Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


8. Surprise!

A couple of monthes after the aledged victory I got the suprise of my life. My mother was in my living room. I was like what the hell? Jazon looked up and nudged her to do the same. The smile on her face could rival the light ghost see when they cross over it was that genuine. I couldn't help but smile, something I hadn't done since Koato and the rest of his brothers chased us out of Nashville.

Jazon smiled and left. I hadn't spoken to him either, my mother sat and patted the spot next to her I sat and she began to speak.

"Sirena my sweet Sirena. I'm so sorry I didn't explain to you. That you had  to leave me in order to fulfill your destiny with Jazon, and I'm sorry that you lost Alez again."

"Wait, lost Alez..again?"

"Alez is your father. He was very handsome until a witch cursed him."

"Ok whoa. No wonder he was mad at Koato for flirting with me. Koato is my uncle!"

"You mean was, I learned just now that he broke out of his room in the mermaid castle and sufficated."

"Oh my god. What have I missed?"

"A lot my dear. Your people were worried so they called me in."

"Your the queen. I can't become queen until you hand over the crown." I looked down at the floor because knowing my history I was as close to the crown a snail was to winning a race against a race car. I looked at my mom and then out the window, Jazon was weeding our garden, he planted it all by himself when I became homesick. It was filled roses, daffodils,sunflowers, and daisys.

"Mom, do you think that somehow the universe made a mistake? I mean, I don't think I can do this. Sure we won one battle but we lost dad and Koato. If it was a victory we wouldn't have lost anyone." I looked back to the ground and sighed.

"What in the world makes you think that? Rena my dear you are the rightful queen your birthday was yesterday. You are now eighteen the crown is yours." I just sat there waiting for her laugh and say it was all a joke and I was being punk'd or something but it never came. She knew about this all along and I didn't say anything all these years because I didn't want to be a freak daughter she had to deal with. I wasn't mad just confused.

I remember everything my father said no matter how small it was to other people and children like every time he told me he loved me, or when he scolded me, I took that to heart and never did it again because I never tried to upset him. My father was a big guy, handsome. All my friends before he died grew to have crushes on him. To me it was only natural for other girls to have school yard crushes on him. I didn't but my friends sure did, my mother I could picture in my mind when they told me the story of how they met. Daddy would start with

'Squirt your mom and met in the Caribbeans I was only nineteen and three monthes. I was sitting by the pool with some friends when your mom came out of the water. She looked an angel glistening in the sun the way she did. She had the face to match. Her eyes were as green as well as your lollipop. I knew I was going to marry her someday. When she sat next to me my friends whistled and hollered and I shoved them off and they went to the bar and when she spoke to me her voice was like bells.' when he told me that story I was six years old. I told you I remembered everything he ever told me. Not so much my mother.

"Dear I know this is a shock to you but could you at least answer me? Instead looking into space."

"I'm sorry I was thinking about a story daddy told me."

"What story would that be, darln'?"

"The day you two met. Its the most magical one I could think at this point." I looked into her eyes and in them I saw her as a nineteen year old girl with love and innocence and then looking in the eyes of my father, she lost herself. I could feel like I was there with her reliving the past. A happy memory but also sad, because also on that day another one of daddy's brothers died. I knew it wasn't Koato because Koato died today. I learned from daddy his name was Nat he was the most logical of the brothers but he was killed in a poker game. He was accused of cheating and the man he was beating grabbed a gun out of his jacket pocket and shot him in the forehead.

"Mom I felt as if I was there with you just by looking into your eyes, and daddy was right your eyes are as green as a sour apple lollipop." she laughed and took my hand and dragged me out the door and pushed me into Jaz's arms. 

"Go be with him. He deserves it. Take a long walk."

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