Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


19. Moving

The next morning I got up and realized this was the last morning in the black forest. I needed to pack and I needed to tell everyone. First I had to find Jazon he never came home last night I think. Honestly everything went by too fast and I honestly can't remember Jaz coming home. 

"RENA!! We have to go!! The fae will bring your stuff."

"Coming." I crammed everything I didn't trust anybody else with in my bag which included, my tiara, my mother's wedding ring, my cell phone which I haven't used in months, and some necessities. I fazed through the floor and landed in Jazon's arms he was a bit surprised.

"Hey you."

"Hey, so uh we leaving?"

"Yes let's go." I heard a popping noise and I think I blinked because we were now in the middle of a beautiful amazon clearing. I got down from Jazon's arms and looked around and tents were being magically conjured for everyone, I saw caves and the good witches making shields around the camp. So no animals or humans and definitely not witches could get to us. I ran to the lake and saw through its clear water the mermaids hard at work making a new kingdom. I saw Natalia. I waved to her and she raced to the surface.

"Natalia my god you had me so worried."

"Sorry my queen. I had to get my people to safety the battle would've killed us if we hadn't moved, is the Oracle with you?"

"No I thought you would've grabbed her and how would we she's made a cocoon of seaweed and a magical substance that shocks anybody who touches her." 

"Oh she's getting ready to send her soul to another mermaid or man. The Oracle does this every two hundred years and dies after the soul is transferred."

"Do you know who the next Oracle is per chance?"



"Yeah its been decided for years, since I was born two hundred years ago."

"Your two hundred years old?"

"Mermaids age slower than any other creature two hundred years to us is sixteen to you."

"Oh well good luck. When will the transfer be complete?" She didn't answer a big blue orb came flying down from the sky going right for her. This must be the Oracle's soul. I looked to her and she arched her back and spread her arms and whipped her head back welcoming the orb, the orb smacked into her chest and she fell backwards. Her tail disappeared and legs were in their place and she was convulsing violently. I saw a couple of mermaids making their way to the surface worry and anger on their faces. I don't think the transfer was meant to happen on the surface.

"What happened." Lepirka said.

"A blue orb came out of the sky and she uh welcomed it."

"A blue orb? The oracles orb is red."

"Yes it was blue."

"That orb was sabotaged. She's human now."

"Who's next in line?"

"Me." Lepirka said." I'm only fifty I'm not old enough yet but it has to be done."

"Won't you die in two hundred years?"

"Yes I'll only be in your time like thirty."

"I'm sorry if I would've known it was sabotaged I would've done something."

"Its fine Natalia never wanted this."

"Um I was wondering is Koato really dead or is that something Natalia just said?"

"He isn't dead. We'll return him hold on." Lepirka's companion said and he left. I was left  alone with Lepirka and now human Natalia.

"Natalia did you know the orb was sabotaged?"

"Yes I'm not stupid. Oh you meant when it was coming at me? Nope not all at all."

"Why did you tell my mother Koato was dead?"

" What? I did not tell her he was dead I told her we were getting married that's what she told you."

"Then why were you crying the night of the dance?"

"Because he wouldn't take me." the mermaid and the cursed man returned and Koato rushed to Natalia.

"My darling what happened they told me something awful has happened."

"My tail its gone! I'm human!"

"Hey what's wrong with being human?" I cried in mock outrage. Koato turned to me and as if seeing me for the first time he said.

"My niece I am truly sorry for any discomfort or worrying I may have put you through. Nothing is wrong with being human if you've been human forever,"

"Oh well you've have some news to catch up on."

"Okay. Now Natalia say goodbye to Lepirka and Jonson,"

"Goodbye I'm sorry Lepirka." Lepirka didn't say anything and dove back underneath the blue abyss. Jonson gave Natalia a quick smile and a wave and left.

"Are they dating or  something?"

"yes.  Promised to each other. My promised one died in an accident and I fell in love with Koato.

"So your human now. How's it feel to have toes?"

"Weird." I had to laugh she wiggled her toes experimentally.  She tried to stand and fell into Koato's arms and he smiled.

"Do you need some help with that?" he said I could hear the love dripping in his voice and apparently she could too.

"Yes I'm sorry I just never learned to walk before."

"You didn't have to before you had a tail." she laughed and then punched him playfully on the arm.

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