Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


13. Jazon's Tale

Jazon found me the next morning.

He picked me off the floor and took me to our room. He just sat there with me. Never asking what was wrong just sat there, what I needed was his arms around me, his comfronting words.

"I need you to hug me, to talk to me. I hate when you just sit there!" I started crying again. It began to snow outside. I cracked a smile and then remembered tomorrow would be mama's birthday. I started crying again. I looked at Jazon he was leaning to hug me. I looked away and felt his warm embrace. I fell into his arms and landed on his stone hard chest. I sniffled and said

"You said you had a story to tell me, last night." I looked into his eyes and saw pain, it was endless and then I saw love.

"Sirena this song is so hard to retell."

"Please you promised."

"Alright. I was around twelve and it was Christmas time. I was out shopping with my brother and two sisters. It was dark by the time we finished, it was one of the few times I left the mountains. When we were walking towards the pick up I saw a man followed by these goons with bike helmets at their hips. My sisters were scared and my brother Ian he shoved me into the car, he tried to get my sisters into the car but the men shot him before he could. Trista and Danielle were kidnapped and I remember the leader going to the window of the truck and mouthed these words, 'don't say a word, or your next.' I sat in the truck all night until the cops found me and brought me home. I had told them my story and they saw it was far to traumatizing for me to retell again so they told my parents. All I could think about was Ian dead on the pavement. I don't remember what happened to the body, but that's when I noticed I could bend people to my will."

"Oh my god Jazon I'm so sorry! I had no idea! You've lost almost everyone!"

"No I lost everyone that cared a crap about me." We sat in silence for awhile he finally pulled me up and we went downstairs.

"Hey Sirena want to go for a walk?"

"Sure that sounds safe." I hiccuped. He led me outside and I walked to the stables to see ThunderStrike. Jazon groaned but I elbowed him.

"Come the horse hates me Sirena!"

"Oh nonsense Jaz, he just has to warm up to you that's all." I entered the stable and found ThunderStrike sleeping still. I nudged him awake and whispered 'luvey' 

"Hello sweet Sirena. And the man who can not stay atop a moving object."

"Good morning to you to."

"Jazon behave! Now ThunderStrike you knew my father, correct?"

"For almost seven hundred years my dear."

"Did you have a different name?"

"Yes I miss that name. I was called the Vatican's Servant. Raised from Hell to serve to their needs and not Satan's. I killed many and I've helped even more. But now I'm the guardian of the Queen of the Myths. I'm your war horse."

"But I can fly."

"A gift bestowed upon you by the Elders of the Long Forgotten."

"I can walk through solid objects and red minds, turn invisible, I can read minds, and wipe them completely of memory!"

"Alas another gift from the Elders."

"I guess your another gift too?" Jazon sneered.

"I am no gift! I offered my services gladly! This kind of power only comes once in a milenia it must be protected! Its the utmost importance! What don't you understand Jazon Prince of Benders?"

"I understand that the woman I love is always in grave danger and won't listen to anything we say to keep her safe!"

"Um guys I'm right here. In case you've forgotten." 

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