Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


3. Changing Direction

As I was trying not to think about my new direction Jazon was snoring in my arms. I hated flying when he was sleeping! I continued to fly but I playfully pinched him he woke up like I hoped. He was sorry for falling asleep when we landed but I can't tell you where we are for certain reasons. All I can say is 'rats' hint hint, I grab Jaz's hand and start walking around. I saw a lot of lights but that's all I'm saying.
  I'm glad I chose this place as a hideout. But I was sad because I couldn't think about it.  Jazon was alright with though he liked all the food here. I couldn't say the same though I love him so much and if anything happens to him because of this they will die and I'm the one who's going to kill them.. I couldn't think of living without Jazon but that's not what this story is about.

 Jazon was looking at something up ahead. I looked where he was looking and saw a shimmering little mass.... with wings? I must be seeing things but then of course Jazon saw it too, we were freaking out we didn't know what it was, until it came closer. Then I saw it was fairy of some sort. She had long wavy hair and big blue eyes, and she was dressed as a warrior. When she talked to us it was like a melody you sang to a small child.


"Hello, I'm Unta I protect these woods. I have to take you our camp, you're not the average hiker."

"No we're not, we are on the run these things dressed all in black. the big one only has one eye."

"Oh they work for us they just want to protect you. There's much worse out there. Really they are harmless they couldn't hurt a fly unless it was going to hurt you."' I was slightly relaxing from running away. Finally the things came back. I learned all their names.
 The big one is Alez, and the rest are Nei, Utyo, Lolop,Helop(their twins), Ioyu, Koato, and Twiot. I wasn't scared they were all big teddy bears well ugly teddy bears well Koato wasn't all that ugly but he wasn't Jazon hot.

        Jazon didn't feel anything but jealousy for Koato because he was giving me giving a lot of attention and he had to do all this work among the camp. I guess I'm their princess or something I wish dad told me sooner! I didn't know how to be a fairy tale princess to fairy tale creatures. I wish somehow my father wasn't dead. but I learned over the years, be careful what you wish for.

         Jazon was my prince forever and always, so you understand why I flipped out on this vampire girl named Naca for trying to bite him and make him hers. I staked her. Everyone was very happy I guess she was a real bitch to everyone. I think Jazon was the most thankful for me killing her. We had a big party and burned her tent and blood supply. We never invited another vampire to camp again because they never leave. Naca is dead well deader then she was. I was happy but I didn't want to kill every female here because I feel threatened that Jazon was being stolen from me again. There was this one time when we were freshman and we were just starting to go out and falling in love when he cheated on me with this beautiful girl she had long wavy hair, big blue eyes and a voice like a melody....OH MY GOD Unta is the girl he cheated with!

         I was pissed now how dare she be so nice to me when she knows that I'm the girl Jazon cheated on with HER! OOOO I am so mad! Jazon saw me and came rushing over 

"Sweet Sirena what's the matter?"

"Unta, she's the girl you cheated on me with isn't she? Isn't she?"


 "I've never seen Unta until a few monthes ago. And besides that was freshman year we were still pretty immature then but we're juniors now.. and Yolanda is the girl I cheated on you with."


 "My friggn college student sister's girlfriend?! You cheated on me with a lesbian!"


"I'm sorry it was three fucking years ago Sirena!"


"Don't fucking yell at me Jazon!"


"Well you fucking started it!"


"I started it? I started yelling first? Oh my fucking God Jazon don't talk to me for the rest of the fucking day." I stormed off, I loved him sure but i won't be yelled at. So now that I can actually think where I am, I'm in the Black Forest in Germany.


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