Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


23. Epilogue

"Serena?" I looked up into the eyes of the green eyed God that once been my true love. But twenty years ago he was almost killed, but I brought him back...with a price. He lost all memory of me, and what he was. We had to quarantine him so he couldn't Blood Bend anyone on accident. This is the first time he has ever called me out by name.

"Jazon? Do you remember me? Anything at all about yourself?"

"Yes, I remember that you, I met you in Nashville, three years after my brother and sisters were killed. We fell in love. Then when we were seventeen, we were chased out of town by these Trolls. We found Unta, the Water Fairy in the Black Forest. Where we were informed that the Trolls were friendly and Alez was the leader, and the King also your father. Serena, I want to feel the love we had for one another again. I want to know why I lost my memory."

"Unta was hired by the enemy to kill you. She almost succeeded your heart stopped almost but I brought you back. Then I went in search of Unta. She almost killed Bera the Hippogriff, and I drove a fire and ice sword into her chest. She died grasping my arms. That day I lost a best friend, betrayed by her for killing you, you were technically dead. You had a conversation with Thunder Strike moments before you were stabbed, and in that conversation you said that 'you hoped that I wouldn't regret giving my love to you and that you didn't want me to be hurt anymore by you.' Jazon I just want you to know. That I could never regret loving you. Not even if you lost your memory for twenty freaking years. I love you Jaz, and I always will." Jazon reached out and took my hand in his. 

"Serena, why are you so cold?"

"Your love kept me warm. I felt like I could function with you around me. But when you slipped into the coma, and forgot who I was I shut down. Only doing what I needed to keep my kingdom from going into disrepair. I couldn't fight yet another war. But when I wasn't doing that I was here. Always hoping you'd remember who I was. It was a shame I had to cancel our wedding. I haven't even set foot in our home in the past twenty some years. I put an anti aging spell on everyone who wasn't immortal so it would be easy for you to remember."

"Natalia, is she still-"

"Human? Yes, her tail has not been returned to her yet. The Goddess is still punishing her for taking the Human Soul instead of the Oracle's. So you remember everything?"

"Yes. I remember that I love you, and I made a promise to always love you whatever the cost, no matter the circumstance. Even me losing my memory for twenty years."  He sat up and the blanket fell away, revealing the dagger sized scar in his chest just above his heart. 

"It always amazed me that you survived. The Goddess smiled down on me that day, when I wanted so desperately to bring you back." The door opened and I turned to see Dexter, Unta's former boy toy.

"How is he? Any change at all?" I smiled, for the first time in twenty years I smiled at the Nature Fairy, my friend.

"He remembers everything." I took his hand again, and he smiled at Dexter remembering him.

"Hey man, sorry about Unta. Who knew she was homicidal."

"Its all right. Sure I loved her, but she tried to kill my best friend."

"So why was she hired to kill me?"

"The Queen of Witches said that your father had an affair with a witch, mixing the blood lines. The war was to cleanse the blood in the witches society. And you were the key to that. They said the Blood of Witch had been tainted."

"That's it? They wanted me dead because I was created from interracial relationship?"

"Pretty much. It explains all of your extra power." I was quiet for a moment afraid I had upset him. He moved to speak and I let him.

"May I go outside?"

"Yes of course. Here are some clothes. Their a bit out dated but its what you always wore before you know."

"Its fine really. Dex, can I have some privacy. I've been naked around Serena but uh not you and I don't plan on it."

"Yeah sure man." The door closed softly behind the fairy and I helped him up, and switched his old hospital pants for jeans, and put his doc martens on his feet. I handed him his button up black shirt and he put it on. Before he could button it up, my sexual rage inside of me overcame by feelings to help him settle down, to calm his confusion. I reached out and traced his scar with my fingers and placed both hands on his chest. 

"Serena, what are you doing?" Instead of answering him I kissed him, twenty years without him, I could no longer resist the urge to touch him, to be with him. "Oh." He took my head in his hands and brought me closer, until we were so close we were almost one person. 

"I missed you so much Jazon." I said through kisses. 

"Throughout my amnesia, I knew something was missing, and now I know that it was you."He pulled me down onto the bed and we continued with our reunion, the sex was absolutely amazing. I thought I was glowing when we finished, but it was only the figment of my imagination. 

"Let's go outside." I said after we finished dressing. He grabbed my hand and we opened the door to the outside. Dexter must have told everyone the good news because instead of the 'streets' being deserted like they have been the past twenty years, they were jammed up with the people of Mythica City. Their King had been restored to what he once was. My hair was know its original lava red, instead of the dirty mop water brown I had it when Jazon was in his 'state', my eyes were bright with life and I was happy. Because like a kangaroo, I had paused my pregnancy. 

"Jazon, My King, my one true love. I have an announcement."

"What is it my Queen?"

"I'm pregnant. With your child. I paused the pregnancy because I wanted you there at my side." The people of the City cheered for now there would a heir to the throne, a very powerful one at that. The story of the Myths doesn't end with Jazon and I. Nor our friends. Our story will live on through our immortal children as shall we. For I can only be killed by my own magic, and being that Witches no longer exist in this dimension, the portals to this dimension all closed, I was going to be here a very long time. Never changing. My King was linked to me and he too will live as long as I shall live.


THE WEDDING (finally)

I walked down the aisle by myself since all of my uncle's were killed in battle. Even Koato, Natalia's lover. Natalia, was my only surviving friend, and Dexter was Jazon's and they too waited for me at the end of the aisle. My dress flowed around my body like a water fall ending in a train that continues another twelve feet behind me. Two deep plunges showed my breasts, and almost my butt. My porcelain white skin sparkled in the spring afternoon sunshine. My lava red hair was piled on top of my head ending in spirals around my face. 

Jazon waited for me at the end of the aisle, he was magnificent to look at. The sun shone on him creating a halo around his black hair. His electric green eyes shone brightly with love. I couldn't believe after twenty years that I was finally marrying my true love. My high school sweetheart. I wondered then what my human friends thought happened to us. Twenty years ago I snuck out of my third period class to meet up with Jaz, and we were chased out of the school by my father and uncles.

I reached the end of the aisle and I produced a holographic form of my father, the way I remembered him when I was thirteen. Handsome, brave, and strong. He kissed my cheek and I let a tear slip. At least some form of him was there to see me off to a new life. A life filled with fairy-tale creatures and people with supernatural powers. A life with my true love, and a child not yet born. Jazon took my hands and Thunder Strike or Vatican's Servant read us our vows. We were married, and large Rain forest flowers fell on us as we shared the Bonding Kiss. We were one, married to death do us part.

"I love you Jazon."

"Forever. I love you as well Serena." he kissed me one more time and we looked a crossed the water and at the Amazon sun set and began our forever here in Mythica City.







The End

Or is it?





Okay, so I was wondering if anybody would be interested in reading a sequel to this book. If you are leave your comments in the boxes below! Oh and since this is the last chapter in this book, could you please leave some comments you had about this whole entire book thank you. This book wasn't easy to come up with. Or easy to write. It was very emotional to write Jazon's almost death and all of his heart felt speeches. There's so much death in this book as well so I would greatly appreciate it if you would take two minutes out of your day and comment on this book. Thank you, Victoria Wethers 

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