Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


15. Engaged Since Birth...Wait what?-Jazon's Point of View.

I looked at the door from behind Sirena and I gasped I was looking into the eyes of my parents. My lime green eyes were her eyes my mother's eyes. My hair my messy black hair was my father's. Behind them was about twenty or so individuals that had no meaning to me until Sirena said.

"Hello Mr and Mrs Blackson and Elders of the Long Forgotten. Its my pleasure to welcome you into our er tent." The elders were here. My parents were here.

"Jazon is it you?" my mother asked. I didn't answer I thought the answer was obvious by my eye color and hair. "It is you! Oh Jazon how can we possibly explain ourselves?"

"My dear let the poor boy speak. Jazon I'm your father King Mazimillien and this is your mother Queen Vasiliea."

"I know who you are, I can forgive you and you had a good reason for giving me to the worst people known demand. At least I know why they were so cruel after all their children died besides me, I wasn't their kid." Sirena she looked at me concern in her eyes.

"Jaz please they were trying to protect you remember that." I grumbled and went to the kitchen to make some coffee. For myself.

"Please follow me. To the living room. We can talk there." I heard Sirena say. I grumbled again. How could they? I mean how could they just decide to drop me off like that? I should be grateful they named me first I guess. At least I didn't have to take their last name Richardson. Yuck it gets me nauseous just thinking about it, how unoriginal.  I'm Jazon Blackson I'm all about original. I'm a freakn' Prince for god's sake! How cool is that I'm the lost Prince or maybe I'm the forgotten Prince, defeated by my own head I slump onto the stool at the island and sip my coffee, I didn't hear Sirena come in I looked up expecting a prep talk but it wasn't Sirena it was my 'mother' 

"Hello. Do you I suppose you do. Want a cup of coffee?"

"Uh no I came in here to talk to you. There's some complications, namely with your relationship with Sirena."

"Namely what exactly?"

"Jazon before the kingdom was under attack well we betrothed you to another baby. Her name is Vanessa."

"What the hell are you talking about? Call it off! This isn't whatever time you've come from! I'm in love with Sirena and if you haven't noticed there's a whole army out there at my command and her's. One wrong move like bringing Vanessa here and your all dead. She killed someone for flirting with me. So I would watch it.- She's  very protective. Just warning you." I stalked out of the room. Grabbing Sirena as I went.

"Where are we going? Jazon! Your parents are back at the tent!"

"We are going to the stables and since I can't talk to what's his face without you your coming with me."

"What is this about? He has a name. Vatican's Servant remember or ThunderStrike remember that?"


"You didn't answer my question. What is going on? You've been moody ever since you laid eyes on them."

"It seems I'm betrothed to another and ThunderStrike failed to mention that."

"Its fairly possible he didn't know."

"He's been around for hundreds of years this happened eighteen years ago I think he knows."

"Fine. What's her name?"

"Vanessa. And I'm fairly certain she's the same one that got me to cheat on you."

"My dead sister's lesbian lover?"

"How did your sister die?"

"You know mom never said. That is off track don't you think?" she skipped off. I followed her as much as I hate that horse he had all the answers-I hope. I caught up to her and like this morning I grabbed her around the waist and twirled her around, I looked up when I saw a blonde figure, Vanessa. I stood up and held Sirena close to me. Showing her that I was with the one I loved. She didn't seem fazed like she knew she could tear us apart again like when we first started going out, but we had grown stronger as a couple, as a team, we were getting married. We had defeated two armies of witches together no way was she going to tear us apart.

"What do you want Vanessa?" I said when Sirena heard her name she growled and struggled against my hold. She whispered to me "Let me kill her. I am responsible for many deaths let me have one more you owe me." I let her go not knowing how awful the death of Vanessa Viskov would be. The road was soaked in blood, limbs and tissue were hanging from the lamp-posts and Her head was lying in front of my feet. This side of Sirena I had never seen before. She was covered in blood head to toe, her hair was wild flying above and around her beautiful face, her face contorted like her favorite vampire villain Victoria from the Twilight series, her eyes blood red. She was so terrifying that everyone cowered in the shadows. They were afraid like me, but also in awe, but me I was falling even deeper in love with her. I ran up to her and wiped the blood  from her face and leaned down to kiss her blood stained  lips but before I could do so, someone stabbed me in the back from behind I turned to my so called father fire in his eyes, "How dare you kiss this mongrel! After she killed your fiance?"

"She wasn't my fiance Sirena is my fiance so get that through your thick blood covered head!" I turned my stab wound already healing and I concentrated hard on him and his blood running through is veins and he rose high above the trees and I slapped my hand on the ground and he came down like a meteor dying on impact. I went over to his body and kicked it I was furious how could my own fucking father do that to me? Sure he did drop me off on the closest doorstep but come on he was going to kill me? I went back to my love, the only one who would never hurt me, the only one who would risk everything for me. My Sirena my only true love. My mother is next she had as much to do with this then anyone I only trust my Sirena and the Elders.

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