? Is there a point to this? I'm a human!"

"I'm human!"

"You are far from human Serena! You have witch in you plus your father was immortal!"

"Natalie it took me months to get my powers in line. I still have trouble under emotional problems like losing someone I care deeply about."

"I'm sorry, I was quick to judge you Serena."

"It's alright Natalie, let's continue. Now close you're eyes and concentrate on the lake. Imagine yourself at the lake, kneeling down and looking into the deep abyss, imagine putting your fingers into the cool blue." as I said these instructions, Natalie disappeared. She was gone she had done it. She popped back a moment later.

"Serena I did it! Thank you! I'm going to surprise Koato!" she disappeared again. The sting of her bear hug lingering on my shoulders and back. I smiled to myself and went off to explore my new home. I realized I was only a few coastal miles from the island where my deceased parents met. I wish I could see it, to see the hotel where they stayed. I never have daydreamed this often before, not even when my father allegedly died did I daydream. But now I'm a teen aged Queen and I'm daydreaming like a middle school girl. I was so absorbed in my daydream that I did not notice Jazon come up behind me. He gently cleared his throat to alert me instead of just tapping me. I still jumped, he tried not to laugh at me but failed.

"Yes Jazon?"

"I just wanted to walk with my lovely lady."

"Oh well alright I was just daydreaming."

"What about exactly?"

"The fact that we are just miles from the island where my mama and dad met."

"Oh, too bad there was no possible way to get us there." I turned to face him and looked into his deep green eyes, and saw his mischievous smile spread a crossed his perfect face. He went to say something more, and I being to memerized to stop him let him continue. "You changed your eyes, there you're mother's eye color Sour Apple green."

"I didn't realize I did it. I must've automatically done it when I was thinking about her." Jazon wrapped his arms around my waist and I heard a pop and I was looking at the scene from the story my father used to tell me. The resort where my mom and dad met. When they were nineteen. I looked up into Jazon's eyes and whispered, "Thank you for this gift. It's beautiful here. Look there's the pool, and that's where my father and his brother's sat and saw my mom for the first time. I wish I could've seen this in person it must've been magical. Just to see them so young would be amazing. The dreams are too little to sustain my grief," I stopped talking Jazon didn't know of the dreams I had of my mom and dad. My prophecy dreams. I dreamt that on our wedding day there would be a battle and I foretold my own death. I felt a tear slide down my cheek to be caught in Jazon's cupped hand. I flinched because now Jazon could see why I was crying. 

He was silent, he was contemplating what he should say. Finally he spoke still holding on to me.

"Serena why didn't you tell me?"

"I'm sorry! I was so scared to see myself die."

"At least we'll be married. But this does not mean you will die it's just a dream-brought on by stress and grief."

"Your always so logical! Why can't you just face the fact that I'm going to die?"

"Because I love you! We've been through too much for it to end like this! Besides you can only die by your own magic, remember? So either a witch stole your magic or you...killed yourself."

"But why in the world would I commit suicide? I'm surrounded by people who need me, and a wonderful loving fiancee!"  He grabbed hold of me and we popped back to the Amazon. So much for our pre-honeymoon trip. Jazon released me and stormed off. I fell to the ground and held my knees. The tears that I had been holding in since the last battle escaped their prisons and drenched my face. I stayed that way until it was dark and I could no longer see my toes in my gladiator shoes. I decided I had cried long enough and slowly made my way back to my tent. I saw Unta and she saw that I didn't want to talk. She knew it had something to do with Jazon. I rushed up and into the tent not remembering that Jazon and I shared one and he would probably be sulking in the bedroom. I opened my bedroom door and I found him with another girl. My heart dropped to my stomach as I watched helpless as Jazon made sweet love to the mystery girl. Maybe thiswas why Unta looked so heartbroken as well. I screamed, a bloodcurdling scream. Jazon looked up, blood running down from his ears. The girl I saw now was still a mystery but I could tell she was another vampire. Jazon pushed off of her and into the corner like he had no idea what he had done. The vampire smiled at me and said in a sing song voice,

"I guess the Queen can't have a happy ending! This is for my sister all she wanted was a night of fun and you killed her!"

"How dare you! Get out of my tent!"

"Serena, please..."

"No Jazon I gave you another chance three years ago. You showed me that you can't be trusted get out of here! The message elves will get your things! Go!" After he was gone I fell to the floor, new tears, tears of betrayal ran down my face and a sudden realization that I had just broken up with Jazon? My king. My love? No he cheated on me, broke our bond of trust. But yet again I didn't even give him a chance to explain but why should I? I got up feeling empowered by my decision. I got ready for bed, and as I crawled into bed I remembered this is where it happened. I got up and stripped the bed clean. I snapped my fingers and my satin sheets from home appeared already tucked in and all. I crawled back into bed and fell asleep.

