Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


12. The Battle

After the training session I decided to take a walk by myself. It was early fall in the Black Forest and it was so beautiful, the leaves that were usually black were turning gold and they reflected in the water which made the water gold. I haven't had a walk by myself since before we ran from Nashville. It was nice, peaceful. Knowing me it wouldn't last long. A couple more miles and some mermaid would jump out of the water and tell me more bad news or Jazon would find me. Or my mother. I couldn't go far but I could at least fly for a little while. I started to run knowing full well that there was cliff coming up. I heard yells and screams from down below. I jumped I expected to see a town or city but all I saw was red. Fire danced in the air licking at the houses and barns. People were running with their heads on fire. Children were screaming for their dead parents.

This wasn't an accident. The witches did this. So much for my peaceful flight around the country side. I circled back and went to get my army. This had to stop. I screamed hoping I would have the Siren Song. I did. A beautiful melody escaped my lips and everyone looked up when they saw me with soot on my face they knew the battle had began early. They grabbed their witch killing weapons and followed me Jazon in the lead. Helop right beside him my mother floating beside them. Her eyes were glazed over her hair flying everywhere and her fingers were talons. Her face was contorted into a mask of fury, outrage and pain. She wanted revenge for Daddy's death. I screamed "CHARGE" in my beautiful siren voice, if the witches didn't know we were coming they knew now. I dived down the cliff's edge with my sword and attacked the first witch I saw. She had green hair and she had fire coming from her talon like fingers and her eyes. When she saw what I had done she screamed in fury and died.

The battle looked like a victory until I heard a gut wrenching scream I looked over at two witches fighting. I saw a sharp twelve inch talon go through my mother I screamed so loud that the wind changed direction and speed. The opposing witches were blown away but I went after the one that killed my mother. I skewered her with my sword and she fell. Her eyes changing from the golden fire to a blazing freen. She dropped from the air. I looked around all the witches were falling. I killed the leader. I didn't care I raced back to my mother. She lay on the ground a crowd sworming around her. I yelled at them to go away but they wouldn't listen. I looked into her eyes now back to their regular blue she was trying to speak,

"Sirena, please be at peace. What is done is done. Know now that I love you. You are surrounded by your loving and loyal subjects. You have a wonderful loving man who will never leave you. I'm at peace. I see the light your father is waiting for me."

"Mama please don't leave me! I love you! Please mama come back!" her hand slipped from my grasp and the light that was always in her eyes was dimming. "MAMA NO! COME BACK PLEASE MAMA! DON'T LEAVE ME.- a language I didn't even know I knew came from my lips next-"Bitte mama bitte verlass mich nicht. Du bist alles was ich noch habe. Ich liebe dich nicht wieder zu verlassen. MAMA bitte. Ich bin nicht bereit, die Armee von mir führen." Jazon pulled me off her dead and bloody body he led me away and I saw all the villagers, the ones that had survived they were looking for their loved ones and had paused to listen. I had spoken german. I cried some more and shook Jazon off and not caring that there was mortals present I took off into the air. I flew past the camp and I kept flying even after I reached Crete, Greece. I flew on to Australia. I finally landed in Sydney, Australia. I walked for a little while finally stopping at an ally and I turned and slumped down to the ground defeated, no way Jazon was going to find me here. I started to cry again. I fell asleep against a dumpster I only woke up because I felt someone starring at me and suddonly realizing I was still in my battle armour. I looked up to see lime green eyes looking down to me. He had found me.

"About time I found you Sirena. I kept asking the locals if they had seen a young girl in golden battle armour and volcano red hair and violet eyes. Let me tell you mate. They thought I had to much smoke from the barbe." He laughed at his lame accent. I smiled and stood up.

"How'dra get here Jaz?" I looked him over and saw he was in street clothes. 

"Someone lent me their pegasus." He laughed.

"Oh expect the unexpected I guess." He leaned down and kissed me.

"I was so worried Sirena, why did you do that? You didn't do this when your father died, everyone is worried sick. It's bad enough they just lost their queen they don't need to lose their princess to. What you did was irresponsible, do you know that you've gotten killed? What then Sirena? Huh? DO I TAKE OVER? OR DOES HELOP?" He finished his rant huffing and puffing. I was pushed up against a wall. I could've escaped but he could bend me to his will so I rather stay put.

"I know Jazon I'm sorry. Have you ever lost someone so close to you? Twice?"

"No not twice but once. I'll tell you when we get back to camp. Come on."  I followed him deep into the desert. I saw a giant horse, but it wasn't just a horse, this horse had wings. I whistled. It turned and its eyes glowed red. I gasped and stepped back. This horse had sat on my shelf of fairytale land creatures for almost thirteen years when it disappeared just like my tiara. I had named it ThunderStrike. He was all black and his mane was silver, his eyes and hooves were red. 

"ThunderStrike, is it really you?" he whinnied in response but in all the stories he could speak like me and we would have endless conversations.

"I know you can speak like me. SPEAK. LOVEY"

"Ah I have not heard that password in many years. Its well to see you again Sirena." 

"As to you ThunderStrike." I laughed and jumped onto his back pulling Jazon along with me.

"This man you call Jazon he is not a well rider, he almost fell off my back many a time. If I were him I would hold on tightly to your waist Sirena." Jazon took his advice and didn't let go until we landed in the Black Forest. I hadn't realized Jazon had his eyes shut until I had climbed down and his eyes were still shut. 

"Jazon you can open your eyes now." he opened sheepishly and clambered down and fell in a pile of Ogre poop. 

"Graceful Jazon really." ThunderStrike laughed uncontrollably. I joined after making sure Jazon was okay. He grunted and stormed off. I turned to ThunderStrike and led him to his stall. Unhooked his saddle and bridle and hosed him down. I went looking for fresh hay and water when I heard this,

"I can't believe she just ran off!"

"Her mother just died and only months after her father!" I recognized Unta's voice.

"Doesn't matter to me, I was abandoned as a child why should I care?"

"Because you loved her mother and father just as much as her!" I recognized Helop's voice. I noticed that they were in the feed room.

"You should be ashamed of yourself Bera, just because your a hippogriff doesn't mean you can't feel.!" Unta huffed. I walked in and came face to face with Bera the Hippogriff. I avoided eye contact. A little knowledge from Harry Potter. I just hope it works. But then feeling foolish, she was insulting me!


"Well I..."

"Just because you felt like you were in charge while my family was away doesn't you are now. And news flash you never were! Who cares if you were abandoned, I'm sorry that you were. But you'd probably do it to your own kids!" I pushed past and got ThunderStrikes dinner. I went past them again and I heard Unta snicker and follow me Helop coming seconds after.

"That was awesome Sirena! So where did you go last night?"

"Sydney." I all but grunted and while I fed ThunderStrike Unta wouldn't stop talking.

"Unta I love your stories I do. But I had a really long night so could I please just go home?"

"Yea sure let me walk you!" She grabbed hold of my arm and Helop said goodnight and I walked home with Unta. I looked into the window that was my bedroom I saw Jazon pacing and realized Jazon had a story to tell me.

"Goodnight Unta see you tommorrow. Promise." I went inside and shut the door, I hurried up the stairs and when I past mother's bedroom I collapsed into tears.

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