Everything changes when Serena Willians turns seventeen. Her magical powers she didn't even knew existed show themselves when she and her amazing magical boyfriend Jazon are being pursued by a group of Troll like creatures that happen to be her father and uncles. Join Serena and her friends save the world as you know from a witch take over.


9. A Walk. A simple innocent walk.

I went outside. I looked for Jazon and couldn't find him...anywhere. I called out his name five times and when I was about to do it a sixth time he appeared. 

"So your finally talking to me huh?" he said. He wasn't angry but he was amused. I didn't understand him. I would be really pissed if someone I love didn't talk to me for almost two monthes and she finally talks now.

"Your not mad? I would be hostile by now."

"And that my dear Sirena is the opposites attract theory."

"Very funny."

"So why the change of heart my dear?" 

"Would you stop talking like my father....Alez."

"Wait Alez is your father? So that means Koato wasn't flirting with you. He was just talking."

"Yeah you punched my uncle but then I think he didn't know and he was flirting because that explains the whole lake incident."

"It does."

"Do you want to take a walk? A simple innocent walk?"

"Uh sure Rena." I punched him playfully, the way a lover would.

"I said don't call me that Jazzy." I smiled and took his hand. While we were walking I saw that mom had slipped past us and was at our make-shift cementary, a headstone read

'Loving father, husband, brother and Leader.
          Richard the Lion Hearted Alezvid'

Holy good lord my father was King Richard the Lion Hearted. I looked at Jazon and he had a 'Holy Crap my girlfriend really is a royal princess.' look on his cute face. I looked at mom enough to say 'what haven't you told me? How old are you?' look and she looked down and led Jazon and I away to the lake where Uncle Koato died.

My History 101

My family was born a long time ago. The Alezvid or the Willians as we are now known go back milennia. My father is- was over seven hundered years old. He was a brave king as well as my grandfather which should be my great great great great great whatever degree grandfahther but my family is immortal only one way to kill us, with magic. Our magic.
My mother is well an average witch she's the age on her license.

"That's it mom really that's all you know about us? About dad?" 

"I thought that's what you wanted to know and yes that's all I know." I huffed and puffed and walked away. I slowed so Jazon could catch up with me.

"Why are being so hard on her?" I looked at him like I had no idea what he was talking about when I knew very well what he was talking about. I kept walking and he fast walks to keep up waiting for an answer when he knows I'll blow up at him which is what he wants. He wants me to let it out by any means necessary and I mean at ANY means. 
I finally had enough and stop and he collides with me. I turn slowly and glare so long and hard at him he shrunk two inches in height. 

" Jazon you want to know why I'm so tough on my mother then let's have a go at it. Instead of yelling at her I'll yell at you sence that's what you wanted me to do." he tried interuppting but I stopped him by putting my finger to his lips.
"JAZ I'M TOUGH ON MY MOTHER BECAUSE FOR ALMOST FOUR YEARS SHE KEPT THIS FROM ME! ALL OF THIS. THE ROYALTY, THE POWERS. WHERE MY FATHER WAS! I THOUGHT HE WAS FRICK'N DEAD FOR GOD'S SAKE!! AND HERE SHE IS TELLING ME THE FAMILY HISTORY WHILE SHE GIVES ME THE VAGUEST EXCUSE OF HER'S! I'VE LOST MY LIFE, MY FRIENDS, MY FATHER- TWICE! TWICE JAZ TWICE!!-I'm crying by now sobbing sitting on a dumb muddy mossy log with Jazon kneeling at my feet listening not even flinching at the loudness of my voice and the rocks and trees that have exploded by my outbursts.- AND YOUR SO UNDERSTANDING AND I'D BE SCREAMING AT FOR SCREAMING AT ME WHEN IT WASN'T ME YOU SHOULD'VE HAVE BEEN SCREAMING AT. I DON'T DESERVE YOU JAZ. I NEVER DID. I love you anyway." I calmed down enough to say that. and Jazon was there stroking my hair like nothing happened when something did happen,

"Sirena that day on Nash Vegas Blvd. I saw the most beautiful girl any man could dream of seeing and that beautiful girl ditched her friends to say hello to me. The lonely outsider with wierd abilities. At first I thought I used my gift on you accidently. But you were moving on your own accord not like a zombie. I thought this beautiful girl was coming to talk to me, and I knew by looking at you that I was meant to be at that spot at that moement because I felt that you needed me in some way and now look at where we are, Rena we've flown from Nashville, Tennessee to Black Forest, Germany. Its me who doesn't deserve you Sirena. I love you anyway. And yes you would've been screaming at me by now but that's why I love you. You don't let anybody boss you around and you hate being yelled at when its not your fault but you take it with stride if it is. Your tough but you have a innocence about you only a girl has when they lost someone close like a daddy, or a mother. You know full well that my parents give a rat's ass about me and my where'a'bout's you don't see my mother or father cutting down the trees or flying to come save from my crazy girlfriend but thier not. You know why? I'm meant to be here with you. If I have to say it a thousand times I will to get you to believe it that you do deserve me and that its reversed, I don't deserve you I don't deserve to be a king.I'm a hick born and raised in the Tennessee mountains I moved to city because I was forced to not because I wanted to, but if I hadn't if my dad didn't get that job I wouldn't have met you and I wouldn't be here giving you this heartfelt speech. I know you already said yes to marrying me and I know we're already engaged and the wedding already being planned but I'm going to do it again and again so it get fossilized in your brain tissue. I love you Sirena Willians. We've been together for almost five years and I want you to know I want to make five into five hundred. Will you Sirena Willians be my bride? " I couldn't help but cry, who in their right mind wouldn't? What woman would just sit there after their boyfriends or fiances or husbands poured their hearts out to them like that? Not me. I have to answer him.

"Yes. Jazon I'll marry you. And you don't have to say I love you a thousand times to get it fossilized in my brain tissue because that speech will forever there even in death. I love you Jazon with all of my heart and soul." So a simple innocent walk turned into a crying fest, a love fest and a one sided Yelling brawl. Pretty normal afternoon for the Mystical Princess.

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