Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


16. After Shock.


I stared at the location where Jazon's father lay in a broken heap, killed by his only son. I did not cry for I did not know this man, I knew that he stabbed Jazon with a Sagit or a Bender's Ceremonial Knife. The body of Mazimillen Blackson lay in front of us and nobody moved towards us they were to afraid. I stepped forward and felt for a pulse, as I did so a shock went through my body to his. His eyes flew open and his hands flew to my throat, I fazed into the earth and popped back up livid.

"How dare you?I just saved you life! I could take it back if you wish?"

"No! I'm sorry natural reflex it seems my bending does not work on you." He looked to Vanessa's or what was left of her body.

"You did this? By yourself?"

"Yes I did. Got a problem with that?" my eyes flashing. Jazon spoke up

"Father I wouldn't mess with her she can be dangerous when she wants to be."

"This power should be protected! Ah yes you two are the new power couple you have my full support. From what I've seen today and felt Jazon is the most powerful bender in centuries." I turned slowly to Jazon, my fiance is the most powerful man on earth how, refreshing.

"Jaz maybe we should take your er father back home you can ask ThunderStrike questions tomorrow."

"My questions have been answered already." He nodded to his father and he, reluctantly followed afraid to die again. I wouldn't let Jazon kill someone that cared enough to protect him the only way he saw possible. I followed them but not before stopping at my parents grave. I knelt there and conjured two feathers, the same as the one in the park. A single tear escaping ripping in two to land on both feathers. I whispered as I placed them on the edge of the wooden slabs:

"I brought back Jazon's father,why couldn't I bring you two back?" I broke down and cried some more. I cried for a long time I heard hooves behind me and I heard someone speak,

"I'm sorry for what I said to you and about you in the stables the other day." it was the hippogriff. I couldn't place her name.

"In case your wondering my name is Bera, and I don't blame you if you hate me. I had no right to judge you the way I did." I turned slowly wiping my tears and snot from my face.

"Thank you for your apology I appreciate it I do. But even you don't have the answers I'm asking for." I turned again and looked at those feathers with my tear on them. "Why couldn't I bring them back? I brought King Whats his face back."

"I believe its because they didn't want you to bring them back. But I'm only a hippogriff. "

"No you're smart and funny in a cruel way. Thank you again for the apology but I must be getting back, Jazon is probably having a shit fit because I left him alone with his father and mother and twenty Elders."

"The Elders of the Long Forgotten are here? Now?"

"Yes if you were at the Burning you would know wouldn't you?"

"Yes. I must be going too.My sister is here for a visit." With that she flew off. What an odd character she is. I got up and waved goodbye to mom and dad. King and Queen of the Myths. I envisioned wings on my back and jumped into the air It felt amazing to be in the air I felt free at peace with the world until of course I landed. Jazon was on the porch his mother screaming at him for killing his father. He was trying to explain to her that his father had stabbed him first and tried going after me because I killed Vanessa way to throw me under the bus with you Jazon thanks. I landed and fire erupted from my palms, 

"Break it up or I will." the same murderous glare in my eyes as before I killed Vanessa and faced off with that evil murdering witch bitch.

"Fine." His mother said calmly but I saw the fear in her eyes. I put the fire away but then she tried to bend me, big mistake. Fire erupted again but one said the other was ice. I made a Fire Ice ball and threw it at her. Like a witch she screamed in agony, only witches are affected by that ball. Jazon knew this and he explained that to his father, his father outraged drew his dagger and slit her throat, she was dead instantly.

"She was your wife sir."

"No my wife isn't a witch, and she's safely at home, this monster must've bewitched me." Surprised at the turn out actually I would call this an After Shock.

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