Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


17. Meet Me in the Middle

I just stood there, in shock looking at the witch now in her usual form. I recognized this one from the first battle. This is the one that killed Alez, my father his justice  finally served. I looked to King Blackson and then to his son my Jazon. They didn't know what to make of it. I cleared my throat in doing so putting out my hand candles. I walked over to Jazon and slid my hand into his, my hand still being extremely hot but he didn't flinch. Instead he relaxed a great deal and slumped against the wall. He cleared his own throat breaking the silence as I had but actually opened his mouth to say something,

" Well this was eventful."

"You could say that." I whispered. The Elders of the Long Forgotten came into the small entry way and I suddenly needed air, so  I motioned for them to follow me. I rushed out of the tent doorway relishing the way the sun washed over my features, my volcano red hair shone like a million rubies. My eyes I decided to change to lavender. I was so happy, an emotion I hadn't felt since mama died. Jazon I saw him smiling as I twirled around. Then I saw a fireball shoot out of the sky- we were under attack.

I flew into the sky magically conjuring my armor and sword, I whistled for ThunderStrike and he was there. I clambered up onto his back in mid-air. I saw a million or what seemed like it witches all on broom sticks. I let out my siren call and my army erupted from the tree-tops and their tents. All in battle armor many on Pegasi the horses giant wings making a blanket of red,bronze, teals, blacks and palominos. The witches hovered. I gestured for for the leader to meet me in the middle of the well the battle sky I guess. As we got closer together I noticed she had long bronze colored hair, bright red ruby eyes, and talons like an eagles. She was scary I had to admit. We pulled to a stop and I glared at her, waiting for her to speak. I had no knowledge of this attack. Why hadn't the mermaid oracle told us of this? What happened to them?

"You are wondering why you did not see us, No?"

"Mind Reader? Or just a good guesser?"

"A little bit of both. We are here to end this."

"What do you have against us?"

"Everything. You a celebrated, we are hunted."

"So are vampires and werewolves, yetis and dragons."

"True but the rest of you are not.No?"she had a point I guess. Witches were forced into hiding in the sixteen hundreds, but dragons were killed almost into extinction as were werewolves and vampires. Unicorns and hippogriffs were celebrated as war heroes. 

"Yes, but dragons were almost killed into extinction! There are only four left, werewolves, the purebred blood-line are gone. Only made vampires are left."

"Who cares? Do you really think you can change my mind by sweet talking me and giving me these statistics?" 

"No-...but I can try."

"Let's just get this over with."

"Prepare to die,then." I flew back to my in flight army and looked to ground at my foot soldiers. I counted to three and yelled in my most siren like voice.

"CHARGE!!" I raise my sword high and slashed the air, the fairies attacked with their fire arrows, the dragons giant heads poked through the trees and set many of them on fire. Only one dragon blew water, and yes like in the Wizard of Oz they melted right off their brooms it seemed as if we were winning then I looked down and saw their foot soldiers, I dived down and gave them instructions and they went to battle. The benders created a gash in the perfect Black Forest floor, I was sad but they could fix it when this was over. The witches didn't see it coming. They fell to their deaths they could only fly with their brooms. Their screams echoed a crossed the forest it surprised me how much the locals didn't realize or cared. I sent the next was which was fire, they blasted them some loyal vampires and weres were destroyed in the process. I charged into the battle ThunderStrike above me blowing fire and creating stampedes by duplicating himself. He's a giant over 32 hands when he's in battle mode. A normal Pegasus is 15 hands even in battle mode. I saw Jazon in the tree tops bending the blood of our enemies I looked to the witches and saw all the blood spurting from their bodies. Some flew up into the air and hit the ones still on top of the brooms, knocking to the ground and falling onto the sharp rocks the Nature Benders created. Impaling both. I couldn't stand this. I hated violence, in Nashville I couldn't even kill a spider. I closed my eyes and ended the battle. I killed the witches by driving them mad. So insane they fell from their brooms or just jumped into the abyss. They were all dead all but one, the bronze haired one. I walked up to her.