I dreamt of toes and Jazon. I didn't dream of anything else. No death prophecies or nightmares. When I awoke I put my hand over to where Jazon usually slept and remembered last night's events. I burst into tears. I got up because I had a job to do. I had to lead this camp to victory.I dressed in my most sexy clothes but they were still workable for easy movement and battle strategy. I grabbed my daggers and stuffed them in my knee high leather boots. I walked out my door. My lava read hair in a high braided pony tail. I saw all the male members of the camp and even some female stop to look at me. I saw Jazon next to another bender named Alex, Jazon and Alex became fast friends having come from the same background. Losing those they cared about at a young age. He looked at me and his eyes lingered. I smirked and my facial expression read 'Don't you wish you hadn't cheated on this?' He did seem to regret his decision. I met Unta and Natalie at the lake edge and they noticed my change of wardrobe.

Unta was the first to speak,

"What happened last night after I saw you? You looked so upset and I fear what you found inside made it worse."

"Yes I was upset and I found Jazon...with another woman."

"Oh Serena!" Natalie cried.

"Who was the bitch? I'll kill her I swear!" Unta growled.

"Remember the vampire I killed who was flirting with Jazon?"

"Uh yes." Unta replied. "Banca?"

"It's her sister.It was Naca I believe."

"Who cares let's go kill her!"

"Natalie hold on first we don't know why Jazon did it, we had a fight about one of my visions."

"That doesn't give him the right to sleep with that vampire. How did she get in anyway? I thought we put a spell around the camp blocking the vampires and such?" Natalie whispered.

"I don't know exactly. We lost many good witches the most powerful being Serena's mom."

"That must be why they targeted her. To make us weaker but they weren't counting on her having a daughter that was even more powerful than she." I said continuing Unta's train of thought. "Let's find out why Jazon did it. I want to know her name as well so I can speak it as I rip her unbeating heart out of her chest."

"Serena calm down I know this is unsettling but we have a war to win. She could be gone by now."

"No do not tell me to calm down! He's done this once before but it wasn't his choice. I killed her too."


"Who else have I killed in cold blood that had a beating heart?"

"Well, no one except that witch that killed your mom."

"That was different that was a battle of life or death. Did you want that German village to suffer and die?"

"No." Unta replied lamely.

"Come on we're going to make Jazon feel guilty from his head to his toes." Natalie smiled evilly.  Like a clique of three from a chick flick we strutted into camp and made all the guys swoon. When we came to Jazon, Koato and Dexter we stopped. Jazon looked to his feet, and didn't look at me. My glare made him look once into my eyes and he knelt to the ground at my feet.

"Queen Serena please, I beg your mercy. I have seen you're powers first hand. I did not choose to break our bond of trust. The vampire bewitched me, she disguised her appearance as you. I know now that she was not you, please I beg of you on bended knee." Jazon finished looking into my eyes which were now bright red.

"Jazon Blackson Prince of the Blood Benders, you have committed a great heart breaking deed I know not if  I can forgive you or forget the pain I have suffered. But I shall give you one last chance, only if you cut off the head of your mistaken mistress."

"I shall do anything for you my love." Jazon rose to face me eye to eye "Know this Serena I would never hurt you intentionally. Remember my  speech in the Black Forest. I shall go now and cut the head from the beast that defied me and you. I love you even if you decide  to let me go like a leaf in the wind or a plastic bag," I stopped him from talking taking his advice and remembering his speech to me. Of his promises the way he told Vanessa I was his one and only, the way he killed his father to prove he only wanted me. I kissed him in front of everyone

"I believe you my love, just ask questions next time. Okay? But you still aren't off the hook just yet."

"What must I do my lady?" he bowed, 

"You must muck out Thunder Strike's stall for three months maybe in the time you two will learn to get along."

"Whatever you ask, and I shall do-wait what? No Serena please anything but that!"

"By the way you are reacting that is the only punishment I see fit."

"Alright fine in three months Thunder Strike and I will be best of friends." 

"What is this talk of the ape and I being best friends?" Thunder Strike inquired from behind me.

"Jazon is being punished and since you too are not very close his punishment is to muck your stall for three months."

"If Jazon is the one being punished why do I have to be punished as well?"

"Oh Thunder Strike darling it won't be that bad." Priscilla replied trying to calm him. 

"Priscilla darling it shall be horrible." 

"Thunder, you will deal with Jazon accordingly understood?" Thunder Strike's mate said scolding the ancient steed.

"Yes darling I understand." Thunder Strike said and followed Priscilla back to the stables.

"Jazon you're punishment starts tomorrow." I laughed walking away arm in arm with Natalie and Unta.


"I was surprised you took him back so quickly. But his punishment is hilarious. Poor Thunder Strike."

"Yeah I know but Thunder Strike has been nasty lately too so the punishment goes two ways. Kill two birds with one stone."

"Serena you're a riot!" Natalie laughed.

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