Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


10. All Better with Jazon,almost with Momma Bear.

For the next couple of weeks Jazon helped me control my powers. He was impressed with my control in the inner forest but he said he could've been blown to bits if love hadn't stopped me first. I couldn't believe I almost killed Jazon. My best friend, soul mate, my teacher, my lover, my fiance, my king er prince. I couldn't live with myself if I did that. So instead I walked through the wall to my mother's guest room. I scared her, she jumped out of pants, literally. She clung to the ceiling like a cat. 

"Where the hell did you come from? Sirena? Damnit answer me!"

"I came from the next room. I don't have to answer you. I could blow you up by squinting at you."

"No you can't. That's impossible that power hasn't been seen since Buddah himself enlightened."

"Well I have it and theres a lot more, like I just walked through that wall. I'm a witch, like you but I don't need potions or spells., I can read minds, change my hair and eye color depending on my mood. I can read minds to, oh yeah and I can fly."

"Oh my goddess your father wasn't joking when he said you were special." So that's what he meant. My damn powers.

"Mom come down from there you silly Cat Woman." I was joking about that. 

"Fine. Just don't blow me up."

"Ok Momma Bear."

"Ugh don't call me that. A Momma Bear protects her family, I let everybody down, your father was killed trying to protect you when that was my job. It was my job to teach you to control your powers." She was crying now.

"Mom its not your fault and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you."

"Yeah you wouldn't be pissed off at me either if I did my job earlier."

"Ok so that part is true. But still the only reason why I'm mad is because I don't have anything on you, I only know dad's story. Not yours."

"There's nothing to tell. I was born in LAX airport when my parents were on their way back from Gaum. My mother was a travel agent, and my father was a well known Lawyer in Palm Beach. My grandmother told me I was witch, from my father's side to. She said he disowned his calling and became a lawyer. His name is Donald Berver and my mother's name is Rosezta Vestas. A hispanic woman from a voo doo back ground. My mother and father met at a hotel in New Mexico. Where I met your father. We married three years later and a year after that had you Sirena. Do want to know why your father named you Sirena? He named you that because it meant something what was it? It means Siren, a siren is a beautiful girl from greek mythology when she sang all the boys fell in love, he knew you would be just as special and guess what your more then just as, your more special then that legendary siren. You are the siren of your people I love you and know that your father loves you. That he's proud of you. That I'm proud of you, I love you Rena."

"Thank you there was something to tell momma, I know where you come from now.  OH momma! I love you too, why is it that everyone wants to make me cry??Thank you fpr making me open up. I love you." I slipped into the wall leaving her to do whatever she was doing before-hand. When I came back in to the bed room Jazon was there. with a cup to the wall when he looked up he saw me tapping my foot and my arms under my chest. He looked at me and shruged his shoulders and put the glass down, walked closer. I couldn't help it. I couldn't stay mad at him well not for long. I looked into his lime green eyes and saw a girl who was confused looking back at me. Then I looked closer and saw love, and confusion, devotion to me. 

"Sirena, I wanted to know just as much as you did about your mother's history. I love you?" he asked trying to sweeten me up. I sighed and stepped closer. "I love you too." I leaned up onto my tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek. I went to my closet and found what I was looking for, the tiara my father gave me on my second birthday, being two I thought it was a fake. But no its real. I placed it on my head now my tiara is diamonds and emerald's pearls from the deepest purest waters of the Caribbean Islands, set in sparking diamond metals, strongest metal but light as a feather. No one can bend it to different shapes it is set to my head size. After the tiara was set on my head, I found the dresses and I picked the greenest one, it matched Jazon's eyes. After I was dressed I walked out and Jazon whistled. I laughed at him went through the wall again my mother's room this time though she didn't jump she just smiled and said

"I remember when your father gave you that tiara you wouldn't take it off, you were certain that it was real and you were a princess of a far away land, and in a way you were correct."

"Really I don't remember that part, I remember daddy giving it to me for my second birthday and thats it then when I was thirteen it disappeared. Now I know where it went." I noticed that she was dressed in a pearl pink dress, I wondered is she going to the party tonight? You had to have a date to get in.

"Momma do you have a date tonight?" I asked her though maybe because she was royalty she didn't need one. She smiled at me and said nothing at all.

"Momma can you please answer me?" 

"Yes Sirena. I have a date, its with Helop."

"Father's brother. Uncle Helop, my first in command?"

"Yes. I'm sorry Sirena, he's just so nice, and he reminds me your father."

"It's okay momma I don't mind." I took her hand and focused on the floor and we melted through it. She was freaking out but she calmed down when we hit the floor and I opened the door and we waited for Jazon to get ready. About a hour later he walked through the door. A big goofy smile on his face and a large group of flowers behind his back. I couldn't make out what kind but I smiled and took his hand. My mom stayed behind and waited for her date Uncle Helop. I was thinking about it earlier, if they got married then she'd be my aunt and mom and Helop would be my uncle and step- father. Helop was good looking but from  the pictures I had of Richy the Lion Hearted my father was a lot more good looking. 

Jazon walked slowly with his hand in mine he smiled and stopped and turned.

"Do we actually have to go to this?" I laughed before answering.

"We're the guests of honor Jazon. We kind of have to go, why?" copying me he laughed before he answered me.

"Sirena why does there have to be a reason?" I pondered that question.

"I don't know. You would think by now I wouldn't have to have a reason for everything, but then again most people don't have super powers."

"Most? Try nearly one percent of the world population Sirena." He smiled and took my hand again and we started to walk to the party, by the time we got there we two hours late. My mother stood there and stared enough to say 'where were you? You left before I did.'

I walked around the room well it really wasn't a room it was a tent everything in this community  was tents. I loved it though it reminded of the times when my father would take me camping and since this place was outdoors and filled with giant tents I felt at home.
Well back to the party. Jazon never let go of my arm. I looked for mom and Uncle Helop the whole time but they must've slipped out. Gross. Well I said hello to the rest of my uncles and everyone else that got a date to come. Unta was there with a fairy I didn't know. She later explained his name was Dexter a water fairy that has a major crush on her.

Soon it was after mid night and everyone was heading home. Jazon and I said our goodbyes and went to the lake to walk around. We came upon Natalia. She was sitting on a rock crying. I guessed for Koato.

"Hello Nat. Are you okay?"

"Yes, what makes you think something is wrong?"

"Your crying seaweed juice out your eyes."

"Oh. Its well I didn't keep a good enough eye on Koato. I should've kept him on land but I loved him so much that I couldn't bear to be away from him." she sniffled befor continuing
"and tonight was that dreaded ball. He promised he would take me but he died the night before! How tradgic." she wailed.

"I'm sorry my uncle died before your date but do you have a message from the seer?"

"No." she dived back into the water. She popped back up and said

"In two full moons the second battle will commence."

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