"My name is Arcane you have freed me from my immortal prison...thank you daughter of Eliza." she knew my mother. I went to ask her about this but she was already dead. Blood trickled down her face and the wound in her chest still oozed. I sent her soul my mother's way. I looked around everything was red blood was everywhere. I'd never thought we could be capable of this, I looked at Jazon completely blood droplet free. I ran to him and buried my head in his chest, I cried. No scratch that I was sobbing. I stopped only because  I figured I had to check my own causalities.  I walked healing people as I went and sending the dead to the Nether-World. I came to a stop when I saw Unta, she was dead. curled into a ball in the boy she took to the dance arm's. I fell to my knees. My best friend is dead, I looked into the boy's eyes and he whispered to me his name- Velez the water fairy. I closed her eyes and began chanting. I stopped because I heard a gasp, I touched her, I brought her back. She looked into my eyes.

"I was dead! I saw the Nether- World but I was pulled back. Serena did you do it?" she then noticed who was holding her."Velez? You stayed with me?"

"Of course. I would do anything for you Unta." he looked into his eyes in a way that said 'I love you' I quickly got and turned to leave but I answered her first.

"Yes Unta I brought you back." I disappeared into the shadows. I returned to my tent only to find the twenty elders dead on the ground. I was so surprised. I didn't know what to do. Could I bring them all back? Did I have a time limit? I had to try they had all the answers, right? I rushed to the first one's side I touched his forehead and concentrated. I opened them, nothing happened. I heard a pop and I turned, a translucent figure of my mother stood there, well not standing exactly more like floating in one spot. 

"Congratulations my dear a third victory and only twenty-one causalities."

"Why can't I bring them back? I brought Mr. Blackson and  Unta back. Why couldn't I bring you two back?"

"You can't bring them back because they don't want to be brought back, they've all had a long boring life. You couldn't bring your father and I back because a magical barrier stopped you. Your father and I were killed by our magic, we can't be brought back, even by the most powerful witch-siren-immortal in twelve centuries."

"I miss you so much. I don't know how to do this."

"Well you seem to be doing a pretty good job, but you'll need to change your location soon. I love you just remember secluded but warm for the fairies and a lake for the mermaids. Cliffs and caves for the dragons and other cave dwelling creatures." she poofed and was gone. I cleared the bodies into a pile so I could burn them later. I sniffled and went inside my tent where I found Mr.Blackson and the real Mrs. Blackson on my couch.  

"Is Jazon okay? Are you okay?"

"Yes we are all fine. Well except the Elders." I sat down on the floor and Mrs. Blackson braided my hair, which I changed into a rainbow. 

"Your hair is absolutely beautiful." she whispered. "I'm glad you'll be my daughter in law and not that wretched Vanessa I never liked her at all."

"I kind of killed her sorry,"

"Its fine with me I noticed the scars on my husband did you do that?"

"No that was your son, but in his defense your husband tried to kill Jazon first."

"Mazimillen how dare you? You really liked that Vanessa?" before he could answer Jazon walked in with Unta and Velez. He stopped and looked at the woman braiding my hair. He looked back and forth whipping his finger as if counting.

"I thought we killed her."

"This is your actual mother." I said half laughing. "I think the fresh mountain air is getting to you."

"I don't like the city."

"So you were whole lot smarter there. I'm joking Jazon come on if anything your smarter then ever! I mean hiding in the trees and bending the witches? They never saw it coming." He came chuckling and sat next to me Unta and Velez sat on the mushroom chair that I had conjured from my room in Nashville. Awkward silence.........

"So Unta how did you die?"

"I don't really know. Honestly I fighting and then I was falling,"

"As I said this morning...well isn't this eventful?" Jazon said laughing.

"You could say that, and meet me in the middle," I leaned over and kissed him. Everyone copied us.

This was the most eventful week ever!  

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