Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


14. The Elders of the Long Forgotten

"Vatican's Servant, can you tell me more of the Elders of the Long Forgotten?"

"Of course but it'll take awhile. Don't you have a funeral to plan and a wedding too?

"Well yes I do but I really want to know!"

"You will learn in due time child."

"I'm not a CHILD! I am Sirena Mystiqia Willians Queen of the Myths daughter of King Richard the Lion Hearted Willians and and."

"You don't have to finish that sentence I know who your parents are. So does this chap here."

"You said I was the Prince of Benders? How is that possible? I'm a redneck mountain boy!"

"No you were born a prince and left on your parents door step the day after you were born. You dear boy are the son of Mazimillion Blackson and Vaiselia Blackson King and Queen of the Benders. You hail from the highest peak of the Irish Mountains. Your parents will be here shortly to explain everything. Now both of you go make those arrangements!"

We left the information swirling in our minds like a whirlpool or a hurricane. Hand in hand we made our way to the pyre of my mother. The ceremonial burning will take place in two short hours. The sun would set beyond the Black mountain and the sparks would fly telling the Spirit fay her soul was ready to pass on into the mysterious abyss that is the Netherworld but before that crucial fire we say our goodbyes and offer                                                                       gifts to Goddess of Death, we call her the Bride of Thanatos the Greek god of Death. I walk slowly up to the pyre afraid the realization that she was dead would hit too hard and I could not conduct the ceremony by myself, I remembered all that she tried to teach me because I wouldn't listen and I wouldn't or couldn't believe and I cried.

Four years earlier.~

"Mom? I'm home!"

"Sirena dear I'm in here."

"Mom guess what?" she looked at my face and saw the bubbly teenage girl in my eyes and laughed.

"Does it have to do with Jazon?"

"Yes oh mom he kissed me! In front of Richard and his posse!"

"Richard as in your ex-boyfriend that wanted to stay friends but then decided to go out with Stacy your ex best friend?"

"Yes that Richard, it was simply magical! It feels wierd talking to you and not Stacy about this."

"Its okay sweetheart. Your fourteen your going through things." I ran to the couch and hugged her. I layed my head on her shoulder and I told her about my day. She listened intently never looking away from my eyes. I looked into her eyes and I knew she had something to tell me, I just didn't know what.

"Sirena, your father told me to teach the way of our family well mine mostly. I'm a witch and I must teach all I know off ceremonies and explain what will happen on you seventeenth birthday."

"Your crazy theres no such thing as witches!" I ran from the room but on my bed was a book of spells and several candles. I opened the book and inside was our family tree. All were witches and at the very bottom was my mother and father and with a line connecting me to them was a picture of a little baby girl.

Present Day.

I pulled back into reality and I saw that my gift in my hands was a feather. But not just any feather. This is the feather we found together in Central Park in New York City on a family vacation. Daddy was video taping us playing frisbee and feeding the ducks when a feather floated from a tree. Its brown and blue with dots of pink. We couldn't find the bird it belonged to so we named the Siren Mysteria or The Bird of Mystery. I felt a single tear fall. I placed the feather on the pyre and I stepped back. Not because it was time to but because the feather erupted into flames and a form was taking shape. Well not really it was swirling and a deep ancient voice erupted from it I gasped and listened.

"Queen Sirena Mystiqia Willians you have given a great sacrifice today. Your gift held great sentimental value. We are forever greatful for you have given us freedom. We are the Elders of the Long Forgotten. We shall arrive in person soon." before I could say anything the flames went out and we were in the dark. I looked around and Unta relighted the torches and we resumed with the giving of gifts. After everyone was finished I went up the steps of the pyre and I looked on last time at the body that once held my mother.  I whispered goodbye in german and continued the ceremony in ancient tongue.

" Dal corpo allo spirito dallo spirito all'aria. Spiriti della notte si prega di prendere l'anima di questo regina nel baratro della sicurezza Netherworld. Io do il dono del sangue a voi come un atto di sacrificio! Rivolgendomi a voi come la vostra nuova regina PRENDETE corpo e anima e guida lei come si farebbe con qualsiasi altro di altezza religiosa!-From body to spirit from spirit to air. Spirits of night please take this queen's soul into the abyss of the Netherworld safely. I give the gift of blood to you as an act of sacrifice! Speaking to you as your new queen TAKE THIS BODY AND SOUL and guide her as you would any other of religious height!" I repeated in English so everyone understood. Then I torched the body of my mother. I backed off and ran into Jazon's arms. That was hardest thing I had ever done. I hoped I never had to do it again. I already done it twice before for dad and Koato. Jazon led me away and I wanted to go to the barn but Jazon insisted I go home and rest. I relented and said I would rest but would just dream unrelenting nightmares all night long

We reached home and I went to bed and slept soundly. To my surprise no nightmares or any dream for that matter. I awoke the next morning Jazon beside me. I looked outside and saw two unfamiliar humanoids coming towards our tent. 

"Jazon I think your parents are here." then I saw that there was a group of twenty men and women creatures coming also I guessed them to be the Elders of the Long Forgotten.

"Make that your parents and the Elders." he looked at me and threw the blanket over his head. I laughed and tickled him, he fell out of bed and landed with a thud on the ground he got up and glared playfully at me and threw a pillow at me.

"Seriously Jaz! There like ten feet away! We got to get dressed!" I got up and he tackled me and as I tried to walk he tickled me I finally fazed through his arms and got dressed. "Come on Jazon!" He followed suit and got dressed in a t-shirt that had ALL TIME LOW on it and black skinny jeans. I wore a emerald dress to my mid-thigh and my tiara, and emerald studded princess flats by Chanel. I grabbed him and fazed through the ground and just in time I heard about twenty two knocks on the door and I answered the door.

"Hello Mr and Mrs. Blackson. and hello Elders of the Long Forgotten. Its a pleasure to have both of you in our lovely er tent."

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